Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Bridge, Review

pub: October 23, 2012 The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury ISBN: 9781451647013 Molly Allen from San Francisco was studying at a south east college-just to get away from her parents for 2 years. They had bought a house there with servants to keep an eye on her. Any dating and she would be sent back home. Ryan from MS is a poor student but plays brilliant music on his guitar. Together they meet at The Bridge which is like a library and they can push one another to go with Plan A and not settle for what their parents want them to do with their lives. Love how the pay forward shows up before it was popular. Hearing about the flooded bookstore made me upset that the bank wouldn't loan them money to replace some books. Love the photo journal/scrapbook and how others pictures and names were in place to show what the bookstore really meant to them. Charlie and Donna Barton know God will never let him fail and there are many times that quotes used from the Bible are posted in this book. After Ryan's band shut down he looked for God to guide him in what was to come next. The scrapbook comes into mind when Ryan contacts people in it to do for Charlie what Charlie had done for each of them. Molly, upon returning to San Francisco had set her father straight as to how things would be. She'd run his charitable foundations, which he had none of yet, and her soon to be married spouse would run the business. The bridge, brought others together from past to present and from past to future, would The Bridge bring Ryan and Molly together again... Maybe God will give Charlie a second chance... Love how they use social media of today to rally for the cause.

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