Saturday, March 9, 2013

Books Read in Mar 2013

46 books

The Apple Orchard by Susan Wiggs 
A really super book to me is one that talks of travel, food and the art of working with ones hands. This book has that and more.
The book starts out with the oldest of the family, Magnus Johnasen runs the apple orchard, Belle Vista in his 80's on the tree ladder when he gets a call on his cell...
Love that there are recipes in this book. Love the nature and especially trees as I come from a family of nursery men.
Tess Delaney works for an auction house in CA and she finds and restores and returns items to their rightful owners.
Love hearing about all the travel in this book to places I've never been.
Dominic Rossi a single dad runs the vineyard among other jobs.
Love hearing details of the traditions to honor those in need. Also the chapters are in the present time but go back so you learn of who the people really are as they themselves grew up.
Love how the apple orchard brings this whole book together and what it stands for.
There are so many other treasures in the book, priceless!
Love that this is just #1 in a new series!

Whole Latte Life by Joanne DeMaio
This story is about 2 women who are friends and in the present day they agree to spend a few days in NY. After shopping and a lunch Sara Beth leaves a note and takes off. Rachel is handed the note and does as she's asked, not to alert anyone but she needs a few days to find herself.
They've just turned 40 and Sara Beth has recently lost her mother and is at wits end what to do with her life and remembers the past, romances and life choices.
Rachel has lost her husband and has a college daughter and while in the city finds a new man in her life. He is so passionate to her, the places he takes her as he introduces her to his life.
As we go back in time to discover their secrets we are also brought into the present where things do work out as they each take on new things.
Love volunteer work with the flowers and the carriage house and especially the summer cottages with the names and what they symbolize in the story.
'mystical healing power of the salt air' love this phrase.
Not sure which of the woman's' life's I like best. They both do their own thing and it's the journey and process that leads them where they end up, loved the journey.

read 3/26 Camp Kiss by J.K. Rock
Upon returning to camp again this year Lauren's cabin plays truth or dare and she is set to kiss Seth. He's been coming to camp as his grandfather owns the place, every year and they have a crush on one another.
Love hearing of how they spend their time as it's very similar to when I went to camp myself.
Love hearing of the camp setting in the Smokey Mountains and the detailed descriptions of other things in the locale, the trails, rafting and other events. Brought back a lot of memories.
Love the name of her cabin and what it implies as to being the best cabin there. When she realizes she must tell him of the dare before he finds out from another she's hesitant because she can lose him because he will not understand....
What choice will she make ...

The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks
I have read all the books but never reviewed them so thought I'd start with this one.
Julie Baroniss was decorating the tree this year. She's a widow as Jim had recently died from a brain tumor.
The gift is from her husband, he had planned to give this to Jules, his pet name for her a Great Dane. A guardian for her because he can't be there for himself to look out for her himself.
4 years later Singer has grown a lot and protects her.
Richard is her date and Michael is her brother in law that is always around to fix the car and do other chores she can't.
Book follows Richard and his past life with his mother and how weak she was and he's only in town temporarily. He wants to reinvent her.
Julie works at a local hair salon and is always busy with Singer.
He knows her whole past and has all the pictures along the way tacked on his board...
Story takes a terrifying turn making it very scary for me that nothing can be done..

Lifesaving Lessons Notes from an Accidental Mother by Linda Greenlaw
Isle au Haut is 7 miles off the coast of Maine and Linda lives there, living off the land and sea and is also an author, making money at it.
I have a connection to a similar island and love getting over there as often as I can. Fitting in takes time. The book starts out when Linda meets Mariah and takes her on til school starts in the one room schoolhouse on the island.
Linda has her own boat and traps and hires Mariah to paint the buoys and after watching Linda do a chore she mimics it.
After the island sends her off island to school they go about their normal days of preparing for the winter. With other schemes up their sleeves they pursue them and when it fails due to unforeseen circumstances there is still some time to lobster.
Love hearing about all the plans and things done in timely fashion to get ready for the different seasons and how the island goes about its business.
With the return of summer and the people that come there are town meetings and the talk is of the parcel that is for sale. There is so much of it one could buy it and build condos.
Linda has made new friends during the winter that run their own cafe during the summer months and take orders for chocolates. Also the place to be for gossip and hot coffee and donuts freshly made.
In August things change and the islanders band together to help... Unimaginable things occur that leave Linda to even lock her door for the first time ever and to load her shotgun while Mariah is in her care til the authorities can do something.
Things heat up as the time gets closer but everything and then some all go wrong...
Now the tough part of being her guardian and all they endured...her parents were back for the summer and her sister lived on the mainland and along with the female population on the island there is support.
Love how all the pieces are brought to their end. I can truly relate living on an island 3 miles by 1 mile wide.

