Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Two of a Kind Book Review

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Two of a Kind by Susan Mallery
The Fool's Gold book is mainly about Felicia and others we are able to catch up to date on their happenings. There is enough backstory that gives you tidbits of information about everybody in town so you won't be left in the dark.
She is the smart one and can do wonders but she's not the social type-doesn't know how to take things, even meant as a joke. The mayor wants her to head up the festival as she and others know she will do an excellent job of it.
Gideon attempts to come to her rescue when she screams due to a spider but his war memories crept up on him and he vacated the bulding. He had been held for over 2 years in a 'prison'.
He runs the local radio live station for the folks of Fool's Gold.
Without giving away too much of the plots, some have family closeness problems and they tend to run and others in town come to their rescue.
The bodyguard business is coming along as new equipment has arrived.
Consuela joins the bodyguards in town and she's an asset and lays down the rules to moving in with Ford and Angel.
Felicia figures out quickly that if things are in order for all the major events things fall into place because of her bodyguard friends..
Very hot steamy sex scenes add to this book.
He takes things back to a normal relationship and they talk and learn about each others past and to first dates.
Love hearing of others wedding plans and how Noelle is setting up the Christmas store. Love specialty shops.
4th of July and booths are set up, the one Mrs. Hendrix has is explosive!
Learned all about wine flights! Just when you think things are normal, typical everyday things occur, the surprises pop out. Everybody has them-too many to mention but it'll keep you busy with them all.
There are hints that other businesses are arriving in town along with more people...
I received this book from Net Galley and Harlequin HQN and from the author herself in exchange for my honest review.

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Lesley Lindsey said...

Loved this book! Felicia and Gideon are so great together! Can't wait for Ford's story and more of mama Denise's antics.

Dii said...

Wonderful Review!

WK said...

Great review!!!!.
Love Susan's work, please don't enter me in the giveaway.


WK said...

Great review!
I love Susan's work and this series is awesome.

Don't enter me in any giveaway.

Kerri Wenzel said...

I loved this book! I think my hobbies of reading, photography, crafts really help me make new friends. But I think my morals, manners and having things in common help keep and strengthen my friendships

ReadingOverTV said...

Felicia is smart, funny, and endearing. I loved this book!

Shannon Horton said...

I loved this book too! Its tough to find my favorite part!

Patsy T said...

Once again I am in love with Fools Gold. Susan has an awesome gift! With each story she builds the community while keeping the story unique. I love Gideon and Felicia. If I'm completely honest mostly Felicia, she is so painfully honest I adore her. My favorite to date.