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Books Read Aug 2013

52 books  best is Forever Friday by Timothy Lewis

  1. The bear who forgot Christmas by R. M. Shabalan.
    illustrations and rhyming sentences are a sure bet this is
    going to be a good read.
    There are other animals that come into the book to help
    with the mystery here. Others help to make things for the special
    day or help decorate. Fun to guess what holiday this is for.

    read 8/30 Lady of the Forest by  Jennifer Roberson
    I wanted to read this series of book because I love the stories of Maid Marian and Robin Hood and their escapades.
    this first one is at least 600 pages long as is the second one in the series.
    Starts out with Marian's father dying and Robert was with him at the battle. She's a tough strong one and now the sheriff wants to marry her. She sticks up for those less fortunate and gains them a bit of freedom, sometimes.
    This last time the sheriff had a plan to not kill the murderer of 4 but to let him fight Little John, who is the opposite of his name sake. If he survives then he won't be killed. But nobody saw what would happen-he escaped and kidnapped Marian.
    Robert goes back to his castle for recruitment and meets up with his daughter Eleanor who he had attempted to get married but he found out she's slept with every male out there and she just wants Alan the minstrel. We are able to track Marian as she's thrust onto Will Scarlet's back as they track through the woods.
    They never expected the tracker to find them and now the showdown...
    Lots of action and back story to this tale, loving every minute of it.
    Fascinating to learn of all the clothing the women wear and all the skills Marian has with weapons. Love she is able to show up the experts from time to time.
    Within one chapter there are breaks between groups of people, at the same time while one is searching for the minstrel, there is a fight with the murderer while in another scene the castle receives a visitor.
    Kinda interesting how after one thing is finished the people from that group spread out and turn up at other places with other skirmishes.
    Like it's all gonna go full circle. Robin/Robert is still holding out and she loves to hear his laugh.
    A lot of the problems arise from the political classes: the Normans and the Saxons. 
    Love how some assume something and it's no where near the truth. Love how she tells her story to Robin after he's saved her and now she's saving him...
    Situation really heats up when Robin finds out the sheriff wants to wed Marian. Great to know and understand what happened between Robin and his father and the whole start of the merry band of men...
    593 pages long and I can't wait to start book 2 of this saga.
    I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review.

    read 8/29  First Lady by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    Cornelia Case has just lost her husband and a new president was in place to take over.
    She was approached to be the first lady as the new president was single. She really just wanted her freedom and her father knows the political party needed her.
    She escapes one day, walks away from it all-she will return in a few days.
    The story also follows Matt. He's raised all his siblings and had married. Problem is he didn't know who the fathers were and 15 years later she had used his name for the recent children.
    He's waiting for the next big break, a story as he's a reporter. Funny how after she loses her car and money she agrees to go with him, Lucy and the baby to grandmas' house in Iowa in the Winnebago.
    As they spend more time together he learns why she didn't have sex with her husband the president...
    They each have secrets that they don't want to share...Love all the adventure and action on the road trip.
    Erotic hot sex scenes. Love where this book ends up, didn't expect it.
    I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

    read 8/28 How to Bake a Perfect Life by Barbara O'Neal
    Love how this story is about a family but the chapters are told with the recipe of the family dough from hundreds of years ago intertwined.
    She is a master in the bakery but she's on hard time and about to lose the house. Ramona.
    A good recipe will help get her through the bad times.  Everything dealing with life is put into baking terms.
    Starter dough-I remember making this and passing out a cup to others to make. It's easy to start.
    Her daughter Sophia is 8months pregnant and she's just learned Oscar her husband has been injured in the war.
    His ex wife has custody of their child but Oscar wants his wife now to take care of the child. The ex wife is in jail now.
    13 year old Katie. The government calls Sophia and she's on her way to Germany to find out how bad Oscar's injuries are..
    After she leaves Sophia in the hands of the support group that will lead her to her task she returns home to a pool of water in the yard. They live above the bakery in the apartment.
    Alternating chapters between Ramona and Sophia and Katie and we learn hidden things they have each kept from one another.
    Love how the channels Sophia follows gets her to where she wants to go and takes care of her while in Germany.
    Recipes are throughout the book. Each of their stories goes back to their past and up to the present day..
    Things don't go so well for all of them and Ramona comes to the rescue with her solution to all the problems...

    The Next Best Thing by Kristan Higgins
    Lucy lives on an island off the coast of Rhode Island and had first met Ethan at Johnson and Wales Culinary School in the city. He had introduced her to his brother Jimmy who she fell in love with and after she finished college they married.
    He ran his family place and died coming home from NY after checking out new ovens for the place. Since then she's been sleeping around with Ethan but now that her sister Corinne has produced a baby she wants one also and tells Ethan they are a thing of the past.
    How she and Parker-Nicky's bio mother (Ethan is his father) go about dating is hilarious!
    Lots of drama and everyday life events: births, deaths, funerals, retirements, dating and the baking industry and the publishing industry with The Holy Rollers.
    Hot steamy sex and I love the boat excursions seeing that I live in RI and in the vicinity of the island they are referencing.  Everybody in her family has lost their husband so she is terrified her next husband the same thing will happen...
    The bread man Matt complicates their relationship and she's not sure whether she wants Matt or Ethan... Remake of an earlier years version.
    I received this book from Net Galley via Harlequin HQN in exchange for my honest review.

    The Hero by Robyn Carr
    Love this series and it's location. This one is mainly about Rawley and how he picks up a woman and a child on the road very early one morning. He knows from her attire that she's from the Fellowship. It's like a prison and very few men and the women share them.
    Devon and her daughter Mercy have left with help from Laine and find themselves being introduced as Rawley's twice remove cousin. They are safe-they have even changed their appearance.
    The story is brought up to date with the others-Cooper who runs the bar/deli, his girlfriend Sarah and her son Landon. And Coop's son Austin with his dad live on the property for now and he's taken a job as the high school coach.
    Everything just falls into place, a place to stay, a job, daycare. The others in town help get the house ready by cleaning and fixing it up.
    Danger comes to town when they come looking for her ... steamy sex scenes ... She knew she asked him for the wrong thing, can they ever be friends again?
    I received this book from Net Galley via Harlequin MIRA in exchange for my honest review.

