Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oct 13 books I read

Always on My Mind by Jill Shalvis
I love the Lucky Harbor series and am fortunate to be able to read this one in the series.
This one is about Leah and she returned to the town to help her grandmother with driving her to daily rehab while baking at the local bakery.
She is not allowed to say who wins the $100.000 and a bakery of their choice in any city.
She also has let it slip out that Jack, the fireman is her boyfriend and their relationship is on again. Jake is a bit put out because they are not an item and he'd had dates lined up..
Love catching up with the others in town.  Jack and Leah have known each other since middle school and some in town have put pictures on Facebook and Pinterest of them.
They agreed to have rules because they only wanted to make his mom happy with all she was going through and her grandmother also.
Loved hearing of the techniques of fire fighting with safety measures at the highest level..
Great Dane, Kevin often works his way in between them. Lots of 'f' bombs.
Love the clues to the arsonist and the relationship the 3 women have and that Aubrey gets the next book.  Free two chapter excerpt is included.
I received this book from Net Galley via Grand Central Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

Evan Burl and the Falling By Justin Blaney
This fantasy, magic story is about an orphaned boy who lives in the castle with other orphans. They try their hardest to survive but for some it's to no avail.
The master, Mazol is a mean man who punishes the children. For me this is hard to read about a child getting punished when things are not even their fault.
I really enjoyed the magic and how Evan keeps the others minds off their hunger, with his magic.
The countdown til a year has passed is kind of terrifying-to not know if he will turn evil or if he will die.
Loved hearing of all the hiding places around the castle and treasure the time they are safe.
Liked how the story takes a long time to tell you about the children's past and the layout of the castle and surrounding areas and daily life.
Some chapters are written in another view from others in the story.
Strange things occur-like the fire where he throws the book into and the next day he notices his burned shirt and pain but the book is as perfect as ever.
Then the countdown is suddenly only 3 days left before he turns into a magician...
Cevo is hunting down Evan to kill him.
Claire's father has a note from Trillium to kill the boy, Evan. She will help Evan...
Love going through the story from various angles and there is just a handful of important characters to keep track of. sequence should be a good read also.

7 Deadly Sins of Special Educators by Chris de Feyter 
Thought reading this book would maybe help with my grandson's education as they've yet to figure out what his problem is.
It does have a lot of very good basic information that can be used for any child with a learning disability.
Stick to the CORE, focus on what matters most, and to challenge the child to learn.
The activities are really good examples of what to do to encourage a child in other ways.
I received this book from Library Thing in exchange for my honest review.


 Katy The One-Eyed Cat (A Beautifully Illustrated Children's Picture Book for 4 to 8 Year Olds) by Tony Dunne
Illustrated colorful children's book about a cat that just has one eye.
There are 15 chapters of stories about Katy and how they got injured and limp now.
Some cats play outside and some stay inside.
The chapters are about other animals that also are outside and the story tells what each one does.
The words are easy and a child could read most of them with help.

Animalphabet by Mehrdokht amini
Illustrated very colorful children's book showing the alphabet with a different animal that matches the starting letter.
There are also a few sentences that sometimes rhyme and tell of the sound and other things about the letter being highlighted.
My favorite is the peacock and his socks don't fit. Love the variety of the animals as they are often not seen in all places around the world.

OVER THE FENCE by Peter W. Collier
Illustrated children's book and it's a mystery about what is  in the box and over the fence.
You are given clues and there are some rhyming words.
Anybody who came by to guess what was in the box had to pay ten cents and nobody guesses.
The guard even helped by giving others clues.
Love that the child will gain more imagination as the guesses are endless!
I have also read Snow Alligators by this author and smiled the whole book through.

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