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Books released and my reviews Sept 24, 2013

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 Christmas on 4th Street by Susan Mallery
Thanksgiving in Fool's Gold and the holidays are approaching fast.  Love this series and this one is devoted to Noelle Perkins who runs the Christmas Attic. She left behind a huge legal business and moved to Fool's Gold.
She's doing Felicia a favor by going to her house to feed the dog and let him go out. Problem is she meets head first the snowbank and then at the house it's not locked but there's a man there, Gabriel, Gideon's brother.
He's just in time for the Christmas festivities: parade, live nativity with an elephant and all the decorating and well wishes from the townsfolk. Felicity is in charge of all the town festivities now.
The Boylons were to arrive and spend the holidays. They were raised as if they were in the military and both boys had joined up.  Gabriel is not sure he wants to re up when his time is done as he's tired of the military transports but he's free til just after Christmas.
They had such a good thing going but it's too fast for him and til she shares her secret with him he thinks it's too much for her to handle...
Total order like the avalanche was planned. Everybody does their job and the crisis is averted...
Even with the offer from the mayor he knows he has to return to the Army...
Love that there is a scavenger hunt in this book also it's like getting another gift from the author.
 I received this book from Net Galley via Harlequin HQN in exchange for my honest review.

 The Memory Tree by Joseph Pittman
I had read and really liked a previous book by the author and when one came up for review I requested it. Love the scene on the front cover.
Love Christmas stories..This is another book in the Linden Corners series. This one is about Janey Sullivan, just 10 years old and she treasures her dreams..
The magic of the windmill allows Janey to look back in time to when she was first born and her mother Annie and father Danny were still alive.
People in this town lived for Christmas every year and it was just Thanksgiving.
Alternating chapters of Brian- bar keeper, Cynthia- vegetable stand grower and Trinia - caretaker of her elderly father and managing the local motel.
Love the detailed descriptions of the atmosphere around the Thanksgiving table, the food, and warmth.
Love how the book got its title and what it means to them.. Brian's parents come to visit for several weeks and hopefully to bond with Janey as others are leaving town for better work.
The local traditions are done to the amazement of the newcomers who had never experienced them...The color of magic is seen by all.
Tragedy strikes and the town rallies together..New beginnings for many and secrets are told that might make wishes come true...Has excerpts from A Christmas Wish..
I received this book from Net Galley via The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review


 A Seaside Christmas by Sherryl Woods
This family saga is about Jenny Collins=her mom went and married the elder O'Brien and they had a son. She just didn't fit in but her aunt Bree talked her into coming back after years of trying other things: college and songwriting in Nashville. She had broken up a year ago with Caleb Green.
This book also follows Caleb and his life in Nashville, listening to others sing Jennie's songs. He wants to buy that song and will go to Chesapeake Shores and talk to her-something he hadn't done when they broke up.
In town everybody in the family is trying to get Jenny on board to attend the welcome home party and to make amends with her mother... She's also working with Bree on the Christmas play songs. Caleb hits town to apologize to Jenny...
Dillon, another local guy she used to play music with is divorced and wants to date her. Super surprise what her mom and step-dad give her when she's back in town, it's so perfect.
To help Bree and her new production company they agree to work together so she'll have a really good season.
Love catching up with all the families and especially during the holiday season.
Caleb's idea to decorate her yard with decorations-he gets the go ahead by Bree who in turn sends all the males to the house to help complete the job. They hope she appreciates and likes it especially the special piece he found.
He wins the males over with the lure of a benefit concert for their land and preservation ideas...
Jenny listens to how he's changed and she's seen it for herself but she has some doubts he will go back to his bad ole self ... and he does have the part where he kisses the older female in the play...til she finds out another reason he came to town...
I received this book from Net Galley via Harlequin MIRA in exchange for my honest review.


Love Joanne Fluke books and just thought this would be a recipe book but I was wrong. There is a story in there
about the cookie swap they have. It's easy to keep track of everybody over the years and I love these series.
Book also includes a hard copy of a recipe along with all the recipes from the Cookie Jar which Hannah runs in Lake Eden.
Love how the recipes give you not only tips on how to make them but other most useful tips on brands, measurements and how to serve-hot or cold and anything else she feels might be needed. I can't wait to try some of the ones in this book.
Love hand drawn pictures of different vegetables, dishes, etc.  I wish this book was spiral bound so the print would be bigger and it'd fit on my recipe holder better.
Can't wait to make the Angel Kiss Cookies. Love the tip about the size of baking pans!
Loved hearing all the stories they shared while feasting at the cookie swap. The stories brought a smile to my face!
Love end result of the charity.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

Merry Christmas Cowboy by Janet Dailey
Paula Lewis this holiday season is not only working as a cop but she's helping out at the Christmas House. There are many rooms with different themes and visitors come and pay an entrance fee and have safe fun with their friends and family.
Zach Bennett had left his familys ranch and is in town as a carpenter which the House can use. They do hit it off and are great company for one another.
The story also follows Brandon and he's a teen and all the mishaps he has.  And elderly Edith who runs the whole show and what problems she has.
Love that different generations are in this book.
Medical problems and things are stolen are a few of the things that keep this story interesting along with love stories.  Loved the setting, the house and the snow and instructions.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

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