     The Alibi by Sandra Brown
    Luke is dead at the hotel, shot 2 times. They inform his wife and she's not surprised he's not been murdered from his lovers husband. He has had many affairs in the past and although they are married, live in the same house, she knows nothing of his style or meetings of his life.
    At the hotel there was also several others who had come down with food poisoning that may have seen the murderer. The cops try to get through to the ER doctor that they must talk to the people right then and there to help solve the murder case.
    One investigator had spent the night with a woman he had met at the fair. She left before the next day and now he knows why she was on the phone when he walked into the bedroom and who she is and who she is related to.
    Was never just a simple death, a lot of others are involved: unknown relatives, blackmail, insider trade secrets
    Love that they staged the scene to catch the real murderer at the end.
    I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review.

    The Twins   by Saskia Sarginson
    This book is about the bond between twins. In one neighborhood in the 1970's there is a family with two twin girls raised by their mother who becomes a drunk.
    The girls go out into the forest and play in the fairy house with a set of twin boys from town. Later on as time goes by we find out some details as to why one of the girls is in the hospital and one of the boys is dead.  I found this to be a dark book but really loved the detailed descriptions of the forest and the things
    found there-although gory at times it went with the scenery and made the book what it is. Mother meets up with a teacher who has a daughter and they are going to, over time and dating, get married. Events occur and the whole thing goes awry. The book is set in England, which I have no understanding as to the scenery and social things there but I did enjoy the story lines of the characters. Especially liked Dot and all the talk of drawing. Love to hear of others using their hands-doing something productive.
     I received this book from Net Galley and Random House in exchange for my honest review.

    $2 off coupon, ask me about it

    read 8/27 Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold Cookbook: A Love Story Told Through 150 Recipes by Susan Mallery
    When I first got this book it was for many reasons: the love story and the recipes. I had seen the trailer for a shrimp/mango dish and know I will love that one for sure. Cookbooks don't normally excite me, this one did after watching the trailer.
    I glanced through quickly and found so many I will be making.

    Then back to read the full love story of Ana Raquel Hopkins who had once lived in Fool's Gold but was split from her sisters and sent to a foster home not in the area.
    They all back together now and she has a career she went to college for: chef. She runs her business out of her food trailer and has an idea of making a FG cookbook. She takes her idea to Mayor Marsha and she also loves the idea but..
    Greg is the owner of his own restaurant at the vineyard in town and he has an idea to make a FG cookbook and the Mayor throws them back together again for this endeavor. They don't quite hit it off as they have a lot of background that didn't go just right. Love
    descriptions of not only the food but the kitchens. Love how they do finally work together for one good cause...there are troubles along the way...

    The cookbook part of this book: WOW! Not only are different seasons color partitioned but there are also other categories: drinks, breakfast, desserts, etc.
    Love how the recipes I was interested in are made from scratch as that is how I cook also. Fresh ingredients to make the food taste the best it can. Also love the tips along the way and was happy to learn new things in preparing some of the foods.
    For my party I will be making the sweet potato biscuits or the carrot muffins. Love how the index not only has the names of the recipes in alpha order but major ingredients are also indexed.
    I found all of these 150 recipes to look too good to be eaten but the desserts won out for me. I love chocolate but the pumpkin and the carrot muffins would also be a favorite of mine.
    Not sure which I like the best the cookbook or the love story, Glad they are both in here.
    Love the synopsis of each of the books in the series and I know I still have a few left to read.
    I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

    read 8/26
    The Hit by David Baldacci
    Each of the hit men had jobs to do. When one messed up the other was ordered to take them out.
    Love the very descriptive details and research of how she can only use one location along the brick wall and how to fix the holes she'd have to make for the scope and rifle and patch them up afterwards.
    The other was going to have to be on his game to catch her. They were both in the top of their classes and can move freely and continue their everyday life's without a suspicion.
    Send a killer to kill a killer. She's got the latest technology in th form of a key that would trace her steps and give her all kinds of other important information.
    The Central Intelligence needed her to be gone and the Blue Man and the man even higher up met with Will Robee and gave him the USB to study Jessica Real's information to help find and eliminate her.
    He had a wife and children. She had been engineered from childhood to do what she does.
    Love how she calculates her moves. When he is right on her trail she calls him with a riddle. He's picked up something that links the two crimes together.
    She tries to make him doubt his actions and tells the Blue Man that she's climbing up the ladder and he will be soon on the hit list from her.
    The story goes back in time and we learn all the connections with the leaders to Jessica and Will...
    Lots of action, adventure, travel and fast pace. Loved it!

     Handknit Holidays Knitting Year-Round for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Winter Solstice by Melanie Falick
    30 different artists have contributed to this book. The book sounds like one I am hoping will lead me to this upcoming season of cold weather. Starts out with tree ornaments, then stockings which some are charted and written out in rows as they have designs built in.
    Household items are most exquisite!  My favorite is the Aran designs, Love doing cable work. There is also the history of stockings included.
    Table runners offer a lot of different designs that could also be used in a full size afghan.
    Second best would be the stained glass scarf-I have done this method before and the right colors give this a striking effect.
    There are so many treasures in this book to make and give away as gifts or keep for yourself. As an added bonus there is a recipe for Norwegian rich nut cookies.
    Patterns for everybody in the family, the house and even the dog. Also charity work is mentioned with information. Packaging ideas that help you adorn a gift.
    Love this book because there is such a large selection of things to make and in plenty of time before the holidays. Index, explanation of abbreviations and terms used in the book and methods are included.
    I received this book from Net Galley via Open Road in exchange for my honest review.

