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Trade Secrets by Holly , free for a few days

Trade Secrets by Holly Rozner

  now free for a few days: 
Download Holly Rozner's Trade Secrets FREE for your Kindle this entire weekend! "A page-turner that will keep you thinking (about corruption, sexism, second chances, and karma) even after you've recovered from the suspense. A great debut!" Kirkus says that "Fans of Fifty Shades of Grey will approve. It's A smart, sexy debut."

Holly Rozner
Author Biography

Holly Rozner traded S&P options for five years and was a member of Chicago Mercantile Exchange for twenty-two years, serving on the Leasing, Member Services, and Finance Committee.

A native Chicagoan, Rozner was educated at a private girls’ school in an elite neighborhood where President Barack Obama now resides. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English and Speech from Northwestern University and was later granted a CPA certificate by the University of Illinois; she was a tax specialist before beginning to trade. Today, Rozner holds an insurance license, a real estate broker’s license and has retained her teaching certificate.

Her unique experiences in a male-dominated world inspired her debut novel Trade Secrets (October 2, 2012), a romance about two women whose lives intersect on a trading floor during the crash of 1987 and the subsequent FBI investigation into trading infractions at the Chicago exchanges.

Rozner spent many years leading Financial Education seminars for women. She and her husband of 47 years live in the northern Chicago suburbs, and have two daughters and four grand children.



Paperback, $14.95
ISBN: 978-0-9860163-0-1
Fiction, 377 pages
Money Smart, Inc., Oct. 2, 2012

TRADE SECRETS is the financial story that has never been told – it takes the reader on the trading floor of the world’s largest Exchange where money was pocketed before a trade was processed.

When Remy Masterman becomes a member of the Exchange to unearth the details about her father’s car crash, she comes head to head with Zach Silverman, once her father’s partner and now Chairman of the Exchange. During the crash of 1987 when Zach’s bagman, Jason, faces bankruptcy, his high-heeled wife, Sarna, learns to trade in order to save their mansion from foreclosure. As the lives of these two women intersect, Remy falls in love with Ken Baldwin, never imagining how their careers will collide. Sarna begins a steamy affair with another trader who turns out to be an undercover agent for the FBI during its probe into trading infractions at the Chicago exchanges. When Jason’s clerk is pummeled, along with those investors who misplaced their money with their faith, he and Sarna create a bold, sexy scheme to save Remy and rid the Exchange of those who try to get away with murder.

My Review:

Trade Secrets by Holly Rozner
I have always been fascinated by what happens in the pit and I do own stocks and bonds but leave it to others to know when to trade or sell them so I thought this would be a good detailed book to read all about the processes.
REMY MASTERMAN had lost her father to the Exchange and now she was there to try to learn the secrets it held and why her father, Harry Saks had taken his life.
Her husband Stuart was too busy to devote much time to her. He forbade her to buy a seat to trade but she did anyways and walked out on him.
In college she had studied the theater and knew all the background things to getting one on stage, fell in love and got dumped. She changed her major, dated Stuart and married him.
The book also follows Joey Fortunato as he was introduced to Zachary Silverman-her dad's boss, as Joey learns the business. His path crosses Remy's a few times...
The book also follows Jason Branson, his private and his public life and as his path crosses with Remy.
Remy gets distracted by Jason Branson and agrees to go to the dance with him. Joey watches out for her on the floor as others are taking advantage of her so he tries to teach her about the pit and trading.
Love the detailed descriptions of places surrounding where she is walking to, how a room is set up, etc
Love how she handles the problem with being the only female on the floor, it got all of their attention.
Ken and her love for him got in the way after her return from paris with Lara.
Monet gardens and the bridge brought them together as he photographed her. His real job is a consultant in financial circles.
They do spend time together, meeting in each others towns for a weekend. After the crash as she watched others lose everything they had
she took some time away and thought more about her plan of investigating about her father.
There is a major twist at this point and the story just takes off from here as we learn what is to come next you can't help but feel scared for Remy.
The crash effects everybody's' life's and she finds out Ken has a secret that he can't even share with her once he moves to Chicago.
The other plan takes hold and it pans out. The enormity of the layers of deception are revealed at last...
What a super read, travel, romance, some sex, and the action and travel, what a great combination for a super good book to read!

My Interview

1 1.    Why write about the subject of the stock market?

Trade Secrets takes place on a trading floor of an exchange. I was a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for twenty-two years. During the five years that I traded in the pits, I traded options on the S&P index. This was a male-dominated world and as one of a very few women, I had experiences that were unique to this industry. I stopped trading in 1988, shortly after the crash of 1987 pummeled the financial world and altered the liquidity in the markets. I was fascinated with what I had seen and needed to tell the story of this insular world. Just as I was giving up my trading privileges, headlines revealed that the FBI had infiltrated the floors during the prior three years (while I was there) and had taped traders making illegal trades. The allegations were horrific: that traders had stolen orders from customers and pocketed the profits; that there were bagmen on the trading floors, who took the opposite side of a winning trade that had been pre-arranged and then split the profit with the broker. Eventually twenty of the forty-seven men indicted pleaded guilty and a year and a half later there were three trials.  It was a story that had to be told and I had the time, the desire and the background to tell it.

    2.    Research on all the different places-did you travel to them yourself?

The story essentially takes place in Chicago, with a short sprint in Paris and New York City. I have been to both of those places enough to be able to envision the setting without having to revisit those cities. But this is primarily a Chicago story: the quintessential Chicago story about an industry that helped Chicago evolve into a world class city.

3. Did you do your research about the market online or via in person yourself?

I did my research at the library. There are hundreds of articles about the crash of 1987 and the FBI investigation and even a non-fiction book that was written in 1991 about the trading floors. That book came out after I initiated mine, but it was a very good resource for me now that I am out on the circuit promoting the book. All the facts are there: who was indicted, who was convicted and then the endless stories of confessions made in the middle-of-the night when the FBI raided the homes of traders and told them that if they did not cooperate they would lose everything. This is a story for the movies.

4. When not writing how do you relax: cook, knit, hike, etc?

 I spend a lot of time playing duplicate bridge and am trying to become a Life Master. I need 1.49 gold points. It’s not easy and has proved as elusive as trying to find a New York agent to represent Trade Secrets. In the summer I play some golf, but I am a fair weather golfer. It has to be perfect weather or I don’t bother, so I’m not very good.

Of course I am always reading.

5. What other books are in the works?

I have a notion for a very serious novel base upon a Shakespearean tragedy. It’s still germinating; it is a complex plot with sub-plots. I hope to get started in November. Trying to complete the publication process for Trade Secrets and now giving presentations to live audiences had been very time consuming.  Self-publishing is a world of its own.

I also have a manuscript that I wrote over forty years ago. I haven’t yet had the nerve to read it to see if it’s worth reviving. We’ll see.  Right now I am focused on helping Trade Secrets become a success.

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