The klone and I by Danielle Steel
Roger has left Stephanie with 2 kids and he's sueing her in the divorce. She took care of everything for him.
She started taking better care of herself after he left with his girlfriend. She had to pay alimony and custody out of her trust fund.
She meets Peter in Pairs and as he has to work he has created a clone of himself: Paul Clone.
He was just too perfect and she stayed in touch with him.  Paul Clone is only the same as Peter in looks only.
So funny when she tries to find the perfect mate.

Paint Me Rainbows by Fern Michaels
Jill Barton is left at the altar and she leaves after and ends up in New England, an artist colony.
Logan Matthews runs the colony. I love hearing all the different mediums of art that one can do with their own hands.
She rents a cottage from Logan when she finds out how much, and the elderly woman who is the cook has to leave for Seattle and she takes the job of cook for a while...
His fiance shows up and takes over the cottage she's in and she's made it known Logan is all hers, or is he?

 The Wedding by Danielle Steel
Alegra Steinberg, entertainment lawyer isn't ready for marriage and then her 2 year boyfriend, Brandon, a lawyer also, couldn't get his ex to sign papers to release him.
Her parents and brother and sister are also high achieving in their careers: model, TV host, movie producer and a surgeon.
a NY writer turns her life upside down and she's upfront about her relationship. They share so many dreams and talk on the same level.
Best and worst are brought out in everybody...
Love the game he plays when he meets her at the NY party.
Such glamor from both coasts and all the different careers are fascinating to learn about.

Irresistible Forces by Danielle Steel
Meredith and Steve are married and live in NY. He's a trauma ER Doctor and with her career of trading and taking over stocks, making them public keeps them both away from each other more than with each other.
She travels all the time, even overseas and it keeps her very busy. The last public stock she was in charge of was running smoothly.
Cal had 2 teen girls and divorced and was helping her with the transfer. He had taken her out of dinner in London and even dancing. They spent more time together than she with her husband.
Her clock was ticking and Steve had wanted kids and she's not sure she's quite ready yet as the child would be left behind when she was traveling.
When Cal's  CFO leaves Cal wants her to take the position. He pushes her into meeting him in CA to discuss the position and her husband is all for it as well. He's ready for a change.
So many choices and so many decisions to make for them both, once they make it it's even harder to find time for one another, how is that possible?

 Lethally Blonde by Patrice Lyle
Morgan Skully is a teen and she wants to impress Derek who is so cute.
She finds out that her father made a pact about his one wrong move in life that will challenge her life.
The devil is her boss now and he has a mission for her to do.
Others try to keep her away from Derek, Penelope who gets her arrested for shop lifting til the real facts come out.
Adventure and intrigue keep the story going in this book.

Holding Hands by Judith Arnold
Love this short story about Meredith who over the years and pregnancies is happy now that she's lost all the weight she had put on and all the kids are in college now.
Her husband Scott is a professor surrounded by young sexy females all day. He also is publishing his own book and has many other college jobs.
She feels left out when her 70 year old mother tells her she's been out with a man to the movies-at the retirement center but he's still married and that they hold hands.
When she complains to her friend, she comes to the rescue. She now has paid for a cabin on the Cape for next Friday, she's bought a new lacy teddy and she wants to get back what they once had.
After a long rain soaked drive that takes forever to get there, no electricity and to top that off an injured dog on the doorstep.
Love the beach scene and how it's described and more importantly what they talk about.

Granny Dan by dnaielle Steel
This book is about the Russian ballerina who when she died at 90 after having been in a nursing home.
They had sent to her a box of the rest of her things=ballet shoes and other mementos. letters in Russian that she wasn't sure she'd have translated or kept as they were.
The story of Granny Dan starts out being born and at the age of 5 her mother died. She was sent to a ballet school which she would live and travel throughout the country when she was 14. A full member of the troupe.
Love how this story goes and we learn all about her as things change over time.
Very strong character to have accomplished what she did.
Love this story as it's short and to the point and love the places I was able to travel to and the exquisite descriptions of the dancing life and attire.

