Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Books read January 2013

57 best is Icecutter's Daughter

Easter Bunny Murder by Leslie Meier
I like reading this type of mystery/holiday book and have read others by the author so when I saw she had this new one coming up, I asked the publisher to send me an ARC.
Love the traditions they have because they resemble the ones I grew up with also.
This one starts out where Lucy and other locals are heading to the annual Easter egg hunt at VV's, the McMansion house on the hill. In the plastic eggs are usually certificates for money or schooling or day care.
Community service is done by all age groups, love the ideas.  Lucy Stone is there to get a story for the Pennysaver newspaper as she writes for them.  What happens next is not your typical annual event. The man wearing the Easter bunny suit has a heart attack. Turns out it's VV's grandson and afterwards Lucy is confronted with his ex wife, but he never married her, just had a child together. She's got some information that would prove he had just been to the doctor and somebody murdered him.
Lucy gets a friend Sue to help out at the mansion for the funeral service and buffet and she is able to go around the house to find any clues. She thinks a few things are not as they should be and with others help from the community she is able to piece together things.
Seems when she finds one clue and solves it two other clues need solving...
Light reading and love the community and the holiday and yes there are recipes in the back of the book. Love catching up with the ongoings of the town...
The call from the hospital in Florida changes her plans to follow up but she will get back to it...That leads to a real PI coming from NY to their town and she finds all kinds of clues and it leads to a court trial.
Just when that is solved the mystery is NOT over as we find out the past details of events and the real killer...

 All He Ever Dreamed Shannon Stacey pub 4/30/13
Joshua Kowalski lived at the Lodge with the housekeeper, Rose, Katies mom. 
Katie Davis was Josh's best friend and she'd never tell him how she really felt about him...
Once the snow came to Maine he'd be busy with the Northern Star Lodge..
but Rose had pneumonia again and hospitalized. The plan is that Katie will move into the lodge to get it ready for the season and the family Christmas holiday where everybody would spend several nights at the lodge and this way be able to keep an eye on her mother's health and get the rooms ready for occupancy..
Rose's plan was going to work but she needed to push them together more...
Love hearing about the rest of the family as I have read other books in this series. Just a down to earth family...
Book also follows others relationships and love life's.
Others who come to visit with Rose discuss the lodge. The family wants to sell it as everybody has another life outside the lodge, Josh due to his broken leg was the one to run it and he hopes this will be his last season but it's a family decision.
And where does that leave Rose? At her business running the barbershop her father had started.
Hot steamy sex scenes only add to this book. Such choices to make that could turn disastrous in the long run...
 Love this series, can be read as stand alone.

Slipknot Jane Bunker Mystery Series Book 1  by Linda Greenlaw
Jane and her brother had left Arcadia Island in Maine when she was four. Her mother relocated them to Jacksonville, FL and now that she's grown and has a career, she's returned.
She worked as a criminal investigator for over 20 years and now works as a photographer for insurance claims. She's come to Green Haven, Maine and walked into a swarm. First the dead body she helped photograph and called the state cops but they see it as a drunken man who fell into the ocean.
The wind farm discussion was the night before but the following morning everybody is at the diner to discuss it further. The waitress, Audrey gives a blow by blow recap of the night before.
She investigates the sardine factory and finds fault with many things. She has to survey a yacht and the wife doesn't want to leave her with her husband. She is invited often for meals with the landlords of the room she's renting.
She talked Cal into letting her check out Nick's house, the drunk fisherman. The tests came back and said he never had a drink in his life.
She listens to clues others tell and then goes to find out the facts. She is introduced to many who say they saw him the night of his death.
Jane finds herself out to sea on a wild goose chase or is it?

The Hungry Ocean by Linda Greenlaw
Very detailed descriptions of fishing trips from one of the best captains on the water.
Linda lives on Isle au Haut off the coast of Maine where there are cloe to 50 year round residents and many more during the summer months.
Love hearing of the fishing tales and the community on the island.
Starts out where Linda and Bob are at the local restaurant for their last breakfast on the mainland for 30 days. The ship is ready and she just knows she left something off the list of supplies. They would bring the swordfish catch into Gloucester. We had just visited that town in October and loved it.
Men are unloading the trucks after Linda's approval for the bait is loaded, then the groceries.
Love learning the information about the moon phases and how they are important to the fishing season.
Linda reflects on her life after 12 years old and her dream of being on the ocean, it's the only life she wants.
Various fishing trips, crew problems and how some don't turn out as they had planned and all the ramifications..
Love hearing of the island people, catching up with them, as they are mentioned in other books.
Fisher superstitions and dyeing the bait tips are priceless! Fishing the present and the past are talked about and what went wrong and what went right.

The Long Way Home The Chesapeake Diaries by Mariah Stewart
Ellis Chapman now as Ellie Ryder has arrived and met with the lawyers. Her relative has left a house to her with 5 bedrooms and she's to fix it up and sell it and leave after she waits 6 months, according to the will. Her father and fiance has swindled money out of a lot of people and that's why she uses a different name because she wants others to like her for herself. She slowly becomes familiar with the town, the people and the happenings.
Best part is now that she's settling in she has time to walk on the beach and I love how it's described. For the first time a year ago we traveled to that area of the East Coast and plan to do it again.
Carmeron O'Connor is the local handyman who had befriended the previous owner and had tended to the garden, lawn, and anything she needed fixed in the house. He was quite upset to learn he wasn't going to be the one to bid on it to buy it, maybe in 6 months time the lawyer told him. He would help
Ellie with the repairs. The local women in the shops hope to have her meet with them daily.
Loved learning new things, especially about the migrating birds and what certain kind eat for seed.
Love the tales of the pirates and the mystery of who the real painter in the artwork really is... Cam is falling for her, the other females have told he says she's hot.
She is able to talk to her best friend Carly on any number of subjects that arise. She's put in a lot of elbow grease to clean up the place so it'll be sellable.
Love hearing of all the treasures she is finding and about her relatives...
After he tells her of his past she almost wants to tell him of hers but the lawyer calls and opens a whole new set of conflict...
Family events and the holiday bring them all closer with lots more surprises and I love that there is more in this series. Love the setting.