    Word Gets Around by Lisa Wingate
    This is part of a series but I am reading them out of order.
    Loran is back in town to help her dad train a race horse for a movie.
    Nat Heath is giving her fits. Their ranch is on the line so she tries her hardest.
    Dailey, TX has a bit of everything to offer: romance, magic, hope, and healing.
    Love all the descriptions of the town and how life is lived there.
    even more troubles when the horses are delivered and let loose in the pasture...
    Justin is back in town after being a star on a TV show and he brings  Amber and they all work together to make it work..
    Love bond she has with Justin and how she has saved his life many times over..
    Pain as she recalls the past when she was drowning and the sheriff had come to her rescue. Love how she's one with the horse.
    Alternating chapters between Nat and Loran make the viewpoint and story line easy to follow and you can hear what each are thinking.
    Love the legend of the cave and the talks she has with Nat about his childhood.
    Very worthwhile endeavor and glad they work so hard to pull it off..

    read 8/25 Until the End of Time by Danielle Steel
    Love the backstory of how Jenny and her relatives had their own fashion shop and how she had met Bill.
    He is a lawyer and had saw her one time she was doing a fashion shoot.
    His relatives weren't too thrilled with her and even more when he leaves the family lawyer firm and studies to be a minister.
    He has a hard time finding a town that will offer him a job at a church and she's not turned up pregnant yet either....
    After a medical tragedy they relocate to WY and she works part time from her home office.
    She steps right up to being a minister's wife and puts her ideas to work: potluck dinners after church, visiting others who can't get to Mass.
    Another tragedy strikes them both...
    Another story in this book is about a family that lives in PA. They live on farms with one telephone between farms to be used for emergencies. They are Amish and keep to themselves.
    Hard working and don't use electricity. She has written a love story from ideas she had read of other books and she wants her book to be published. She is only at home with her brothers and mother and others in the family have died.
    She finds the publishing address in a book on a bench at the dairy and the manger agrees to send her package the next day. This story also follows the man at the publishing company who is waiting for the next big bestseller to arrive at their house.
    Robert wants to meet her to talk about publishing her books... Tragedy strikes them all as the previous story and in another life, out of body experience they are together until the end of time...
    I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

    read 8/24

    A Heartbeat Away by S. Dionne Moore
    This book is set in the 1860 and the war. Joe is brought by slaves to Elizabeth and Gretas' house and the grandmother sews him up but he needs rest and they fear the troops will find him.
    Loved learning about healing and the use of honey and cornstarch.
    Found a bond right off the first few pages while she's drinking tea a splash of hot water and cinnamon heated up the tea-I drink tea all year round also.
    Joe starts to recover and others are brought in for her to heal. She's always prayed God would cure her crushed ankle so she'd not limp. She loves nursing even if it's for the enemy.
    The quilt her mother had sent means something to Joe, the wounded that she's caring for-it will show what's beyond that hard times.
    So many more wounded, from both sides are brought to her grandmother's house and they must leave as it's being taken over. Jim secures a cabin for them to help heal a bit more before they move on...The women continue to go into the fields to help the men.
    When she finally makes it back to her mothers home she learns many things and what will her future hold?
    An excerpt from Pieces of the Heart, the next in the series, is included.
    I received this book from Abingdon Press in exchange for my honest review.

    read 8/23 For Love of Eli by Loree Lough
    This Quilt of Love series book is about a little boy Eli who has lost both of his parents and in the will he was granted to Taylor. She runs the Misty Wolf Inn in Blacksburg, VA.
    His uncle, Reece also shares with some of the duties on weekends when he's not patching up kids as he is a pediatrician. The town itself I have visited once when I was 17 as my uncle and his family lived there and
    he had taught at the Virginia Tech school. I did tour the college but we only stayed one weekend. Was happy to hear of the Plantation and next time I travel near there I will stop in to investigate.
    Taylor is torn between men, Reece and a boarder who buys up the whole inn for his stay so he can come and go as he pleases and gets to spend time with Taylor.
    Love hearing of the treasures she finds in the attic and how she can use things to help Eli remember his parents..
    Traditions and daily life for Eli are routine, PRAYERS:at meals and bedtime and when sick and dying. They will celebrate his birthday this year on July 4 with parades, fireworks and a party....but tragedies occur ...
    Love that while making the quilt she puts it on the ground to see it from that vantage point-I've often done the same thing, knowing something was missing and hard to pin down what it was. Glad she found her answer.
    Excerpt from Threads of Hope the next in the series a sample chapter is included at the end.
    I received this book from Abingdon Press in exchange for my honest review.

    read 8/23 Tough Customer by Sandra Brown
    Carolyn King calls upon him, Dodge Hambley again. Barre Malone's  co worker wants to kill her and Dodge hopes he can save her.
    Dodge Hambley is her father.  Warren Stocks had killed and continues to follow her.
    The story goes back in time to when Dodge was a street cop and he and his partner had been called to her house where her husband had beat her up.
    Barre had another worker drop paperwork off and stay so they could finalize the report for Monday. They had gone for a swim in the pool, had wine with dinner and some things Dodge had noticed at the house didn't add up.
    Many others get killed along the way that also didn't treat Warren good while working with him. He's got a vendetta out to kill her now and nobody will stand in his way.
    Love all the investigative skills Dodge uses to solve this one along with the regular local cops.
    Hot steamy sex scenes really round out this book. Problem is they are all confident the man died but that's not the case...

    read 8/22 The Cottage by Danielle Steel
    Coop Winslow a film star is broke.
    The cottage, BelAir, CA sits on 14 acres-like the ones in Newport, RI-they are mansions.
    He takes in boarders to make ends meet.   The book also follows Mark who all of a sudden is getting a divorce. His wife Janet who had been traveling to and from NY fell in love with her mothers doctor.
    Margaret and Jimmy are social workers and he sets up children to go to foster homes, sometimes taking them in temporarily. She had died.
    Abe, Coop's financial adviser sets up all the men to live at the cottage.
    The three men do get along when they meet on the grounds and each is healing, in their own way when Mark's kids come to visit.
    Jimmy is having a hard time adjusting without his wife, Mark has the kids in place of his wife and Coop has a new girl, a doctor who's richer than himself and he has problems that arise.
    People come and go from each of their lives and some stay...

    Once Upon A Time On the Banks by Cathie Pellitier
    Maine, first day of spring. Amy Joy Lawler comes to town and will wed and her mother has taken to her bed.
    Trouble amongst the natives, when one outsider wants to marry a native townie.
    This is almost like a Hatfield/McCoy battle and some of the things they do along the way are hilarious, some very dangerous.
    Lots of others are followed, with what is going on with their lives. It's about family, heritage, legacy and in the remote town close to the Canadian border.
    Love hearing how the hotel business runs up there and a blast from the past : S&H green stamps!
    Adult situations and never knew there was such a thing as 'sunning' but know what 'mooning' is, LOL
    So many pranks and so many frost heaves. Like what they have to say about them.