 Camp Kiss by J.K. Rock
Upon returning to camp again this year Lauren's cabin plays truth or dare and she is set to kiss Seth. He's been coming to camp as his grandfather owns the place, every year and they have a crush on one another.
Love hearing of how they spend their time as it's very similar to when I went to camp myself.
Love hearing of the camp setting in the Smokey Mountains and the detailed descriptions of other things in the locale, the trails, rafting and other events. Brought back a lot of memories.
Love the name of her cabin and what it implies as to being the best cabin there. When she realizes she must tell him of the dare before he finds out from another she's hesitant because she can lose him because he will not understand....
What choice will she make ...

Sand Castle Bay by Sherryl Woods
New series as another ends from Sherryl.
3 sisters are traveling from all over to help with the hurricane that is due to hit around the house where their grandmother works at her restaurant but she's in Richmond VA where her son dropped her off at Gabi's.
Boone Dorsett, a widower with a child that had gotten dumped from Emily, was back in the area after the hurricane and he had called Cora and she and the granddaughters would be there in the morning to start repairing and cleaning the place.
The story also follows others love interests while they are fixing up the restaurants after the hurricane.
Career and home life balance makes them all consider the path they want to take...
Love hearing of the project Emily is involved with and what they need to do to make it all happen.
Boone with his new project is keeping them away but in contact with one another. Is it enough?
When the grandparents come into play to gain custody things really heat up...
I expected more of this series, maybe in the next book...Love all the travel but there's not a lot of very detailed descriptions about the locale.

 The Cherry Cola Book Club by Ashton Lee
First I saw the cover and title and wanted to read this book because it involves a book club, love books.
Maura Beth has been the local librarian and now with budget cuts she may lose her job. She's come up with an
idea to start a book club to get others involved to prove that books are a necessary thing for their town.
Love the cute story behind the name of the book!
With her networking while one is rushed to the hospital, she's able to come up with an idea to get her numbers up
higher in the circulation of the books at the library and help the local cafe out at the same time but will it be enough for the town council to fund the library?
Recipes are included also at the end!

 What She Wants by Sheila Roberts
Icicle Falls this book is mostly about the men. Jonathan Templar is the computer guru and he's looking for Ms. Right.
He feels inferior to the other guys in town. Others in town say he just needs confidence. Everybody is also trying to set him up with a single female for a date.
One single male friend, Kyle Long had the short problem, nobody looked at him cuz he was so short.
Jonathan was in love with the girl who had moved in next door when she was 9. She grew up and moved away and was a radio talk show hostess. Their 15th class reunion was approaching and he wasn't going...
He had gone to a book sale with his sister and she and another talked about how if men read romance novels they'd have half a clue as to how to get a woman and keep her satisfied.
He now is going around town and notices every woman is reading romance novels...
The book is also about others relationship problems and Adam.
Adam had extended his Alaska business trip by staying over a few days to fish the salmon. When he got home his wife had changed the locks-he had forgotten-again, about his wedding anniversary and he was locked out. He headed over to Jonathan's...
Adam finds the romance novel in the bathroom and they talk about the research Johnathan is doing and it makes sense to him..
To see the list of things a woman wanted, from his research of reading the romance novels, just cracked me up, doubled in half with tears streaming down my face, I laughed so hard!
Love everything Adam attempts to do to get his wife back and what Jonathan does to attract the girl of his dreams..
Found the book a bit confusing when there's talk of the local people, mixed in with class reunion high school names=difficult to keep them all straight.
What a surprise when they talk the author into coming to their Friday night get together...Jonathan attempts to learn how to dance and redo his image for the reunion...He's had enough, ready to throw the towel in.
Adam has done everything others do in the romance books and she hates everything he's sent her til they go out to dinner one night and he blows it, again...
Interesting to see what works for the two guys when they just had to be themselves...

 Currant Creek Valley by Raeanne Thayne
Alexandra McKnight's new restaurant was almost ready to open. The book club members met there for lunch one day and showed them around. The man to finish the kitchen, Sam Delgado was
there sizing up the project before 3 other men would work starting the next day. She likes to take control of things and him being an Army Ranger is the one who needs to be in control.
Love the village here and it's fun to catch up with others and their relationships. The village has a bit of everything that makes it well rounded for anybody to live in.
He's got a life where his son is, at present his brother's and he doesn't want to get tangled up with the owner of the place-Alex but he's taking a liking to her...
When they find a dog while she's giving him a tour of the square, she decides to try to find the dogs home and keep him safe at her house. Her mother drops a bomb on her and all the relatives!
Especially love the trails and all the detailed descriptions throughout the book, makes me feel like I'm right there.
Harry has a proposition for him and he will bring his son to listen to what he has to say.
With the death of a neighbor their relationship also dies and although her place had just opened she got an offer that she can't refuse and it's in Deer Valley. She's going to move..