The Spinner's Book of Yarn Designs Techniques for Creating 80 Yarns  by Sarah Anderson
ISBN:         9781603427388    B008NEZROE
I am not a spinner but realize the quality of this book for the yarns I have worked with over the years. So many tips throughout that now answer a lot of my questions about why did the yarn twist when working cables and is the direction important.
There are chapters on: spinning basics, singles for plying, stand alone singles, spiral yarns, opposing plies,
boucles, cable yarns, crepe yarns, coil yarns and novelty yarns. I do think now that after reading this that it does make the light bulb come on for me. If you can understand about the yarn you can select the right yarn for the right project because you understand how it will act when knitted.
Many ways showing the differences between plies of yarn.
To me this book shows how to experiment with yarns to achieve the right balance for the item you are making.
Excellent resource book for anyone that does spin their own yarns, great glossary-very precise and bibliography.

read 1/28 pub 6/16 Restrike by Reba White Williams
I wanted to read this book because there is an art forgery and I had recently watched a movie about something similar.
Cousins  Coleman Greene runs the art magazine. Dinah run the print gallery, both in Greenwich Village, NY.
Coleman has a mystery going on with a magazine on the west coast always printing a week prior to her magazine the same articles and she asks others to help her solve who it could be.
Dinah has her own mystery also-how did the man who's now dead get his hands on the 'skating girl' and the next day it sold for mucho bucks.
Everything that is made, from clothes to shoes to food and hotels has a label, a designer label and the two of them know all the names. It gets to be a bit much at times as I'm just a country girl and can't be swayed by a label.
Love all the detailed descriptions and although there are many characters in the book it's easy to keep them straight.
The book also follows Rachel Ransomme who is overseas and is heavily into art as she's very well trained to spot a fraud.
Murders, places being bugged, forgeries and hidden funds are just a few things going on in this action packed book.
Grand finale is at the end where all the pieces come together and family from the past make an appearance.
Love that this will be part of a series of books using some of the same characters, can't wait to see what next they will uncover.

Lifesaving Lessons Notes from an Accidental Mother by Linda Greelaw
Isle au Haut is 7 miles off the coast of Maine and Linda lives there, living off the land and sea and is also an author, making money at it.
I have a connection to a similar island and love getting over there as often as I can. Fitting in takes time. The book starts out when Linda meets Mariah and takes her on til school starts in the one room schoolhouse on the island.
Linda has her own boat and traps and hires Mariah to paint the buoys and after watching Linda do a chore she mimics it.
After the island sends her off island to school they go about their normal days of preparing for the winter. With other schemes up their sleeves they pursue them and when it fails due to unforeseen circumstances there is still some time to lobster.
Love hearing about all the plans and things done in timely fashion to get ready for the different seasons and how the island goes about its business.
With the return of summer and the people that come there are town meetings and the talk is of the parcel that is for sale. There is so much of it one could buy it and build condos.
Linda has made new friends during the winter that run their own cafe during the summer months and take orders for chocolates. Also the place to be for gossip and hot coffee and donuts freshly made.
In August things change and the islanders band together to help... Unimaginable things occur that leave Linda to even lock her door for the first time ever and to load her shotgun while Mariah is in her care til the authorities can do something.
Things heat up as the time gets closer but everything and then some all go wrong...
Now the tough part of being her guardian and all they endured...her parents were back for the summer and her sister lived on the mainland and along with the female population on the island there is support.
Love how all the pieces are brought to their end. I can truly relate living on an island 3 miles by 1 mile wide.

A Christmas Star Cape Light by Thomas Kinkaid and Katherine Spenser
Jessica and Sam are displaced by the fire. Relatives and friends have them stay at their houses and wear their clothes. The kids suffer the loss as well. As they move from house to house they realize they do have
options, some would separate the family, another will keep them together but in a smaller space.
Rev. Ben is always helping others.. 
Tree farmer Jack Sawyer is grieving still as he lost his wife just a few months ago and with Christmas approaching he's not sure why he is still celebrating it.
He opens his house to a woman, Julie and her daughter who have a broken car, and dead cell as there are no tow trucks at night nor hotels close by.
When Jack tries to get her car out of the snow drift he injures himself and now she will stay longer to tend to him and help at the tree farm selling the trees for the holiday season.
So much goes wrong for everybody til the morning of Christmas where faith and hope shine through.

Love is Blind by Elizabeth Cole
Adrian Calwell has rescued Olivia Blake after another man at the ball has abandoned her. Olivia is blind and needs assistance in most things but allows him to lead her out of the ball after the dance.
When asked he informs her of the steps as she holds his arm.
Her cousin Emily helps by telling her what others are wearing and how good looking they are as she guides her around after Adrian has left her with her cousin.
You can't even imagine how useful it is when being blind in not only being offered an arm but told how many steps and how far away they are.
Problem is he will never get close again because he is a rake and has ruined many other females reputations. When she goes for a ride with him when the others are out she confides in him that Emily has turned down offers of marriage so
she can stay close by to her. Other outings occur till her mother and uncle find out then the girls are not allowed out at all. Next they go to the public gardens and secretly meet him and he tells her he's determined to find ways to keep meeting her.
He sends daily gifts of flowers. Her uncle intervenes and meet with Adrian also to find out what his plan is...
Adrian finds out who's spreading the ugly rumors and will duel with him at dawn....
I especially liked this one because of my blindness.

Anything For You A Coming Home Short Story by Jessica Scott
Shane Garrison is back from the war recuperating. His physical therapist is Jennifer St. James who he now lives with. They have a loving caring relationship til he decides he might need to take the future into his own hands, but he does want to discuss it with her.

Hot steamy sex scenes only add to the intensity of their love for one another. She's got fears of him returning to the war and he does also but more about the cancer that may return in her body. 
He never gets to bring it up first as she finds out and doesn't understand at all.   Luckily Jen talks to her girlfriend and she has other ideas that might solve the problem they are faced with.

Love their meeting place to get away from it all and how they are able to listen to each others fears about the future and how to go about it so neither will get harmed.

They got each others backs....
Liked that there were only a handful of characters to concentrate on because then you can get inside their heads.
An excerpt BITTEN BY DECEIT by Shawntelle Madison is also included.

Blue Skies by Robyn Carr
Nikki had gotten custody of their children when her ex husband, Drake died.
She used to get gifts of aviation, like planes and things for it.
Now she's relocated her family to Las Vegas, chief pilot of a new airline and her friends are joining her.
Loved hearing the behind the scenes of the pilots and stewardesses and air marshals.
Bit confusing keeping everybody straight as there are many crew and friends.
Relationship troubles and joys with the parents and many others are in the book.