    Knit Christmas Stockings, 2nd Edition
    19 Patterns for Stockings and Ornaments by Gwen W. Steege
    Love the different samples shown before the books chapters. Gives you an idea of what the book has to offer.
    Ornaments are the cutest ever and I love the other patterns, fair isle, Irish fisherman I have a hard time deciding which I'd want to make first.
    Starts with what you need for materials, abbreviations and other helpful information.
    Instructions are given row by row style with some chart instructions for the color work involved.
    Wide rows make it easier to follow the pattern. This is not basic things but if you take your time even a beginner can make these items. And for the experience knitters there are challenges to be met.
    Reindeer and bells for a long term project-a stocking would be my choice. And for a short term project I'd want to select the heart ornament because it could be used for many other holidays.
    I received this book from Storey Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion

    Tangled in Tulle by Nikki Duncan
    First book in the wedding series, wedding planners combine their talents for the perfect day.
    Lori Mullins is just starting up the wedding and design company and she goes to Trevor for a loan. She's tried many other banks and has gotten turned down. Her friend Misty knows she can get the loan.
    Problem is Trevor Masters turns her down but gives her an alternative suggestion: he gets a portion of the company, takes an interest in the companies that get hired and after she agrees, his wedding is the first one to be planned.
    Erotic hot sex scenes and while away from the building they learn a lot more about each others past. They do have a past together, one that she left him in a coma.
    He didn't see it as such.  She misunderstands and thinks she's planning Randy, the maintenance woman in charge of renovations, her wedding to Trevor.
    He tries to help her get over her past and pain as she lets him in on the secrets.
    I received this from the author and will post my honest reviews.

    Changes by Danielle steel
    She seems to have it all but she wants so much more. Twin daughters who are teens,
    Melanie Adams, successful career but she doesn't have a man of her dreams, yet love is outside her reach. One of her reports will be on a heart surgeon who she hopes she can talk into doing a transplant for a little girl, so her company can tape it for their TV show.
    The book also follows heart surgeon Peter with kids of his own has just lost his wife. He puts himself out there with so much time for every transplant and talks the patient into accepting things. Once there are negative thoughts the body rejects the organ.
    After the surgeon he invites her back to his house to meet his kids and spend time with them.  They open up to one another, their deepest thoughts and fears. She has to leave soon to return to NY, and he lives in CA and she likes the location and the warmth.
    She has met his kids and they are starving for a woman in his life, well not the teen girl. She's jealous of the time she doesn't have with her father. Work keeps her away from her kids and she's back on the west coast to follow up on the shooting of the president. She does get to spend time with Peter.
    They are able to spend some time together for themselves and feel guilty! When they make the next big step they are faced with teens problems and career choices and other life events...

    read 8/21 The Weight of Winter by Cathie Pellitier
    Many stories on various subjects about life in Maine. During the winter, like being on an island
    you must find and make your own excitement. Most just hibernate and you might see them once a week shopping.
    Chapters of hunting, lyme disease. Gossip runs rabid when you have nothing to occupy your time like listening to the police scanner.
    Love little quotes from authors at the beginning of the chapters, so fitting. Dialect is so true to life!
    Stories from those at the retirement section about the ancestors and how the town was founded.
    Woodworking and other craft/career others in town do to get by during the cold winter months. Enjoyed the walks through the woods, things found and treasured.
    I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

     It's Time to Sleep by Michael Yu
    This cover reminds me of my grandson's bed where there is just enough room for him some nights but his stuffed friends and toys take priority.
    Illustrated very colorful children's book showing how difficult a time Matty has going to sleep. His dad tries to tell him it's hush time around the world.
    Matty doesn't seem to think that applies to him. He imagines he is one of his stuffed animals, a lion and then a dragon and 8 others. Such an imagination he has pretending to be them all.
    Robot is my favorite because it reminds me of something my grandson would build, maybe out of boxes.

    I'll Follow the Moon by Stephanie Lis
    Illustrated very colorful book, not only for children. It shows the life of a sea turtle when it's just an egg
    sitting in a nest on the beach, cracking open and crawling down to the water to find it's mother. The moon leads the
    way via a path of light. Love this story about turtles when I first leaned of them in a Nicholas Sparks book where others were protecting them upon birth.
    Fact that the money will be donated makes me more so want to share my review. Thanks for writing this for us to educate others and ot learn from.

    The Bookstore by Deborah Meyler
    What first attracted me to want to read this book is for the simple fact it's about a bookstore. I love books!
    Love all the detailed descriptions of New York, feel like I'm walking beside Esme. She is from England and has only been in a city a short while.
    She meets up with Mitchell and they check out various restaurants.  After just a few short weeks she is pregnant and rather than tell him, she was going to, til he broke up with her.
    She is going to be able to afford the baby but has many doubts. College, job and the baby will be her life.
    Love how the information at the bookstore is shared with anybody that walks in-especially like book titles and author's names and a quick summary of what the book is about.
    She has just a few who support her decision...Love hearing of all the characters who pay a visit, so colorful!
    Quite erotic sex talk and acts.  When Mitchell comes back into her life, is it for her and is it for keeps or is he just passing by?
    I received this book from Net Galley via Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books in exchange for my honest review.

    Pattern for Romance Quilts of Love Series by Carla Olson Gade
    I had just last week finished one of the other books in this series by a different author and know I'm going to enjoy reading the rest. I have already been approved to read them via NetGalley-this will make the hot summer days go by faster for me.
    Loved hearing all about the piecework quilts as I've watched my mom work on them. They are quite the process.
    This one is set in colonial Boston 1769. Joshua Sutton, whose family owns the clothiers has rescued from the hailstorm a woman who has fainted. Honour Metcalf has also lost her workbag with her keepsake embroidery items in the process. Love how the book got it's title.
    Politics and taxes effect everything coming from England and France...
    'be faithful to trust His handiwork, even when the pattern isn't clear' is a good quote in this book that sets the story line.
    Misunderstandings at the birthday party cause a lot of upheaval...and provide a wealth of knowledge that explains things.
    She becomes sick from infections and fainting and others take her in along with her sister but she really wants to locate her quilt from her mother-it's all she would have left. As she gets better she finds peace in reading the Bible scriptures and verses. She is threatened and her sister as well.
    Joshua won't cross the line to retrieve her quilt=it's against everything he believes in.
    Raw Edges excerpt-the next in the Quilt of Love series, by Angela Breidenbrach is included.
    I received this book from Net Galley via Abingdon Press in exchange for my honest review.

