Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Book Club Selection Sweet Salt Air

Our bookclub won copies for each of us and there are video clips where we discuss different things in the book.

  pub june 18, 2013 sweet salt air by barbara delinsky
What I look for in a new book is travel and hope to learn something new. This book does that and more.
Love that the book starts out and they are talking about knitting intricate Irish patterns. One of my favorite things to do.
Charlotte and Nicole haven't seen one another in 10 years time but have briefly emailed one another. They are meeting on the island to work on an island cookbook together.
That's one of the main reasons I wanted to read this book, the island, the cookbook and I love the author's other writings over the years.
Charlotte is the photographer and interviewer. Nicole is the agriculturist and chef. This may be their last summer on the island as with Nicoles fathers death the estate will be sold...
Loved hearing of how they had met and summered together.
Small community where everybody knows each others business and is there in one's time of need.
Like gradual blend of new characters, where they aren't forced upon you, easy to keep the characters straight.
Love learning all the tidbits of information for the herbs and how to use them and for what reason.
The health of Nicole's husband is something very private although he is a world renown surgeon. She is able to open up to Charlotte and explain how she's coped over the years. She also is ready to leave on the dime to be with him when he calls.
They each still hold close to them secrets that might jeopardize their friendship but treasure what they have had in the past..til Julian's health takes a drastic turn for the worse and Charlotte knows she can help. Everybody has choices and decisions to make and they wish upon the red leaf clover that they selected the right ones.
Recipes and meals talked about are a treasure as you can put them together yourself without the measurements of the ingredients. Wish you could smell while reading about it.
Stumbling blocks are put in place with the recipes...Julian's health and Charlottes love life. Love that her boyfriend is an author as we follow his path to success and failure and doubt..

Book is based on an island the girls vacationed during summer months when they were younger. This video is where our book club talks about our seasonal island.

Book club meeting MS and how what he went through was similar...knitting caught our attention, herbs

cookbook and knitting stitches, boyfriend sweater

Book called SALT, book overall...

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