Christmas Knight by Christina Skye
Hope's mail is from the IRS and she owes much money and is contemplating selling the books in the library and the furnishings of the house. Maybe the gem with the certain aura can be sold to Winston for a lot of money.
The storm alerts Rory to come from the cliffs to save her. He is from the past but now trapped in the present time with no way to get back...
She wakes in his tower bedroom where he's put his arm around her where she can't get up.
They hope that the lure of the ghosts and the abbey as an Inn will help get them an income that others will want to come visit.
Gabriel and Jeffrey had rigged the house with ghost sounds....
a knight in shining armor and he's there to protect her. With the cat Gideon magic happens.
They have language and clothing barriers and are able to communicate with one another through body language... There are other powers that are in control.
Fire hot steamy sex scenes add to this book.

pub 2/26  The Good Life by Susan Kietzman
Ann and her husband Mike have it all. The phone call from her mother forces her to help out.
She will have them live in the guesthouse after she's remodeled it til they are accepted at the nursing home/assisted living facility.
So many other things to see to: rent the parents house, and hire caregivers for her parents.
Ann and her family, among them 2 teens will live on the property in their own house and share a meal on Sunday. She's busy with her life and charity events.
One reason why I wanted to read this book is because it's about an elderly man who's going through dementia and as I have some family members going through it I hope to learn a bit about how to help them.
Hardships they all endure and some can see what the grandmother has gone through and help out. They make it through the holidays and one day the grandfather just up and leaves and now they have to go out in the cold to find him...
When the call comes about the opening they have many choices and decisions to make. Is it too late to be a family?

Hard Christmas by  Barbara D'Amato
Cat Marsella researches the Christmas tree industry in Holland, Michigan and stays with a family.
The whole family welcomes her from all the members. Henry DaGraw has recently died due to an accident that could've been avoided.
She loves the youngest Nell and helps her by bringing friendship and just sitting to listen to her troubles. Nell thinks somebody killed her grandfather and told Cat a little about the accident.
Love hearing about trees and that industry as my family comes from the nursery side of the same trees. Also there are letters from the 1800's and the talk of the ice house is a learning experience as I've read many books recently about this same thing.
Others open up to Cat after the farm worker was found dead. They tell her what they know about the man and the last time they had seen him.
Learning about what each of the saws do is good information for pruning or cutting trees and what each of the colorful tags at the tops mean.
There are troubles, money and land rights that are problems to some.
She works with the police to try to trap the killer and tells the police what her plans are....

 Forever Rose by Robin Lee Hatcher
1890: Rose Townsend is happy her father is in jail as she and her mom, Virginia are now safe. He's now due to get out and Virginia will allow him to come stay at the boarding house. She would see to it that he never hurt them together. Rose will leave and head to San Francisco to get away from her. Her mother wouldn't leave.
Michael Rafferty is new in town and wants to build a new hotel.
Michael and his brother Dylan had to prove to their father which could run a hotel the best and then he'd give them the family hotel chain.
The book also follows Rose's friend Lark and her love interests. Her mother Addie wants to marry Yancy Jones a 29 year old. Lark is only 17.
Rose's brother Mark runs the bar down the street but takes his meals with the family.
When her father brings a guest home with him the guest has an idea to make Rose his own. The father will make him marry Michael as he's found Rose with him with no clothes on.
She is invited to join other married women and quilt and her husband is busy with building the hotel till an accident happens and there is a health emergency.
She is having feelings for her husband, who's yet to kiss her. Problems arise that upset all the relationships to some point.
Travel, adventure, action, passionate love in the wild west with strong characters.

The Aviator's Wife by Melanie Benjamin
First the cover attracted me then the words as I love to learn about others' careers and this one is not a letdown. There are many narratives and discussions among the characters about planes-the early days. Remember watching the wing walkers on the Walton's show and how they'd deliver mail by air by in the day. I've yet to travel to see the Kitty Hawk area for ourselves and this book is about Anne and Charles Lindbergh' lives. Book chapter alternate from the 1920 to the 1970s. I do want to visit the Smithsonian museum where the original plane is located.
Best scene so far is when Anne is taken up in the plane for the very first time, sun just rising and just the feeling she gets. I get something similar when the plane leaves the ground that causes my eyes to water. Such as the pressure of everything has been lifted and there are no worries to concern you, to sit back and enjoy and that's what she does. Love learning about her upbringing-father is a US ambassador and what is expected of her as part of the family. I feel the standards are set high and love her dream of being able to put into words something she experiences.
Sad to learn that the press followed them around as the paparazzi does still today. After they marry he teaches her everything he knows about flying so she can do what he does and loves doing it with him. Such an accomplished woman.
Love learning new things: rasher of bacon, and all the new places they travel to, whether it be by air or water or land...
Anne uncovers family secrets and feels she can tell no one...she is also at the end given letters he had written and with little time left she is able to confront him about the letters..
Tragedy of the child kidnapping and all she went through sounds like more than a nightmare but a treacherous attack on their lives.
Returning to military life and politics play a key role with their lives..
Series of essay titles is just perfect with where she is. Such a strong woman to have endured what she did and follow her dream and live her life.

The Blue Bistro by Elin Hildenbrand
Food menu sounds delicious!  Last summer for the bistro to be open on Nantucket Island in MA. Adrian Deely was just on the island from Colorado with borrowed money and a lot of debt. She ends up in a room with other college girls and goes to apply for a job at the bistro.
Thatcher Smith is the owner and he agrees to let her work at the bistro. Love how the bar is blue and the story behind it. The job of hostessing and accepting reservations was something she liked after the first hour.
She's becoming familiar with the locals and the people who come into the bistro.
We learn about her parents in the past and her father and new woman plan to pay a visit to the island to see her at work.
She knows the chef is really sick and that Thatch will take her on vacation when the bistro closes for the final time after the summer. She is in love with him and she knows he has to go and what his problems are.
Although there are a lot of people in the book they are easy to follow as they all do different jobs and even the patrons are easy to follow as you learn more about them.
Her father and the dental hygienist are there to spend soem time with her on the island and she is so nervous...
Health problems arise earlier then expected causing many to make rash decisions that they think is the right thing to do. Choices are available.

The Perfect Gift by Christina Skye
Scotland: Jared McNeil was coming home to die after being away for 6 years. He's seen the vision.
Maggie Kincaid's father is now dead and the gems are gone. She is a jewelry designer.
Jared's job is to find out if Maggie is a thief. He canvasses her shop and her cousin Tessa's fashion designer shop.
 She has to pay her father's debts and wants to sell the necklace they had worked on.
Maggie had won the contest to show her work in London and Nicholas and Cassie are the benefactors.  They will put her up at the Abbey and Jared will bring her there.
Others are watching her to see if she makes contact with her father, although he is dead. They had found some of his teeth and his ID in the airplane crash.
Ghosts, hot steamy sex, travel, fashion, secrets, jewelry, mysteries, romance, mystic magic all play a part in this book.