    Handcuffed in Housewares by Nikki Duncan
    Leigh Schyuler and Lori Mullins owned and ran Tulle and Tulips Designer Weddings shop.
    She had just saved him: his life, his career in more ways than one Burton Anderson. With her business and clients she had a job he could do for her.
    After they go bowling with another couple they head to his office so he can hear all the plans she has for the job.
    They learn about one another in more detail also as she tours his house and lends suggestions as to what to do with the rooms. He's told her he's not keeping the house, gonna fix it up and sell it.
    While he sanded the floor he had images of her there waiting for him. He called her for a date but the doorbell rang...She has a few hangups about things but after they talk a bit more they start enjoying one another.
    Lots of erotic hot sex scenes add to this story. Book also includes excerpts from the author's other works.
    Gift registry has a new meaning now ...
    I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

    Pieces of the Heart by Bonnie S. Calhoun
    Love this series and this book is a keeper. It starts out with Cordelia Grace and she's just a teen when the bullies in town go after her but Bernard Howard, the new kid in town sticks up for her.
    Years later she's talking to her grandmother and she's telling her the  story of the Pine cone quilt and how each girl who's 18 is presented with her life covering with pieces of fabric from worn out clothes or other special pieces.
    Folding the fabric into a square while praying over it. how priceless!
    The story also follows Bernard and when he's younger his father beats up his mother and himself. He can't wait til he's 18 and able to leave the house.
    Time frame for this novel is when the war is ongoing and women must work in factories and Japanese are being held in camps. It effected all parts of the country.
    Cordelia was to wed Bernard next year and he didn't want her to work outside the home.
    Love that she uses her hands to design clothing. Bernard learns of his mothers sin and hopes Cordelia's father the pastor can help her have faith again.
    Misunderstandings among them leads to disagreements and arguments and I wonder if they will ever get back to what they had.  Cordelia is not sure how she can tell him of what she saw his father do.
    Seems there are more questions than answers ... His life leads him into a different direction and after a tragedy in her life she must seek work... Love how the bible and the quilt hold the answers to all the problems...
    Love the storyline and the mystery and revelation of the quilt. An excerpt from another book in this series is included at the end.
    I received this book from Abingdon Press in exchange for my honest review.

    read 8/19 The Glass Wives by Amy Sue Nathan
    This book is about a woman, Evie who's been divorced from her husband for over 3 years now and has twins: Sam and Sohpie. Her ex was now dead-Richard Glass.
    Nicole has just lost her husband-Richard Glass. She abides by the Jewish traditions but she is Catholic. Her son Luca lives with her.
    To help save money the 2 families live together as neither of them with his benefits can afford to live in separate houses. They have a compatibility issue but
    they do tend to work things out...when claims are made they find out others apply for money as well...amazing who brings them all together...
    I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

    The Old Music Factory by Elizabeth Hartley
    Wanted to read this book because it's about musical instruments and I love to learn new things.
    When this factory had started up the town could hear the men singing and the new instruments being played. Years later the men became old and left the town. The building was dilapidated and leaked, the tools left behind and the broken instruments were very damaged.
    When the storm finally ended after many days the rainbow end was inside the factory.
    The bass came to life as the sun came out and the air blew all the dust out of the building. As he went around cleaning up the factory others came to live also and they helped one another get fit.
    Broom wakes up and in exchange for cleaning she will get music lessons. When one of the instruments gets really sick Dr. Saxophone comes to the rescue and investigates and finds the problem...All the instruments wanted to do was give a musical concert for the town...
    Book is 50 pages long and there are few colorful illustrations.
    Excerpts from the other books in the series are included at the end.

    read 8/18 Threads of Hope by Christa Allan
    This quilts of love story is based around the Aids Quilt. Each section is made and assembled at a location where others help and tag who contributed.
    Nina O'Mallery is hoping this will be her big break-the story with her investigative skills will come out and allow her to be granted the NY job. She and Aretha will be going to this huge $400 a ticket gala event. Her boss will also go but not to work.
    Greg Hernandez life has been a long and troubled one as his wife has lost many babies along the way. He is a vet. He is involved in the project and helps many others with the Aids quilt. His daughter is also HIV+ and there is a bit of talk about the drugs she takes to maintain her life.
    Project is called 'we care' and Nina will cover those who help put the quilt together-Greg's crew.
    It took me a bit of time to get into this book as there is a lot of work drama but once I got through that and into the real story it is a good one. Not only will Nina have a choice there are many things she will have to consider along the way.
    Not only her career but her faith in God is up for grabs.
    Love how Nina sticks up for herself and her idea when the boss is ready to hand the story to another reporter.... What happens next is on the fast track and she learns about her brother's death from her parents. She has the answers now and why she stopped praying to God...
    Love the ending and how the quilt panels are made, and all the information about them. Also a sample chapter of A Healing Heart, next in the Quilt of Love series.
    To me this whole series is a panel in itself with a story behind every panel.
    I received this book from Abingdon Press in exchange for my honest review.

    read 8/17 Path of Freedom, Quilt sof Love Series, by Jennifer Hudson Taylor
    I love this series and this one sounds like an interesting read, romance and a mystery, quilting and religion.
    Quaker faith, 1860's Bruce Millikan is just back in town and Pastor John of the local meeting group wants him and others to accompany a black wife and husband to safer grounds, up north.
    Flora Saferight and her sister Irene both will go and find themselves in trouble on the second day out in the woods.
    Flora struggles and keeps Marta-the pregnant woman safe while she was thrust into the river and got banged around by the current and the rocks.
    She prays Bruce will find her and has already led the others to safety. Her mother was also part of the Underground Railroad and explained to her about the quilt that was made and how it showed the route they must take from NC to Charlottesville, VA.
    Such country as we had gone there to visit the Walton's Mountain exhibit.  Bruce and Flora in days gone by had butted heads with one another too many times but for this mission they agreed to be friends. They were to deliver the couple to a place in PA
    but with Marta being pregnant-the reason Flora went along, they hoped to reach the relatives house in VA first. Flora's mother had told her there would be another quilt for the rest of the journey..
    They meet up with many friends along the way to gain them more knowledge of their journey further north with safety. When they return and again meet at the relatives house the women decide to take the train back as they had always wanted to. Bruce just wants to deliver them safely as he promised their parents. He also is jealous that Flora may want to spend time with the new doctor in the area and court him. He leaves with a letter from her to be read once he reaches home but he's so tired when he arrives he forgot about it.
    Flora asks his brother if he'd read the letter when she returns home and they all suspect it's a good bye letter and that she's moving to VA to work alongside the doctor.
    There are many times they pray along the way, at meals and at everyday occurrences. Love what the quilts represent in this book, great storyline with strong characters of faith.
    I received this book from Abingdon Press in exchange for my honest review.