The Wanderer by Robyn Carr
New Thunder Point series, Cooper  is new in town to find out why his friend Ben had died. He ran a diner/bar/souvenir shop and lived above it. On his way there Mac watched a S&R team get the climbers off the cliffs. He knows what they were up against as he flew helicopters in the war.
Sarah Dupre lived for several months in Thunder Point and flew for Search and Rescue for the Coast Guard.
She was able to move with her 16 yo brother who played quarterback to rid herself of her ex.
The book also follows the life of the deputy sheriff and backtracks to when his wife had left and walked out on them after having the 3rd child and how the whole town came to his aid to help raise them. His Aunt Lou does the meals and looks after the kids and is a teacher. She has a love interest who is a State Cop.
Rawley, Ben's vet friend handed him Ben's will giving him the place and a key to the building.  He will stay and clean it up and he has decisions to make about it...
Cooper is also saving Landon's butt by just being there to protect him against the bullies in town. Landon is in a bit of a jam himself.
Also relationship between Gina the lady at the diner and the sheriff -Mac.  Scott James the new doctor setting up his practice along with 2 young children and a 19 yo nanny. I won't even go into the other romances in just this one book, it's just way too much.
There's too much going on with all the people at one time...
Love that the mystery of solve about Ben...

Balancing Act by Fern Michaels
Two books in one
All She Can Be
Rita and Brett Bellamy were divorced. Her writing was paying off nicely and he couldn't handle that. She was lucky to get the house in NJ and the cabin in the Pocono Mountains where she was curently writing an historical romance novel.
She had the whole lake Happiness to herself as it was just fall all but for one renting the house at the bend in the lake, Twigg Petersen. He's a professor on sabbatical to write reports from his marine journeys around the world.
She recalls what each of the kids said about her divorce...
The guy in her life is Ian Martin and he's also her literary agent and he's due to pay her a visit.
She went into town and got some things to spoil herself with and 4 rooms of furniture, plants and groceries. Her kids never thought of her writing job as a job and want her to drop everything to babysit for 4-5 days while they go on a trip. She has to put her foot down and finish the book she's writing, she's on deadline.
Her male character is becoming more like Twigg than she realizes...and she can even describe a kiss they share...
She was still a slave to her kids, making doctor appointments for them, etc.
Her daughter comes to visit and is taken aback with her neighbor and that she's said no to other family members. She sure has changed...How much will she trust her friend with her daughter... The snow comes and so much of it at one time...
Hot steamy love scenes add to this story, love the locale and how it's described.
Love the family relationships and those of friends, wish this was a series.
Free Spirit
Dory Faraday works at Soiree magazine in NY and  Griff Michaels is a vet, just closed his NY office and they will both be leaving for DC soon. He will start up with partners a new clinic for animals and she will do some freelancing work and go back to college for her doctorate.
As they get ready to leave she has to keep a secret from him about some offers...
Is the move the right decision for her? She finds out after they've rented a house and she's decorated it and goes to school a few times a week.
The trip back to NY had to be made... Her aunt Pixie keeps her grounded even though she usually is not.
Excerpt from The Blossom Sisters is at the end.

An Act of Love by Nancy Thayer
Linda and Owen were married and each write books. They live in a farmhouse.
His son Bruce and her daughter Emily both attend the boarding school.
Emily woke up in the ER all kinds of things attached to her body and as they removed them she tried to run away.
Her parents are summoned and they try to find out why Emily attempted to kill herself.
Very deep analysis of what had happened to put her in the condition they found her. Lots of medical help available and authorities are in this book, lots of research done!
Story follows what happened to Emily and how the adults listen to one another and figure things out.
Vivid violent talks of his son raping her several times is a bit heartbreaking to read about.
Love hearing how they each overcame the problems...

 sweet water gap by denise hunter
josie mitchelle has to go home to SC to run the family orchard. She wished she could have a do over.
Grady thinks she's trouble and others think she's there for other reasons. She has many conversations with the others in the family about what to do with the orchard that is failing, year after year now she learns.
Love hearing how the apples are picked, the technique they follow.
Josie does learn the truth why her father is sad on her birthday...there are also secrets about the boy who saved her life that nobody knows about...
Love the chat of the photography and where it takes her..
Will her faith be restored in God after Grady talks to her to set her straight?