Moon Over Water by Debbie Macomber
Lorraine Dempsey had just buried her mother, Jenny and her fiancee wanted her to spend the night at his place.
She and her mother had discussed wedding plans. She just wanted some space.
Her father's letter from her mother's lawyer she reads and finds out her father, Thomas is still alive, and not dead at all and his location.
The story also follows Thomas and his love for Jenny and holding his daughter before he headed off to the war.
He's in Mexico now and has many nightmares and is married to a woman his daughter's age and she is due to deliver soon..
Jack Keller is an ex-mercenary and he's saved much of the money he had earned over the years.
She makes it to Mexico and then everything goes south. Even the backup plans and the other backup plans. She's in trouble with the law as she meets her father.
Her father's friend, Jack Keller is there to aid him and get her back to the US. It's quite the journey and hours spent with one another.
Action, adventure, uncovered treasure, romance and travel make this a really good read.

On Thin Ice by Susan Andersen
Sasha Miller was the Olympic medal skater. Her partner, Lonnie Morrison was just released from jail after 5 years for drugs. The cops were not able to charge her at all.
She had to leave the couples section and go back to singles and was on tour on the west coast with the winter ice folly shows.
At the same time the federal agency knows she did play a part and we keep an eye on her-the new manager is an agent.
She has a lot of secrets and finally confides in another skater, Connie.
When the screws on her blade come loose and she falls and hits her head, ends up in hospital then the manager's room I can only think of tonya harding and what she did to nancy kerrigan.
screws just don't get loose, not 4 of them. Lonnie is also hooking up with people from his past, bad scene. Lots of love scenes and others are getting hurt because they look very similar to what she would wear.
She starts piecing things together and fears for her life. Lots of action, adventure, travel and romance. pace is not too fast that you can't follow along. It's a really good mix.

Home for the Summer: The Chesapeake Diaries by Mariah Stewart
Lucy Sinclair originally from St. Dennis s returning to the island to plan an elaborate wedding. She holds many secrets that we will learn about as time goes on.
Clay Madison has always stayed on the island and is happy with his decisions. He runs the farm, organic crops and he wants to venture into a brewery, raising his own crops for that.
Now that Lucy is back from the east coast, the wedding at her familys inn everybody that has a wedding planned with the company wants the small little trees with the twinkling lights. The trees were from Clay's farm and she's not sure she can get a lot of them in time for the others wedding.
Clay now lives in the family house and his sister Brooke and her son live there after her husband was killed in action in Afghanistan. He helps Gracie at the inn by putting up her tree and decorating it-he finds his carved initials in a chair that is still there and he remembers how he fell in love with Lucy.
Lucy realizes after spending a night with the local females what is missing from her life. Many trips back to the island to oversee more weddings brings her closer and confiding in Clay about that summer that drew them apart.

Sunset, Sunrise Series #4 by Karen Kingsbury
John Baxter has to sell the family home before he remarries.
Other members of the family rely on their faith to get them through their lives.
The Christmas play is underway and many in the family have gone through the trials in hopes to be selected.
The story also follows Cody who is in the Afghanistan area fighting in the war and he ask for God's help also.
Many births, weddings, deaths and everyday life experiences.
Scriptures are quoted throughout the book.
Spiritual and devotional: great combination.

The Joy of Nothing a children's book about nothing something and everything by Suzy Liebermann 
Colorful illustrated children's book showing how you can be doing something when
you are not doing anything but just sitting.
Hugo the starfish is wandering around. He sees his friend Willie and there are some Spanish words that have English near them.
Willie then describes what he imagines and he is very busy doing something...
There are many excerpts from the author's other Hugo books at the end.

Kangaroo, kangaroo, where are you by Robin Safarian
Illustrated very colorful children's book that shows a kangaroo and
the places he can hide. He will tell you when you are close to finding him.
To help him find the kangaroo he gives clues as to what he sees, trees, butterflies, etc
Kangaroo tells him to hurry and find him so they can go play...

pub 3/4/13  You're Still The One by 4 authors
Love reading a book where there are 4 stories by 4 different authors. Gives me a chance to see what the author is about and usually add them to my favorites..
The Apple Orchard by Cathy Lamb
Allie Pellitier had once lived in a trailer park across from an apple orchard. Both her parents are gone and she got fired from her job. She's now in the hospital about to get sewn back together when in walks Dr. Jace Rios. They have a past together and she was attempting to just get out from seeing him again, not fast enough..
She ends up being treated a few times in the hospital by him and then he starts checking up on her and refusing to have a meal with him. He just picks her up and takes her to his house on the hill and she fantasizes about him and knows they can't be anything more than friends.
They both love the outdoors and I love that they at Yellowstone for a summer. He doesn't know why they split up, it was something that happened to her and she's not talking, yet..
We learn how she grew up with her mother and then her father. After she left when she was able to we learn of the abuse physically and most importantly emotionally. She learns what happens next by a neighbor that sells paintings...
A kiss before Midnight by Mary Carter
She is in New Orleans as a junior with 3 of her senior friends and they have 3 things to do to complete the scavenger hunt. 3 hurricane drinks, make out at the cemetery and get a reading from the voodoo woman. Years later Rebecca Ryan's plane is landing in New Orleans, again...
She conceived that night, Miles. She also had hooked up with Grant Dodge the great jazz trumpet player. She's going back now as a gift from Miles for her birthday, 25 years later to the city she first found love in. She is going to confront the father and move on with her life. Only 2 of the girls she originally went with had stood by her...
She is also confronting the fortune teller about the curse she put on her...
Book goes from the present and in the next chapter to the past. Took me a while to get the hang of which year I was in..
Love to hear about her jewelry making and what she uses for materials..
Detailed descriptions of New Orleans and the surrounding area made me feel like I was there, was so exact.
She's got a lot of decisions to make...
Romeo & Juliet ..and Jane by Elizabeth Bass
It's all over town Jane is seeing Roy again.  She's fostering another dog til she can find a good home.
They started in the school play Romeo and Juliet and he's kicking himself now as it was the best time of his life. His mom is gone now and he's settling her affairs.
She now lived in what they called the playhouse along with all the animals she had. Carl the vet had stopped in also and thought maybe the yellow couch for the vet waiting room was a mistake.
Her mother was after her to fix herself up a bit and flirt so she could get married.
Love hearing about the 'JAM' what a festival!
Roy is back in town and with the money he donated the town build a new auditorium and he is to give a speech, but he has a surprise for Jane.
The Devil and Mr. Chocolate by Janet Dailey
Kitty Hamilton owned the art gallery
Sebastian Cole was an artist who would appear when he wanted to borrow items because she lived right next door.
Marcel makes chocolate and Kitty has agreed to marry him but how will she explain her ex husband who's helping her bath in the tub..
Lots of sexual moments that only add to this tale.