read 8/15 His Final Bargain by Melanie Milburne
This story is about Eliza and she teaches at a small community school but it's about to be shut down due to no money. She is heartbroken to learn of this as she teaches there.
Leo, a man who had once proposed to her, very high class, jet set type had come to her flat and now with the holidays upcoming for her school he wants to hire her for 4 weeks of that time to be his daughter's nanny and he will pay for the school to remain open.
She has not told him who her fiance is or his circumstances.
He has told her that his wife killed herself. She does agree to go but with some hesitation...
Not much in the way of detailed descriptions about the locations abroad. Love the fact she knits for the underprivileged children!
He also has secrets, about his daughter but she learns them very fast...Hot sex scenes and they do get to talk to another. Especially like what she's accomplished with the blind girl.
I received this book from Harlequin in exchange for my honest review.

read 8/14
Forgiven But Not Forgotten by Abby Green
This is a book about Sienna and her sister Serena. They lived with their father til he lost all their money. They left to go to a different country where Sienna got a job
to help pay for Serena's upkeep with her life. While waitressing she meets him again, Andreas and is once again under his spell and he hires her to be his companion for a weeks
time going to charity events, etc. Hot sex scenes and she puts up a brave front. Misunderstandings finally do get put to rights.
Secrets that do come out in the long run. Lots of action and jumping in a car or plane and going somewhere on the spur of a moment but the descriptive details of the place are left out.
Expected more details. Excerpts at the end of the book for another novel.
I received this book from Harlequin in exchange for my honest review.

read 8/13 Skate Into Fun (Jenna) by Nev Nickelz
I wanted to read this book because it shows Jenna skating and that's one adventure we've yet to experience with our grandkids when we visit once a year.
Illustrated very colorful children's book showing what one girl dreams of becoming when she gets older. First she selects being a ice skater, then a captain of a ship.
Love how it allows one to imagine what it would be like and just being allowed to dream all these things is super. A pilot in a plane is my favorite because my grandsons dad does work at Boeing!
There are 10 different career choices for girls and boys to dream about.
I received this book from via the author Dr. Nev in exchange for my honest review.

read 8/13 Rose Harbor in Bloom by Debbie Macomber
This series continues with Jo Marie's Inn and she takes on guests after her husband died in the war and left her money.
With the help of others in Cedar Cove she's gotten a rescue dog Rover and been introduced to the other residents in town and made to feel at home.
Mark Taylor is the handyman but he's taking too long to put in the rosebushes for her grand opening.
When she won't get off the ladder he quits and leaves her yardwork unfinished. She has a couple redoing their vow and celebration for their 50th anniversary for the weekend and another guest, Mary Smith.
With the news they can search the helicopter crash for remains she heads over to Marks to talk to him about it and she makes amends and he will continue with the garden work.
Others have starting arriving and she plunges into her chores as the innkeeper and invites the other local businesses to her open house.
Mary Smith had once lived and worked in Seattle and moved with the promotion to the east coast and left her betrothed behind. They tried to stay together but she finally broke it off and he had married. She's just going through chemo for her cancer and is enjoying the inn.
Annie arrives-the granddaughter of the couple who's celebrating their 50th and she's in charge of all the plans for the festivities. She's broken up from her engagement, several times and has to concentrate on the celebration.
Love hearing about the food, the preparation of the party and just having things on hand for the guests. Mixtures of ingredients gives me ideas to experiment as well.
The couple married 50 years fought like cats and dogs, she couldn't understand how they were still married. It was just their way.
Priceless memories of our trip to Pike's Place just last month as George and Mary discuss their trip there. Mary is there to make amends with George...
Characters, although there are a lot of them, are easy to keep straight.
I received this book from Net Gallery in exchange for my honest opinion

read 8/12

A Wild Goose Chase Christmas, Quilts of Love by Jennifer AlLee
I love this series and am attempting to read the whole series. This one is about the link a quilt has to family.
Isabelle Fontaine had moved into her grandmother's house and was temporarily caring for the house and the dog Bogie but her grandmother never got back home and died in the assisted living facility.
An old man, Virgil who also was at the facility had delivered a quilt to her and he said it was because she didn't want anybody else to have it-or they'd sell it for money. The quilt had more treasure than that and knew Izzy would do the right thing.
Problem is Virgil's grandson Max came by and wanted the quilt as he said he had a letter that the grandmother had written. Izzy saw how he cared for his grandfather and agreed to meet with him at the museum he was a director of in town. Story also follows Max and his problems of the past.
Funeral arrangements, classes on the wayside and now her mothers' fall leads her to move her in for 2 months. Things just go downhill from there as her brother Brandon has problems.
Loved the pattern and what it implies to the family, hearing and learning about the historic significance of this quilt and the path it took to make it and is indeed a treasure. This whole scenario is playing out for my family or soon will be in another regard and know why I was entrusted with everything.
Scriptures and faith and hope in God and his direction play a big part in this book.
Secrets, mysteries abound, family and missing treasures and the only way they will find it is by working together. Love what and how the grandmother left the gifts and letters-Piceless!
I received this book from Abingdon Press in exchange for my honest review.

