Thursday, December 20, 2012

Love On the Run Book Review

Love On The Run by Elizabeth Cole
Callie, Calista Reed is on the road when Jake Brand the cop, or is he a cowboy gets her attention and she hands over the license. Problem is he saw her cut and knows it needs to be tended to, just before she fainted.
She gets driven to the medical center where the doc gets the bullet out of her leg and Jake states he will take her back to his house to watch her for the next several days and swears he will get the man who did this to her.
Montana is wild country but her plates had CA on them. With the heavy drugs she was on she woke up once and kissed him deeply and he tries hard to resist her. She dreams of her other life, with Malcolm and how she got shot by a gun...
Love the descriptions of not only the house and it's furnishings but the outside landscape, breathtaking!
Finding clues and working them out to solve the mystery of what she was hiding, he was good at. Love how he dealt with the kids he found at school.
As they spent more time together she trusts him now and she tells him what happened to bring her to Montana. He is honest with her and tells of his past life. He can't deny he wants her and she knows she wants him but it can't be...
Parts I liked the best were when they were outside enjoying the natural beauty of the land and just the simple things, a walk or sitting on the porch.
Besides being a romance book that heats up nicely it is also a mystery book. If she is to tell her side of the story she'd be put under FBI security til trial and taken away and she's not sure that is what she wants in her life..
He just wants to keep her happy and safe... Love all the action and the escape...

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