tears of the moon by nroa roberts
Part of a trilogy, Ireland, shawn gallagher falls in love,  a songwriter.
Brnna O'Toole has known Shawn their whole lives and they are friends.
Darcy, Aiden and Shawn ran the pub. She is a Jill of all trades and helps her father with construction and repairs. She had fixed the oven at Shawns and then beat on his piano to his song when she saw the ghost Gwen with a hidden message.
Shawn tells her he doesn't want her in a sexual way. she jumps him and he takes a sample...
She confers with her other girl friends and they tell her to be around him more to see how he's suffering..
One of her sisters is having a baby, another is preparing for marriage and she just wants to fix cars and forget about the girly girl things...
Burning hot steamy sex add to this book's story...
Her sister Mary is also in love with Shawn...
She attempts to help with his music career and he doesn't see it as that at all.

 a child's Christmas by eva rutland
eric archer, 10 is in a boarding school cuz his father is too busy and his uncle is to watch over him as he's local.
Monica Powell the teacher has watched out for him as eric's lost his grandparents who raised him. She had just lost her mother to cancer and her father was very sick, he lived with her.
Love her relationship with her father, so caring now that he's disabled and she cares too much for Eric. Other teachers think he should be moved to a special class but she will go to dinner with the uncle-who she thinks is the father to help him understand about Eric and what he needs.
Monica does realize that her uncle does really care about the child as time goes on.
Loved the cabin and the snow ice cream!
Dave is the baseball super hero and his business partner attempts to dig her nails in but he's spending more time with Monica.
Eric's mom the movie star is also in the picture a lot more as is his real father.
Problem arises when Eric runs away and nobody knows where he is...

pub Mar 1, 2013 Icecutter's Daughter by Tracie Peterson
1895 and Merrill is on the farm, birthing a horse. Her main duties are the kitchen since her mother had passed away 10 years ago.
Granny and Corabeth pay a visit and give her a hat they modified. They are always trying to make her a pretty looking female as she has no one to turn to for advice.
The story also follows Rurik and Svea and they are to be married, it was prearranged by their fathers but as they are older now they tend to think they need to wait. He will leave to help his Uncle Carl in MN and give them some time away from one another.
Love learning about the furniture making career and all about the ice harvest.
Rurik gets invited to help with the ice harvest as Carl is too old to help much and he stays for dinner while helping Merrills father after his fall. They meet at church and again they have dinner with the family.
Rurik has ideas of painting the furniture that Murrill has painted in her house as a sideline for Carl's furniture...
Some German and Swedish is spoken but not a lot that you get lost.
Carl gives him a proposal of what to do with his furniture business and it may solve all of Rurik's problems...
Rurik gets a surprise visit ... things are totally misunderstood.
Loved learning about the sewing techniques back then and how such simple things was a way of life.
One of the settlements I do knitting for actually demonstrates how to cut the ice, so unique!
Faith, believing in God and reciting prayers are relevant in this book.
Out of the 50+ books I've read this year this is my favorite.
An excerpt for another book is included at the back.

 Let it Snow! Season's Readings for a Super-Cool Yule!
I selected this book because of the pretty tree cover and it's still around the holidays and in the northeast we've had two snow events so far.
There are 10 stories in this book, quite far from normal I've been told...
Excellent way to learn and read what a new author to you has written and links to get to their other works...
A Laurents County Landfill Christmas, by Red Tash
Faes and pixies and other creatures have decorated the manse as it's Christmas and it lights up the sky. The gift her dad had given for her was taken by a boy.
The Wizard appears .  More details at the end of the story...
Silent Night, the holiday viral sensation by Jack Wallen
A new evolution of mankind among the zombie and humans at Christmas
Crazed in Christmas City, A party you'll never forget   by Jessica McHugh
Avery was locked up in the insane prison and claimed it was another who had killed the two men.
She wanted one visitor this Christmas ...
A Manlove & Kickerdick Xmess, Ain't no messin' with these backdoor Santas   by Axel Howerton
Two security guards for the senator and he's taking his son to get initiated with a woman.
The Snow Wolf's Gift Fit for a dragon, a mage, or a king?   by Tim Tash
Shape shifter that heals others at the winter solstice, fairies, dragons...
A Serial Killer Christmas A party for one?   By Mercedes Yardley
Christmas party and two serial killers...
Old Mexia Christmas Brew It's the end of the Mayan World as we know it...   by Claudia Lefeve
HE asks her out and she wants to go back in time to Christmas, 2012. Lots of beer for the next day the world would end..
The Pratty Who Saved Chrissmuss With a name like “Plugugly,” it's gotta be good.   by Marian Allen
Similar to Dickens and the true meaning of Christmas.
Believe Do you believe? by Connie L. Roberts-Huth
Dectective who can talk to the dead to help solve the murders...
Hau'oli Hanukkah When Mele kalikimaka just won't do.   By T. Lee Harris
archaeological findings and Christmas

pub 2/26 red velvet cupcake murder by joanne fluke
Love these books by Joanne Fluke. If you pay attention you can almost solve the mystery as clues are given throughout, although a key one is left out so it can be the surprise at the end.
Love her relationship with Mike and Norman and hope she never marries. Andrea is busy in this one being the real estate agent of the condo's and the big party that Lisa and Hannah are catering. The cover of the book shows the red velvet cupcakes and they look too good to eat, even with the surprise inside each one.
Roger shows up at the gala with his fiancee Doctor Beverly who was in previous novels. That's gives the women of Lake Eden something to talk about...  Super love the recipes. After reading a few of these books it gave me the confidence I needed to create a new cookie of the year by experimenting with ingredients.
Love catching up with what's going on with others. So easy to follow this series even with new characters. Also the police finalized the cinnamon bun mystery from the last book-that I had still recalled.
When Barbara is found on the floor, some think she is dead but she was rushed to the hospital and the next morning Hannah gets a call from her stating she knows who tried to kill her at the party the night before. She is to head over and talk to her at the hospital but she talks to Mike first to find out if he found any clues.
Hannah finds another body and now the questioning starts as all her friends try to help solve the mystery...Hannah is the prime suspect...
Love all the tips on baking and cooking as she hosts many meals when others just stop in to find out the latest on many of the cases still unsolved.
The twists and turns really are good in this book...