My Review:

Forever Friday by Timothy Lewis 
Adam Culby is the one conducting the estate sale when he finds the postcard albums and keeps them back from the sale. As he reads some of the poems he wants to learn how
the postcards hold the secret of forever lasting love that Pearl and Gabe Alexander had with one another as his own marriage had broken up.  He was lucky to track down Yevette who was the caretakers' daughter of Pearl before she went to the assisted living facility.
Love how the story goes and the things I learned along the way.
I had a hard time getting my chores done while reading this book. It does tell the story of Pearl and how she grew up and was engaged to Clark Richards but met Gabe and because of what happened one night she did not marry Clark.
She has guidance along the way from a guardian angel. There are other secrets and mysteries along the way that really make this an action packed read as you try to solve the mysteries.
Splash Day, Anacacho Orchid, Palms and religious scriptures, Long Division, secret glen, Spanish doubloons, poem postcards all have a part in this 'ever lasting love' for one another.
Love how she was able to stick up in her beliefs, strong to the point where she was in control of cutting her own hair. Love the simple things they shared with one another.
Love how he went about showing love, devoted romance and how he felt about picking out her clothes...such an awesome read there is so much to this tale. Travel and new places to see..
I received this book from Blogging for Books via WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Co. in exchange for my honest review.

read 8/10 The Pirate and the Star by Mich ael Yu
Illustrated colorful children's book about Timmy, a boy who dreams of living a pirates life. His mom can get him to sleep if she tells him
a story of a tough pirate. He listens and he finds he is exactly like the pirate: wearing his pirate hat, holding the telescope in his hand and wearing an eye patch.
When the storm hits and his boat breaks he spots an island to swim to.
He has the chance to help an old woman and he's lost everything and the Star will grant him a wish. He helps but the Star has other plans-more things for him to do first.
More riddles and adventures for the pirate... Book allows you to imagine what you would do in the same circumstances.
Love the travel and adventures and most importantly the imaginations.

read 8/09
 A Montana Maverick Christmas
This collection has 2 books about Whitehorn by 2 different romance authors.
Married in Whitehorn by Susan Mallery
Angela had just come to this new town to apply for the teaching job which she got. On her way out to her car she was held up and they wanted Tom's money. She had no idea what they were talking about as she had split up with Tom over 4 years ago.
They beat her up and left with a child as ransom. When she awoke in the hospital Shane the deputy was there to question her and over time they figured things out.
He took her back to his house to protect her til the men were caught. Nancy the next door neighbor became a friend and they had time to talk about Shane and his past. Hot steamy sex and they also get to know one another-their past hard lives growing up without one parent or both.
They get very close to one another and she wonders if she can trust him to really love her and he wonders if he would be good for her, afraid to let go of his past. Sounds like a nice town but there's not a lot written about it.
Born in Whitehorn by Karen Hughes
Sara is the girl who was kidnapped in the last book and she was able to run away. She has since stopped talking.
Leah had kept her on the reservation for a few weeks to throw the men off if they were still in the area. She was nearly ready to have her twins. She didn't tell anyone of the time she spend in bed with a man on the night her mother died=he was there to comfort her and then she told everybody she was leaving the area.
Instead she hid out at the res and learned she was expecting. Jeremy was there now and he learned the truth and he helped deliver the babies before the ambulance arrived.
He helps her with the infants and buys them most everything a child would need til the age of 6 when she doesn't want the things he's bought for them.
She hears he's been to see a lawyer and she jumps to conclusions that he will take them from her. She finds out differently...

The Promise by Danielle Steel
Michael Hillard and Nancy MacAllister are to be wed but the car accident prior to the wedding
leaves others to wonder if they will keep their vow. He is an architect and she is an artist.
His wealthy mother disapproves though...They will be separated but will it keep them apart?
He is appalled that his mother have a private eye find out about Nancy's past=like it was her fault who her parents turned out to be.
On their way to get married the car crashes and he's unconscious and she has lost her face. When his mother visits in the hospital she pays for
Peter to not only care for her in CA but to rebuild her face and life-away from Michael.
Going through face restorations she is not sure why Michael doesn't come to visit her. She doesn't know that his mother told him that she had died.
The book follows each of them as their new lifes begin...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

read 8/8 Talk of the Town by Lisa Wingate
American Megastar travels to Daley, TX
Amber Anderson will be the hometown girl for the show. Manda juggles the job, the media and the secret that could blow this whole thing apart.
She keeps coming up with a hometown guy. It seems the whole town already knows the secret. The reunion concert has to be unforgettable and is with the
help of the others in town and her grandfather. Can she keep it quiet to pull this off or will somebody in town spill the beans.
Lot of big Hollywood episodes to make you think anything is possible.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

read 8/8 The Hero of Blind Pig Island by Jimmy Olsen
What attracted me to this book is the water and I live on an island and you have a choice of 3 bridges to get to the mainland. Off the coast is a smaller island where I spent many a summer and weekends year round that has dirt roads and no real stores.
I liked most of the short stories as they are so diverse. The ones I had a real bond to are: Denise who over the years has challenged herself to succeed as a diver instructor and her teacher and her meet on many lands. I loved that this book took me to new places, being blind I may never visit them. I was able to learn new things-mostly about diving and you know the author is telling his life stories in this book-the details are so precise.
The Hurricane Georges Journal was another one I have a strong bond to as I've lived through many a hurricane here on the east coast of the US. Interesting to see that they have party during the storm where we usually have them after-no power so we use our grills to cook up the food in the freezer and share with the neighbors. SPAM-nothing else needs to be said about this.
Really loved the fact that the stories were NOT from the exact same island and to me they were an adventure to a land undiscovered by me. Details are so very descriptive-I felt like I was there.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

read 8/7 Music With The Fairies by Joe Clarke
Illustrated colorful children's book about Lisa and Olivia and it's raining out and they can't go out to play.
They want to but the rain is hard and it's cold...So they play the piano instead..
Low tones mean stormy weather but high notes mean sunny flowery weather and it attracts a fairy when they play the notes together.
Like this book for the imagination of what they can do and what happens.
The real adventure starts as they follow her to a secret garden and teach them how they made the music beautiful.
It can only be done together-team work.
I received this book from The Library Thing via the author in exchange for my honest review

read 8/7 Suzy's Birthday Adventure by Joe Clarke
Colorful illustrated children's book about a little girl who's birthday is today and the family will be celebrating in NYC. Parents leave to set up the party and then the babysitter dresses her in the new sparkly pink dress and shoes and takes her on a train then a taxi ride but she lost the address of where the party is to be held...
They end up on a boat shaped like a shark and visit the statue of liberty. Then they find Serendipity and buy candy next door. While having lunch she gets a huge surprise!
They also visit other places and then it's too late to find the party so they get on the train and head home, where there is another surprise for them.

