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Oct 29 book releases and reviews

 The Christmas Cookie Collection   by Lori Wilde Vol 1-4Love this book-it's four stories in one to begin with and I have read many of the authors books about Twilight and love them all. Especially like Christmas themed ones.
I have read the other Club books and love the town and people for all the charity work they do for others.
This book starts out with Carrie, Carrie  MacGregor and she hates Christmas.
She runs the town yarn store after the original one in town burned down. She heads up the town knitting club also and it's just a week from Thanksgiving.
The knitters ambushed her into decorating the shop because they knew why she'd never do it herself and we learn as the story goes on the reasons why...
This story also follows Mark Leland who is returning to the town to host his 'Fact or Fiction' myth buster show...
He is torn between keeping his promise to Carrie about NOT mentioning their busted relationship or cashing in on that for the show...
Hot steamy sex scenes and he knows he lives on the west coast and she in Texas and there's no way they will ever be together and she knows she may have him one night but forever??
Loved the scenes with Christmas decorations, so very detailed!
Next section of this book is about Raylene and we know from previous books that she was once married to Earl (for 35 years)  but when he found out about something in her past that she neglected to tell him about he left on Christmas eve.
She works at the Horny Toad Bar in town... She wanted closure and agreed to let Nate, a returned from the war SEAL hang up Christmas decorations for her. She also put a 'help wanted' sign in the window of the bar.
Shannan Dugan had wandered into town and applied and got the job. She had been dealt a raw hand after her grandparents had died..
Lots of mysteries and secrets and I love the talk about the cookie swap!
Hot steamy sex scenes..
Last section is about Christine who runs the local bakery and she's just created a new cookie from her own recipe. I love this as I love to experiment myself once a year.
Her cat had recently died, she'd never have kids and her parents were in Europe to spend Christmas with his brother, who is a GI.
Eli, who she had known from high school was back in town to get a cake for his 14 year old daughter's birthday. They have a lot of time to catch up on...
Love the idea of fantasy vacation, camping and hiking! They both know they have to take things slow but their physical attraction to one another says differently.
There is no way this is going to work, they each have businesses that are so far apart from one another...the birthday party does not go as planned and it could be the end of their relationship..
This section is about Grace. Flynn and Jesse celebrating a really good Christmas despite their past and the baby is about to be born..
They are delivering a Christmas Angel gift to the family less fortunate this year. The weather man advised of the ice storm about to hit the area.
Love little tips at beginning of each chapter for a perfect Christmas.  His past once again catches up with him...
Community comes together...
I received this book from Edelweiss by  HarperCollins in exchange for my honest review.

Pub Date   Oct 29 2013 Candlelight Christmas by Susan Wiggs
Loved hearing of the legend of the Christmas pickle and the recipe!
India's friend Darcy met Logan who was at the camp with Charlie. They start talking and Logan realizes Darcy does not like kids. They get interrupted and never make it back together for a drink later that night.
India and Darcy do talk on the way home and she kinda liked Logan but just wants to remain single.
Logan had moved to Avalon to be near his son Charlie but after the divorce and she married another and moved he's bored with selling insurance in town and only seeing Charlie a few times a year.
Logan agrees to take both of the kids if Mrs. Martin needs him to.
Logan wants to take over the ski lodge, he just needs backers.
This book also follows Darcy's story and she's in the city working but her ex will be going to the family Thanksgiving dinner and she's decided to head to FL to be with India's family in the nice warm sun.
Love the family feast and more what they do after, so caring, such good memories of teaching my grandson the hokey pokey.
One morning Logan and Darcy are able to share the sight of dolphins and much more.
Her job is setting up sports shoots for equipment she's promoting, names snowboarding and he invites her and the crew to his new job: Saddle Mountain. Because of her he had taken the risk of buying it..
The Christmas holiday plans might change....Darcy misunderstands why Mrs. Martin is at the resort...and Logan can't understand why Darcy wouldn't want kids...
They do learn more about one another...maybe all the Christmas cheer, decorations, food will bring them closer...
Loved all the recipes and can't wait to try a few and catching up with all the others in the family that I remember from earlier books.  Love that the book concentrates also on the kids problems, not just the adults. Priceless pickle prize at the end!
I received this book from Net Galley via Harlequin MIRA in exchange for my honest review.


Pub Date   Oct 29 2013 Christmas in Snowflake Canyon by Raeanne Thayne
Genevieve Beaumont has returned from Paris and she has a deal with ther father that she can have her trust fund after she's
cleaned up and flipped her grandmother's house. Gen is an interior designer but one night she's had enough and heads to the local
bar where she looses it and ends up punching the assistant DA. Her and Dylan Caine both end up in jail.
His brother gets them off the charge with 100 hours of community service at his sisters cabins-Warriors Hope and she needs the cabins
decorated for the holidays before the warriors come for a few weeks time to recuperate from their wounds. Dylan has been there done that and  just wants to put his time in but he's forced to do that with Gen and they are rather complete opposites.
As they spend more time together he can't help but love to hear her just talk and that gets him in trouble with her as he fantasizes about her. He thinks she's disgusted by his stump as he is an amputee...
Loved hearing the reception the warriors receive on their road to mending by learning how to ski, snowboard, etc.
Gen reaches out to a woman who got dumped and she plays matchmaker because she thinks Trey should not be alone for Christmas.
Love how the whole community comes together...
I received this book from Net Galley via Harlequin HQN in exchange for my honest review.




Pub Date   Oct 29 2013 The Perfect Match by Kristan Higgins
This book in the series is dedicated to Honor with appearances from her sisters: Faith and Patience and Hope.
Her father is seeing Mrs. J and the girls think she's too young for him. She had gotten into a bar fight with Brogan's new girl and now she knows they are getting married and Dana is pregnant.
Her sisters set up an account online for her with the dating sites and she's met a few men, been out for drinks with them and they didn't click. When she's in a jam Tom helps her out with a kiss at the bar so Brogan thinks she's on a date.
It doesn't stop there though and the book describes a hot steamy sex scene.
The book also is following Charlie and others in town.  Tom also explains about how he has a stepson that isn't really a stepson at all.... He's very English and I like the translation of some words used.
Tom has now lost his teaching job at the college and the only way he could keep Charlie would be to get a green card by getting married. Honor needs to have a baby as her eggs are not going to be very futile soon because of her age.
Love the tour of the facilities and the process of how to make the wine and talk of the fruit.
Situations occur that lead to everybody doing a turn about...
More tragedy occurs bringing people together...
I received this book from Net Galley via Harlequin HQN in exchange for my honest review.

Pub Date   Oct 29 2013  Secret Santa by Fern Michaels, Marie Bostwick, