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Waterdancer Review and Blog Tour

Waterdancer Review and Blog Tour

 Waterdancer by Samantha Combs
isbn: 978-1-61937-235-1
I agreed to read and post my reviews and post at my blog, to help out with the blog tour. I had no idea what the book was about, I just really like to read, a lot, a very lot.
I was happily surprised as many emotions ran through me while reading this. I will go find others by the author now.
Bailey Wasserman is starting at a new school. Her mom had married Warren and he's moved them to DelMar and money is not a problem any more. Then they had Her brother. Her father had just disappeared one day so her mom raised her by herself.
She learned a lot from just approaching the gym where students were tanned and by the brand name of the clothes and lipstick they wore. Bay and her mom do get to spend time together and she knows when to not rock the boat.
She make a date for 6am with Jack West-he was gonna teach her to surf. After dinner her mother tells her about her real father and it comes with warnings of what to look out for as he may have the same genes as him...
I love that Jack teachs her everything she needs to know about surfing-it's one thing I might want to try sometime=on my bucket list. He is so patient and understanding with her.
Under unforeseen circumstances she did meet her father, Kai and he starts to tell her about the transformation and instructs her about other mystical things that might soon occur. Like how the guardian assigned to her smoothens things over and educates her while communicating telepathically as he realizes she does have the gene also.
She tries to take everything in while she is also in love for the very first time in her life.
The transformation takes place and she thinks she is going to die... She only has a little bit of time to fulfill her end...
Jack has an awesome gift for her birthday and she appreciates it a lot...
Kai and the guardian hadn't told Bailey everything about the transformation....
Love how Jack accepts her for what's inside, not her exterior.
To upset things more there is a major family health emergency, things will never be the same now...and I love the gift Kia gives to Bailey...

I did give this book a 5, it's that good!

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This sounds awesome, Julie! Thanks for a great review!

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