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Forever Friday by Timothy Lewis - book review

Forever Friday by Timothy Lewis

My Review:

Forever Friday by Timothy Lewis 
Adam Culby is the one conducting the estate sale when he finds the postcard albums and keeps them back from the sale. As he reads some of the poems he wants to learn how
the postcards hold the secret of forever lasting love that Pearl and Gabe Alexander had with one another as his own marriage had broken up.  He was lucky to track down Yevette who was the caretakers' daughter of Pearl before she went to the assisted living facility.
Love how the story goes and the things I learned along the way.
I had a hard time getting my chores done while reading this book. It does tell the story of Pearl and how she grew up and was engaged to Clark Richards but met Gabe and because of what happened one night she did not marry Clark.
She has guidance along the way from a guardian angel. There are other secrets and mysteries along the way that really make this an action packed read as you try to solve the mysteries.
Splash Day, Anacacho Orchid, Palms and religious scriptures, Long Division, secret glen, Spanish doubloons, poem postcards all have a part in this 'ever lasting love' for one another.
Love how she was able to stick up in her beliefs, strong to the point where she was in control of cutting her own hair. Love the simple things they shared with one another.
Love how he went about showing love, devoted romance and how he felt about picking out her clothes...such an awesome read there is so much to this tale. Travel and new places to see..
I received this book from Blogging for Books via WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Co. in exchange for my honest review.

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