Love this adventure as I have not been to the city since I was a teen. Even though this is mainly about a girl it can easily be told about a boy and his special birthday.
I received this book from The Library Thing via the author in exchange for my honest review

read 8/6 Larkspur Cove by Lisa Wingate
Read some of the other works of the author and really liked them.
Andrea Henderson is a social worker with a teen age son, Dustin and they live in her parents lakeside house but they don't want them there.
Moses Lake, TX is where she was raised and she returns there to heal her wounds.
She is a counselor and has just gotten stuck in a ditch with a flat tire and the cell is dead. What else could possibly go wrong with this day?
Game worden, Martin McCullen is healing from pain in his past. Locals Sheila and Darcy run the grocery store at the end of the lake where others can buy food for their day at the water.
Wall of wisdom is for anybody to write a quote and each chapter begins with one. Each chapter also alternates between Martin's life and Andrea's life.
Mart has to keep Dustin til his mother picks him up as he is in trouble with the others who took a boat out and had beer on the boat-all are underaged.
They combine their knowledge and together go after the little girl who appears to be abused and abandoned...they also get to know one another by talking...
Lots of action and danger-Andrea recalls he said to head for the water...Moses Lake can heal others if you faith in God and yourself.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

read 8/5 The Chocolate Touch by Laura Florand
I wanted to read this book first for the chocolate. That this is also a love story
set in Paris just makes it that so much more enticing.
Dominicique Richard is a chocolatier and finds the woman who visits the shop daily very fascinating. He finally meets her and they connect.
When he finally finds out her name he still doesn't know her last name. The chocolate expo is soon approaching and he has to come up with a
sculpture made out of chocolate. That and taking her to new places keeps him busy. Love the sound of his laboratory - at work where he does his magic with chocolate.
Very erotic sex scenes and he does find out why she's in town and he's afraid she will pack and leave. Love her storyline with her family and their connection.
Chocolate in Hearts is the next in this series and a sample chapter is included.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

read 8/2
Blowing on Dandelions by Miralee Ferrell
This book starts out with Katherine and she runs the boardinghouse in Baker City, OR along with caring for her two daughters. She had lost her husband several years ago.
She has troubles of her own: her mother is coming for a visit, concerns of her oldest daughter talking to teen males. She confides her problems with the quilters of the town and they lend her an ear and talk to her of faith in God for guidance.
The book also follows the life of her mother: Frances and their troubles with one another over the years with explanations as to why...
Also some of the locals are mentioned as they come into the picture of their daily lives: Micah and his son Zach who lived in and ran the livery-he also a widow.
She does take in boarders which eases the burden of providing for her own family.
What I liked about this book is the title with the promise of a wish come true when you blow on a dandelion and the simple things in life-the time frame and how everybody helped one another in times of trouble.
Path of ones faith is challenged as they each face obstacles. A lot of misunderstandings, stern tone that is taken the wrong way and many forgiveness. So happy to hear the saga continues with the next book which an excerpt is included at the end of this one.
I received this book from David Cook via The Book Club Network( in exchange for my honest review.

read 8/2 Sea Glass Sisters by Lisa Wingate
I first wanted to read this book after reading The Prayer Box by the author and the fact I love sea glass..
Elizabeth is a 911 operator and she raises with her husband two high school kids, one boy, one girl and both are graudating this year.
Her mother who live clsoeby is up in arms about the family compound and how her sister wants to sell parts of it rather than leave it for the families and generations down the road.
This hits home with me as some of my family wants to do the same thing. After the really bad night at work with nightmares abound she leaves with her mother from Michigan to drive to NC on the outer banks to try to persuade her sister.
Elizabeth is kept abreast of things happening at home with the missing child and her kids and husband and news of the hurricane approaching an her aunt's bad health. They batten down the hatches and help others in the town with chores so they will remain safe. One visit is to the 90 year old Iola Anne who also appears in The Prayer Box=a book by the same author.
Love that this woman has a jewelry/seashell shop near the ferry, on the ocean with sand dunes and the feeling of community as they all gather. Love the idea of the hurricane party-we usually have them after to use up food that will spoil.
She is trying to believe in God again to help her get through the work crises and the hurricane.
Miracles can happen ...Excerpt from The Prayer Box is included.
I received this book from Net Galley, Tyndale House Publishers   via JKS Communications in exchange for my honest review.

read 8/1
Silver River Romeo by Amelia Rose
Book starts out with the three McKenna brothers who live on their own ranch, Darrell-the rodeo rider, Marshall who oversees the ranch operations and Cole who likes to ranch and he's good at it but wants changes.
Their ranch was left to them equally when their dad passed away suddenly three years earlier. The next ranch over, Raven Branch was deserted after the old man there passed away. Now Emma is there with her belongings and intends to start ranching herself on her grandfathers land.
Cole and Emma get off on the wrong foot but they amend their differences over breakfast at the Feed Trough.
Like hearing how the misunderstandings are worked out and all the turmoil the brothers come up against.
Cole gets to spend a lot more time with her at her ranch during the days while also working his ranch with his brothers. They do get to spend time together and she blows up at him and speaks her mind. She leaves a hint at a secret that he is disturbed at hearing..
She's dreaming of him and his sexy body, she knows she's in trouble!
When he finally breaks down and tells her his thoughts about the ranch they are both in trouble!
Hot passionate sex scenes. Looking forward to reading other works by this author and hope the brothers get their own books.
I received this book from the author via in exchange for my honest review.

read 8/1 Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand
Vicky who is battling late stage cancer packs up her 2 sons and a pregnant friend whose husband is caught cheating, and a sister who's having an affair with a student where she teaches
all head to Nantucket. Josh Flynn works for his father at the airport and he helps them babysit and gives them all the time they need to do the things they have to do to get on with their lives.
He's a writer and when they get off the plane something grabs his attention.
Book alternates with chapters from each of the woman. Interesting and quite a good storyline as each one goes through their own problems...
The house has only one bedroom and most of them find this a challenge, never mind only one bathroom. Love hearing how they solve all their problems and how
they are able to enjoy the island and the summer. Such good memories of being on the island with games, cards and friends...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

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