Chill Factor by Sandra Brown
NC 4 women have disappeared left with a blue ribbon last where they were seen.
Lily Martin is back to close her house for good. Trying to outrun the snow she runs into
Ben Tiery and they hold out at the cabin while the blizzard goes on...
Sexual scenes really keep you glued to this book and you will never think the ending is what the book is leading up to...
The police think Ben is the serial killer...Book follows others families and you discover the link they have to the whole situation, cool!
Love the time they spend together and get to really talk.

Eat Your Dinner, Becky Sue (A Rhyming Children's Picture Book) (Little Sue Series)  by Kimberly Bennet
Illustrated very colorful children's book showing how Becky's mom would try to get her to eat dinner. She had no problem with the other meals. She tried to make noises 'choo choo choo' like a train. The mother says something and they figure out a solution to the problem.

Bunny Battles: A Very Funny Book for Easter by Aidan Evans    
Children's book with no pictures of what's going on. You have to use your imagination as the scenes are described in detail.
The bunnies notice something new and strange to them. a bunnyship and a GREEN bunny, aliens have invaded their land. Loved hearing how they are all zapped into something else...

When the Heart Heals by Ann Shorey
What first attracted me to read this book is the timeframe. I like the 1860's and actually knit for a settlement within 2 hours of my home. They are so self sustaining and I love hearing about how they take care of themselves.
Rosemary Saxon has lived with her brother and sister in law and is now on her own and seeking work with the local doctor as she does have nursing training. She's on her own now and loves her life and her greenhouse where she raises lots of herbs and spices.
Like hearing about the combinations of spices to help solve human ailments. That and a pregnant girl get her in trouble and she leaves work to seek other employment.
She is such a strong character but she does have some fears. There are a lot of people in the town but they are not overpowering when it comes to the story and it's easy to keep track of who is who.
She has been threatened in various ways, some see her as a witch with her concoctions. She dates the store owner and the doctor is becoming jealous of that...
Passages from the Bible and Sunday mass are quoted that correspond to what's happening so others can gain faith and healing.

5 days to a clutter free house by Sandra Felton and Marsha Sims
I agreed to read this book and post my review in exchange for getting a copy of the book.
At first I thought why would I want to read this: I don't want a perfect house. I do have some things lying around, my house is lived in. Till we had frozen pipes and didn't learn of the leaks til weeks later one Friday night in the cold and we couldn't find 'dope' tape for the pipes.
It's dark and cold out so to the store and I stayed home and tugged things out of the Bermuda triangle and found many rolls of the tape.  Nothing got put back in the cabinet. Instead I got a few boxes and sorted out things as I went through them-I needed an ok from hubby to toss some things but at least all the plumbing things were in one box, all electronics in another and all electrical in the last box.
Wow this book has come in handy in keeping the clutter fit and trim. It's a battle but we are basically orderly people and will strive to be better with the tools. Chapters at the end of the book were the most helpful as I did not want to enlist the help from others. It only took me 5 hours and a lot of things were screws and nails, then another 1/2 hour for hubby to go through what I had sorted and for them to decide to toss things.
Now we can reach in and actually see whats in the tote box. I learned a lot of new things to do also in other rooms that I will put to the test next week-day before garbage day!

Charade by Sandra Brown
After her heart transplant and her loss things happen that make her wonder why they are happening.
Hot steamy sex scenes...She works at the radio station and he is an author and they each have their secrets that they aren't quite ready to share with one another.
She is part of a charity for kids that are in the foster system as she herself once was.
Those who received heart transplants have all died by mysterious methods and she's sent many letters and she and others try to solve the mystery because she will be next...

Shoes... Are You My Mate? (Shoes Adventures) by Camile Brown and Jennifer Moran
Colorful illustrated children's book showing that how a pair of shoes is together while the owner plays soccer then something happens to damage one.
The other feels bad but they do not match any longer so they leave to go search for their mate.
They think winning is what ti's all about and it's not.

Easter treats and sweets by Carol Vale
Wow all recipes are for the Easter holiday and there is a foreword about that specific holiday in the book.
There are no pictures of the treats but very detailed instructions on how to make the edible treats that you can tell are easy to make.
Lot of traditional Easter and chicken things that anybody can do at home.