A Dragon's Work Is Never Done An Alfie's Sandwich Series Book by Stephanie Barrett
Illustrated colorful children's book about a boy's imagination. He sits down to eat and he imagines the mustard has flaming fizzy power like a dragon. Starts out where the boy is assembling a train track and I can totally picture my 7 year old grandson doing this and other things the book is talking about.
He describes what it feels like.
When he lets out a burp it toast the top of his sandwich!
The kitchen turns into a forest and the dragon tells him how to get up to where he is at.
They teach Alfie how to do their jobs: scare a princess, guard the jewels, and other jobs cause a dragon's work is never done.
After all of their work is done they enjoy a special treat and then he has to head home where he finds an amazing thing has happened.
There are other sandwich books available...

Mrs. Kennedy and Me: An Intimate Memoir by Clint Hill, Lisa McCubbin
This is a story from the man who was a secret service agent that guarded Mrs. Jackie Kennedy. Love all the details and especially the mail problem, how he solves the delay.
Goes all the pregnancies, travel, decorating, etc.
Love hearing of all the places and all the procedures to protect her and the kids.
The horse riding in Newport, I am learning so much about her life and Newport is within 20 minutes from my house.
Such joy and tragedy throughout her life and so many things I didn't know about.

S.F. Chapman's The Ripple in Space-Time
 Story is about how a scientist is kidnapped, along with others and taken far away. The pirates plan for her especially is to work and create some elements that will aid them.
Her son Lev has received her daily message and knows something is not right and contacts the authorities and gets together with Ryo who heads up the investigation. They can't figure out who
took the professor and they soon learn with Lev's help and one of the many satellites, who they are. There are many people involved that I had a hard time keeping track of as some are only mentioned a few times, others many times over.
They gain clues and track down others who help them figure out what their next step should be. This all occurs in the future.
To keep her sanity she quotes Shakespeare plays she has learned and seen over the years.
There are many instances of quoting others who are very famous in their field of expertise that make the whole story believable. I enjoyed the story although I rarely read sci fi books.
There are other villains with dangerous information and weapons that also want to rule everybody...
Like all the scientific information that explains just what the ripple is. love how the book got it's title.
Also love the list of characters and the vessels, makes it a lot easier to understand right off the launch pad.

 Baked! by Lacey Dearie
A love story at the bakery shop. The donuts in the display case are trying to connect to the eclair. They do have some things in common-they have chocolate drizzled on the top.
Several customers buy some donuts and then one man comes in wanting a box full of assorted ones. It's there chance to get out of the case so they make themselves look appealing and it works for the jelly filled doughnut.
There is much conversation as some pastries are not eaten right away and they bet on who will be tossed in the bin or eaten.  Cute little story.

Shades of Blue by Karen Kingsbury
Brad Culler has it all, a fairytale life ahead of him. but the ad campaign he hopes to win for the company sets him to his past.
He recalls his past and thinks of Holden Beach, NC and know he needs to talk to Emma Landon before his life can go forward.
He is to be married as the days get closer to his life with Lauren James.
He has much faith in God in helping direct him to do the right thing.
The story also follows Emma and her daughter, now 9 year old as she is the teacher.
Frankie is a girl that she teaches that has a rare blood disease and she tolerates the pain it causes.
Lots of scriptures that lead to the answers they need.
Love how the book got it's title.

Back Home Again, Tales from Grace Chapel Inn Series by Melody Carlson
Alice Howard is there to tend to her dads' funeral and she's waiting for her sisters Louise and Jane to finish some details.
The aunt Ethel can't even think of what they'll do with the house...
The sisters want to start over again, there in town and think the house would be a good B&B and they can all pitch in.
Things get out of hand when Aunt Ethel puts her two cents in and before they know it the sisters have to appear in front of the church board due to the house turned into an Inn...
Jane will be the baker, Alice the musician and Louise has the money.
Love the angel treats and the angels as they also try to gain the community support in the endeavor.
They go ahead even without zone approval but they need to upgrade the property anyways and I love the theme for each of the rooms they do plan to rent.
Things go downhill with the contractor and miracles do happen!

 The Good Woman by Jane Porter
This book is mostly about Meg. She's married to Jack and they have 3 kids. She works at the vineyard and devotes a lot of her time to family things: kids after school events and parties.
After traveling to the summer house where she meets her mother and other sisters and spends time listening to their problems with their relationships she starts to question her own. Then she travels overseas to the London exhibit for the wine they produce and she is dreaming of another man, not her husband.
Things heat up a bit but she knows she has the best of all worlds with her family and husband. Health issues arise with others and other break up with their significant others and others are having babies-all a natural part of life these days.
Love the interactions she has with her sisters because I know they each will get their own book and it's going to be nice that I already know a bit about the characters.
Hot steamy sex really spice up this book.
Love anything to do with trees and the vineyard business. Love the detailed travel and the summer house. Love Jack's job and how it's described in the book-what a trade!
Just sitting back really taking my time to finish this and thinking of the decisions and the obvious choices she has and the ramifications each holds...
Comes with an excerpt from the next book in the series and that's another emotional one for me to read, can't wait.

Just The Way You Are by Barbara Freethy
I love that this tale binds them together with pearls. They are my most favorite gem of all.
Tessa and Ali had come to the Oregon coast to live with their grandmother Phoebe when their parents had died. Alli ended up pregnant and Sam married her but he really wanted Tessa.
Around 9 years worth of marriage Alli got up the nerve to ask for a divorce as Sam left to live in his parents house and they retired to Arizona. They shared Megan.
When they learn of Phoebe's hospitalization and that Tessa is also on her way back from Milan Alli feels the time is perfect for Sam to pursue a life with Tessa.
Tessa had left to be a supermodel when Sam told her he was marrying Alli.
Love the detailed descriptions of the locale and the community. Can't get to the west coast often enough myself.
Sam Tucker has been the referee when it comes to Tessa and Alli over the years. They are all to blame for what happened that one Christmas, everybody played a part...
Like how the story moves along from each of the three different points of view.
Attempts are taken to make up on several occasions but Tessa is still around...
What were they thinking when they agreed to find one more wild pearl for the necklace to finish it...
They all go through what happened in the past, that one night it stormed really bad and it made them realize some important facts about themselves...
Amazing what can get accomplished when you work as a team.
Romance and sex only add to this story. Three different excerpts from three other books are included at the end.

