Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Three Sisters, Blackberry Island Book Review

 Three Sisters by Susan Mallery
The three sisters houses each one owned by a different person.
Andi has just moved to the island to set up her pediatrician office, working at the local doctor office til her practice opens after renovating her house/office space.
Boston and Zeke are on one side of Andi. She is a textile artist with many medias, and he is a contractor, along with his brother Wade who lives on the island with his teen daughter.
On the other side of Andi is Colin and Deanna. He is a sales man traveling during the week, spends time with the 5 daughters they have. She works part-time at the craft shop, quilting, scrapbooking, knitting, etc.
Love the set up of the town as they have a yoga studio and a farmers market. Just sounds like the place one could just drop into and feel right at home. Love scenes are passionate.
Each of them have troubles to work through and with help from one another they might achieve just the peace they need inside.
Joy, pain, happy, sad you get to experience it all from different points of view. Love scenes are just right. Menu from the Inn and a recipe are included! There are quite a few characters and they are easy to keep straight because of the way they are introduced into the story.
The Three Sisters Houses to me symbolize the three women that live in the houses and how they become sisters due to communication and faith that you can fix anything...

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