Margaret from Maine by Joseph Monninger
This book is about Margaret and it starts out with the injury of her husband in the war. He was told the dairy farm would receive help from the government if he went to fight for his country. He's now in a coma.
6 years later we find Margaret at the farm milking the cows, doing daily chores.
her father in law Benjamin runs the farm with help from her and her and Thomas' son, Gordon.
Story also follows Charlie who is an amputee and he is to escort Margaret to DC to be with the president when he signs a law.
Love they read a book to Gordon nightly! Listening to the evening at the ball sounds so luscious.
Love the travel and locations they travel to as I've never been to DC.
The book also follows Donny and Blake and their problems with life. Gordon also has nightmares and tries to figure things out.
This book was recommended from another author and I love how the flowers are related to the chapters and the story that are being told.
Nods to this book as not many can bring tears and very hidden feelings out.
Loved the travel, story line and the things I learned, and I will seek out other books by this author, like they style of writing.

The Welcome Home Garden Club by Lori Wilde
Kaitlan runs the garden club and she supplies funerals and weddings with the flower arrangements. Members try to matchmake and find dates for her.
Cool that some meanings of some flowers are at the beginning of every chapter.
Legend of the fountain where you throw a penny into it and you'd find her true love is prevalent in this book as the others. It's a Twilight, TX tradition.
at a funeral for another Marine Giddeon rides up on his Indian motorcycle, she thought he had died in the war.
Love how the book got it's name and what it stands for. Like how she is working towards getting into her fathers life again and how he rushes to her when she's in the operating room.
Love the whole thing about the carousel horses and how it brings the whole family together.

The Seasons Hereafter by Elizabeth Ogilvie
Bennett's island book 2 of the lovers trilogy follows the life of Vanessa Barton when she goes to live on the island with her lobsterman husband.
Like hearing of the offisland adventures.
Love the detailed descriptions of the walks she takes on the shore, I feel I am right there.
Knitting trapheads, this is priceless! Tragedy happens on the island and they band together.
She likes Owen and he's married but she agrees to knit traps for him for pay and he supplies her with the cone of material and instructions.
Van loves to read books and that gains her access to the other woman's houses to exchange books at any time.
Hate how she gives her all and it slams her in the face, leaving her devastated. Was cool to hear of the fire and how they combat it.

The Dawning of the Day by Elizabeth Ogilvie
This book in the trilogy follows Phillipa and her self discovery of herself when she comes to the island to be the teacher and falls in love.
Love hearing how the islanders came to the mainland and interviewed a woman who will become the island teacher. The one room schoolhouse and she has a son she hopes will find some friends his own age.
The trip over to the island reminds me of many trips we took to our local island every weekend on a gusty wind and large whitecaps.
Love hearing how the islanders survive and just the small details of how they cook their fish, etc.
Phillipa is very dedicated to teaching the children of the island.
Love the island politics I was just witness to that when I spent a few days on our local offshore island. I know the other side but those discussing the issue did not and there's no way you open your mouth to educate them.
Love hearing about the lobster wars and how they are overcome.
So terrifying to listen to the book when they describe a lost ship with islanders on it during a n'easter and days later the CG haven't been able to find the boat. Recall this happening to my neighbor's brothers ship one year, so heart retching.

Escape by Barbara Delinsky
She is a lawyer and her husband as well.
The case is the bottled water. Many are sick from the water and she is collecting data from all those who are sick. Eagle River is the company and the woman she's talking to has had miscarriages and they could be related.
She had a lot going on in her life, $300 bridesmaid gown, she was to do her mother's 60 birthday party, in the works to get pregnant and the case, it was just overbearing. to the point where she just took off. She had had enough, of everything.
She ends up in NH, at her best friends Vicky's inn. She had to reunite with her as their years have slipped by. They were last all together when Jude was there. He was due at Belle Valley also. He was the rebel and did what he wanted, and swayed others to do that...
He has a cabin in the woods and had a calling to they coyotes and sick and hurt animals. They coyotes were no longer there, ever since Jude left.
The animal refuge heals many others who come to volunteer their time.