Coming Home by Karen Kingsbury
Elizabeth and John Baxter are the parents of the group they call a family.  Through prayer and faith they have raised a handful of children who've gone and raised some of their own.
The plans for John's 70th birthday was on. Most would write a letter that would be read at the party. A scrapbook would be made with each of the children having a page.
Erin and her husband Sam have adopted 3 girls and have one of their own. The agency called and the mother wants to see the 3 girls, that she had tried to sell. She was just out of rehab, Candy Burns.
Memories of how each had met, their lives and how John was always there to give them guidance to the Lord.
Erin and Sam would drive for several days til they reached Blooington, IN where the party would be held. The meeting with the bio mother would take place after their return.
As the family learns of the accident and meet at the hospital the days go by where they keep losing another of their family. With their faith they will survive, and they'd have the help they need to do just that.
A lot of scriptures are quoted throughout the book, easing their pain.
There is also joy as life goes on for those who have survived...
The story also follows Candy and how she does things to help in her retaining custody..

 Alex, The Boy Who Watched Too Much TV by Kurt and Michelle Zimmerman
Illustrated very colorful children's book about Alex who loves to sit in his dads chair with popcorn and watch TV rather than going out to play. His mom has had enough and tells him he will turn into a couch potato.
He has a dream about being a couch potato and wakes up and stops watching TV and does things to keep his body active and going.
He paints, plays a musical instrument, plays in the sandbox, goes to a birthday party and swims among other things. He was so determined not to be in a bog of french fries.

My Dinosaur is Scared of Vegetables by Lily Lexington
Illustrated very colorful children's book about how Jack's dinosaur does not like or eat vegetables. One night when they refuse they just go to bed.
Next morning there is no breakfast at the table, but last night's vegetables still waiting to be eaten.
The dinosaur ran to hide under the living room table, away from the vegetables. They get in the car and go to the ball game.
He had lost the game because he was so slow and Mom talked to the dinosaur and they figured out why he was slow.
they agreed that he needed to eat his vegetables, every day.
Good lesson.
End of the book shows other books by the same author.

Away From the Spotlight by Tamara Carlisle
Shannon Sutherland and her friend Rachael had gone out after work to the brit bar where she had met Will.
Will MacKenzie knew the band and they were allowed backstage before the concert.
She was studying to be a lawyer, attended college for a few more months, along with a 3 day job a week at the law firm, then hopes to study and take the bar exam and travel in Europe for the summer.
Although there are other people in the book it's easy to keep them straight as to who they are. When the conversation turns to what Will does for work everybody changes the subject so Shannon is in the dark still.
The chapters fly by describing in detail her classes, her day dreams and the time spent with Will.
The descriptions of the rooms and furniture and surroundings make me picture the area in my mind as I did fly into LAX and spend some time in the area before driving north.
She and he both think the relationship won't work for the long haul. Their lives are just so different.

Just about half way through and I'm missing the normal things in a book, the sex and romance mostly. They talk of hand holding and hugging and having sex all night long but it's not even but one line stating they had sex.
A lot to digest as the book is becoming boring to me, about their everyday lives he with his promo tour and her with bar exam prep.
For 480+ pages more needs to be talked about and physically shown what is being done.
The men at the law firm spice things up a bit but it's not been enough yet...

A Million Doughnuts by DAWN COLCLASURE
Rusty is at the bakery with his mother and she says no they are not good for you as she orders bran muffines.
There are detailed descriptions of how the different shaped treats are decorated that had my mouth watering also.
Included on a few pages are drawings of the doughnuts.
The other members of the family tell him how bad eating doughnuts are but he still loves them.
Everyday when he was out and would ask the adult if they could stop for one doughnut and after they said no, he wished for a million doughnuts.
He buys a book about doughnuts and dreams of them that night.
The magical dust that came in the window at night did something special and in the morning he did have a million doughnuts in his room. The others
told him not to eat them but he did and soon after he lost his teeth, clothes didn't fit and he had no energy. He finally decided not to eat anymore.
The rest of the family helped with the problem of all the left over doughnuts....
There is a problem: his wish came true again for several more days...
Love this book teaches you it is ok to have a treat that is not so healtly every once in a while as long as you mostly eat very healthy foods.

Sarah’s Special Angel by JENNIFER WILSON
One girl lives in the orphanage as her parents had died. She misses them so much and the only family she has is a pet mouse that goes with her everywhere.
One day while out in the woods a tree bends down and her mother as an angel appears. She has a secret message for her to travel a path to the cabin where a
couple can't have children of their own.  Could this be Sarah's dream come true?

Crochet One-Skein Wonders
101 Projects from Crocheters around the World by Judith Durant, Edie Eckman
As I've accumulated many balls of yarns in varying weights I thought this would be the perfect book for me to read.
Love knitting for charity and that I can make things fast if they are the smaller projects.
Love how this book is broken up into chapters by the weight of the yarn. I have never seen one like this and it's very helpful when I pull out a ball of sport weight yarn, the ideas I get from the book to make.
Also at the beginning of every chapter, near the ball of yarn that chapter is devoted to, it lists the project names.
Charted directions are great for making the jewelry pieces. The written out directions are also included.
Very elegant stitches, that would also work not only for the scarf they are shown made in, but a baby blanket for the hospital.
Wristers are another favorite of mine to make for the local nursing home. Love the baby afghans the best as that is what I mostly work on for Navy Relief Society.
Elephant bib is so cute! Love how also the outfits are displayed, some hung on a clothesline, so traditional!
Love that there are things to make in this book for every season and for all rooms of the house and for the whole family.
Appendix at the back of the book explains what the chart symbols mean and also the stitches involved. Over 60 designers help create this book. What a treasure!

Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler
Hudson Avery  whose whole life was skating. Something happens to make her throw the competition so she loses as the rest of her life falls apart also.
Present day: her mom has the diner and she now works at it along with going to school and running The Cupcake Corner in the diner.
Love the 'cupcakeisms' at the beginning of each chapter! When a notice appears about a skating opportunity she starts practicing again til she collides with Josh the hockey team captain.
The coach also approaches her and wants her to aid the team with some moves in hopes it would improve their team game play.
When things become tense at work she loses herself in a daydream about her skating performances where she won awards and ribbons and all kinds of prizes.
Most all the kids can't wait to succeed and be able to leave the town. She hopes to be able to get the scholarship and then she will be leaving the area...
Love how the song dictates the name of this book and what it specifically means.
She never realized how much her one action affected others but maybe now she can work through it for the others involved...

A Thousand Tomorrows by Karen Kingsbury
At 8 years old Cody watched his father leave stating he couldn't do it anymore. He couldn't love his wife Mary, son Cody and disabled son Carl. His football career was over with and he wanted out. Cody hated him and his mother also as she told him to leave and never come back.
He didn't want to follow in his father's footsteps: football so he helped out with the 4H and raising animals and love the bulls and the riding in the rodeos.
Allie Daniels is a barrel racer and keeps to herself. Her mother is her best friend and nobody knows about her handicap.
She is allergic to a lot of things and so is kept inside a lot of the time. Her sister Anna caught a cold and it escalated til she died 3 days later. Allie has CF and her parents would filter the air she breathed, even when she rode and trained the horses.
She offered him some advice when he had gotten injured and he wasn't sure what to make of it...
Both of their parents hoped their kids would meet someone who could teach them about love.
More health problems but this time for her and she doesn't want to even think of taking a lung from either of her parents and as time runs out she has choices to make: lay low and at home or continue on the rodeo circuit even though it might kill her.
They started to talk once a week and she opened up to him and with their talks his rage was not as severe as it had once been.
Love how the book gets it's title.

Remembering Christmas by Dan Walsh
Art, the book store owner, along with his wife, Leslie, was found on the floor, unconscious by the homeless man JD who would get a McMuffin every morning from Art.
They thought he had a heart attack but it was an aneurysm . She spends days in ICU with him not waking up. The doctor discusses a surgery that another doctor can do at another hospital but the swelling has to go down first.
She called her accountant son in NC and he came down to help run the store, he thought for a few days.
Rick Denton was glad the store part timer was there to help, Andrea and her 6 yo daughter Amy. He struggles with some of the chores and is not sure how much longer he can stay. He is missing out on his skiing trip...
As the days go on he's forced to stay at the shop as his step father needs further surgery when the swelling has gone down. His mother is staying in the hospital room 24/7.
Rick likes Anderea, the part timer with a daughter and he visits for lunch at the diner she works at. He's figured out the bookkeeping system of the store and that they are not doing so well when he goes to place orders.
He also phones his boss to let him know of where he is and when he plans to be back in town...
When the store is robbed he accuses the homeless man because the teen said it was him...
There are many times he remembers his past, growing up with his mother and his new step father and they were not happy times for him as a teen.
The store caters to religious music and many of the customers are very religious people and they love how Art would always talk to them, as Rick is doing now.
Everything is in God's hands and I love the mystery of who Rick's father is...
Loved hearing of the Beatles songs at such a sad time over the years...
Rick knew he had to get back north and do his job, finish up the year but he wanted to be there for Christmas also.
Love how the book got it's title! Such a caring loving story.

I Love you, Valentine (A Valentne Book for Little Ones) by Cindy Bracken
Colorful illustrated book for little children.
Shows pages of a Valentine treat and the next page what the person means to them. Very pretty decorated treats.

Mommy Midwife by Cassie Miles
Got this book as a gift for my opinions to Harlequin the past year. Being that I'm over 50 I'm not really interested in reading about how to birth a child and the process but I read the book anyways.
From the start the things I wanted to know about: the winter wonderland of Colorado and the bling and shimmer of the dinner party wasn't in the book. It starts with a pregnant woman and things that have happened to her in the past.
Her boyfriend and his brother come into play, along with a couple that she had helped deliver the baby. Her parents and sister are all involved and quite a few other Marine friends and fiends.  There are 12 character outlined at the beginning of the book and I love that as I got lost real quick and had to revert to using it.
Story line just was not believable to me. It only skims a bit of the plot.

 Kiss River by Diane Chamberlain
I already love this book, about a lighthouse and a clue in the diary and the outer banks.
Bess's diary is written while she is a girl living in the lighthouse keeper cottage on the East Coast, Outer Banks of NC during the WW2 and the German boats are nearby blowing up US vessels and she sees them out her window.
Present day she is there and the residents of the house ask her, Ginny Higgins to stay for a night which she does and it brings back all the memories of what's written in the diary. She can picture the room without ever having seen it, it's that familiar. And she's on the hunt of the light of the lighthouse that was destroyed in the hurricane and the light is at the bottom of the ocean. She can't figure out why the authorities never went to get it, but left the light in the water all this time. She will track down
Lacey and Clay's father and ask him as he's from around that time it happened. She recalls from the diary all the talk of the prisms. I remember being so fascinated with the way the light shone through a prism I was given once.
Love the talk about the stain glass windows in the many times that they appear, sound so pretty and it's a great art form.
Mysteries about Clay's wife passing away, his father and why now he is not interested in the lens and Gina has secrets of her own as well.
This makes for not only a good mystery read but romance as things are told and you can piece the puzzle together til the whole story comes out and how the past is connected to the present...
Love hearing about all the research about the light, the fly over and if they think they will be able to find it. Even if they do there are still others who won't allow it to be raised.
There are other personal things going on in their lives that they tend to keep to themselves.
Love the lesson the family gets when they look up at the stars...
Love that this is a book in a series and can't wait to read the next one..

 The S Factor Diet The Happiest Way to Lose Weight - Drop a Dress Size in 2 Weeks by Lowri Turner
ISBN:         9781848990388
 Based on dieting and how hormones play a big part in losing and maintaining weight. Love the explanation of how the hormones work in your body.
It's right on track.
There are also bullet lists of symptoms and which hormones from them you need to concentrate on eating more foods from.
The foods are very healthy and you do need to keep track of your cycles.
The book lists 14 days of meals, depending on your scores from the above factors: and then how to make them.
I think you really have to be dedicated enough to do the full diet in the 14 days allocated. It seems to me to be very time consuming if you are to use the foods they want you to prepare from the menus listed.
What makes it very easy is that each menu item is highlighted with which hormone the food will be stimulating.
Love how the recipes are displayed: the time is one thing that I pay particular attention to, and the ingredients needed.
Pictures of the food is very pretty. An index is at the back of the book making it easy to use to find a certain recipe or section.

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