Driftwood Lane by Denise Hunter
After having just read a few other books by Denise when I saw she had one of the Nantucket series available via my local library I ordered it.
Meridith Ward's father had remarried and had 2 boys and another girl that lived on Nantucket Island running a B&B. When she got the call that they had died and left her the inn and the kids she traveled to lend a hand til the uncle who the kids were close to had returned from his trip.
She, technically is the oldest of all the father's kids.
She has many plans for the B&B to spruce it up, sell it and move them all back to MI.
The story also follows Eva's brother, Jake and he's on vacation helping in the south with habitat for humanity. Once he learns of the accident he goes back to the island and tells the kids not to tell her that uncle J. is back in town, he wants to snoop so he can take evidence to the authorities and gain custody of the kids himself.
Love the setting and hearing of the architecture of the buildings on the island and hearing of the sea and decorations with shells.
She was a safety inspector and after her week off they had to let her go because she had no idea when she'd return to the state. Her fiance Stephen was also there...
She knows she must keep her distance from Jake since he's own the bid to fix up the B&B. Jake remembers his sister saying something about bipolar disease ran in the family and wonders if Meridith could have it...
Love hearing of the driftwood sculptures and anybody that works with their hands.
The scene where the child asks her about heaven is good and it reassures him that God is with their parents in heaven.
Face your fears and trust in God...

The Floater by Sheryl Sorrentino
Warning: graphic scenes..
Like how the book has multiple meanings that are explained as you read.
This book is about Norma who not only worked 8 hours a day but went to college to get a law degree. She then brought her mother from PR to live with her as she has dementia.
The story also follows her sister Inez and her family. Love how she goes after what she believes in. Very hard life with no backup and when her mother has gone missing the law firm that she's a floater secretary for won't allow her to leave.
Over time she gets sued for leaving her mother unattended and while working at the firm she is harassed and she files suit against them.
Loved hearing what happens in the background of the law firm and how she makes friends with several others there that lead to meaningful relationships.
Love the item Camille gives her for Christmas and how the family has accepted her before they even know her.
Loved hearing of the city and the travel as I am a country girl myself.
Tough reading some of the graphic scenes but the story would not have been the same without them. Makes her a stronger person in the long run.

read 3/8 pub april 15 One Step Too Far Is running away ever the answer? by Tina Seskis
This book intrigued me from the start. She takes off leaving her kids and husband to start a new life. The book travels back to the past to when they first met and onward.
Learned a lot just from the fact that I've never been in London nor overseas. Interesting to learn about the modes of travel and the apartment setup. This all seems so strange to me.
Never expected the party scenes, name changes, and the drugs and the life is so untypical as to what she had led to then. Chapters alternate between her twin sister and her family and
her husband and her new life. Til you find out why she left it's a big mystery.

Adam's Fall by Sandra Brown
Lila Mason and her sister Elizabeth are close. Elizabeth wants her sister to work with her handicapped boss, Adam. Lila is a physical therapist.
Elizabeth has a family and life of her own to keep her occupied. Adam has an attitude and lots of money. He terrorizes the nurses and therapists.
Lila has arrived in Hawaii to take over his therapy and that's the last thing he wants. She won't give up on him. Steamy hot sex scenes.
Money can't buy his health back and he throws a fit when she installs the pulley and trapeze over his bed and she explains why they would be good for him to use.
Part I enjoyed was the medical terms and muscles and how she was going to work them to keep them active. Sexual playful tensions get to them both.

Haunting Jasmine by Anjali Banergee
She is summoned to the island to take care of her aunt's bookstore. What a treat that would be for me!
The house/store is rather haunted by the spirits and her aunt has the ability to see/talk to them. It runs in the family. She is there on hiatus from her job in LA, CA. While there she attends to some work
and also I love that she playacts with the children. Best part is when she meets up with Connor and travel back to her house to see the walkway and she remembers the book she returned to her aunt's store when she was 4. I recall reading books at an elementary school after trick or treating and my mom watched the building to be sure nobody harmed it. I had the whole library to myself.
Her ex husband also travels to meet her to get her to give him and his new girl the condo. She wants no part of that. Her aunt must leave to get her heart fixed, it'll take 4 weeks. She has to travel to India where the family is from. Lots of strange , to me, customs of India traditions that I first learn about. Her sister is to be married in a semi traditional ceremony and she tries to act happy as she's going through her divorce.
Love the seashore and island scenes the best, the land scape.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett
What I like about this book is that the ones who really take care of the estate owners and their families are the ones in the background, the colored women who do everything for them.
They are not given recognition but I do love hearing how they care for the infants, not so much the menial tasks around the estate. Terrible to see how they are treated. Love the everyday life and the gossip between houses.
Love hearing how Eugenia, in her own words, thinks of things, especially husband hunting as she's almost 6 feet tall!
Love her ambition and how she goes after what she wants...
Eugenia hopes to discover what did happen to Constance, her best friend who was the maid and who had raised her...
Like the career she's chosen for herself in the writing department.
Ultimate would be to have the recipes for the food described.
When the editor from NY calls she states the colored woman agreed to the interview of her life raising whites.
Hate and murder occur when tensions are racial...

Abide With Me by Elizabeth Strout
Tyler Castkee is a minister and has lost his wife. He has a 5 year old girl who he doesn't communicate much with. He has many other community problems besides his own:
How can love best be served, a married woman approached him and is beatten by her husband, his mother always on his case, school teacher threatening to toss the girl out of school,
The story also follows Charlie and his wife Doris and their kids. He's been to the city and had a sexual fling and it is on his mind a lot, when he should be thinking of other things..
The book also talks of Tyler's wife before she had passed away. He wants both of his girls to live with him, not jsut Katherine.
Murders and missing things add to many mysteries...

Olive Kettridge by Elizabeth Strout
13 stories that are linked together by a teacher who is married to a pharmacist.
Love that these stories are situated in Maine. Their everyday life and the problems
they each have.
Stories I like the best are the ones where the weather and landscape is described in such detail I can see myself there looking at it and the calm feeling that comes over me.
And particularly the ones where the woman is sewing and/or braiding the wool strips into a rug.

 Little Buggies: A Rhyming Guessing Book For Little Ones (baby - age 5) by Cindy Bracken
Illustrated very colorful children's book that is not only a counting book/game but
a guessing game about bugs.  On one page you see the picture, then the next page asks you to find certain things..
I like this book because it has everyday bugs to identify.

Plain Jane by Fern Michaels
Jane and Connie are on their way back to the dorms when several men pull them off into the bushes and Connie is raped. She's the head cheerleader and most popular and is to be wed to the football hero. They didn't want Jane she's overweight and ugly the men say.
What happens next you can never imagine. Many years later Jane is now a psycharist and not only has a practice but a radio call in show where she talks others through their problems. She's had enough of the career and now wants to change and run a doggy care business.
She collects clues to solve the mystery. She has a love interest Mike that not only helps with her career choices but her whole life.
The house she lives in also is haunted and many a night she's awakened telling her she needs to call or do something...
Tragedy occurs and she let a friend, Betty down...and now a stalker is on her trail...
Love hearing how the other couple helps with the dogs as they are rescued and cared for.

Read-aloud rhymes for the very young  by Jack Prelutsky
Explains why reading and the mother's voice are so calming to a child. So many very funny
rhymes some from Dr. Seuss and from many others. I've heard some but using other words to rhyme the poem to.
It's so important to read to a child, it's the greatest gift you can give them.

The Chance by Karen Kingsbury
Ellie Tucker learns that her father wants her mother to leave because she's pregnant with the other man's child. She leaves the house in search of her best friend, Nolan Cook who's playing ball at the high school.
Her father tried to stop her by telling her to go to her room and pray to God and that some things just weren't meant for a teen to hear-that she couldn't comprehend it all.. We also learn of the mother's side...
Love the idea of when they said goodbye to one another, their memories will remain, their one last chance...
After she moved she was not able to contact Nolan and they both prayed that it would all work out. He continued concentrating on his basketball games.
Nolan's dad convinced him that with faith you could do anything, even play in the NBA.
He tried many times to find her and had never gotten a letter or another phone call from her since she moved. After he signed with a college basketball team he spent money hiring a PI to find her, who also came up with nothing.
He started dating and he had faith he would find her again. They had that one last chance also if all else failed.
Her life did not go as planned but she made the most of it...
She still planned to be at the park in her old hometown on June 1 so she could dig up the memories they had each left...
She figured Nolan would be too busy to do that.
Love the reference to The Bridge Bookstore in Franklin-awesome book to read about that.
Caroline Tucker's story is also followed as others hope to follow what happened once she left her daughter Ellie and husband Allan to have Peyton Anders baby, by herself. As a country singer Peyton has to do some promo and give back and he selected to help a kids wish to go to a Hawks game, and he can make that happen. Caroline had also written to her daughter every week sending them to her ex mother in law. She never heard back from anybody and she prayed Ellie would get them.
Alan Tucker's story is also followed as he is the guard at a brig on the west coast. He thinks of his daughter also as she's not living there with him any longer and the roads she took...He also thinks he should've stuck with his wife and prayed more to God.
Many scriptures are quoted to help explain the story to the one asking for God's help.
Added bonus of an excerpt from 'Fifteen Minutes'

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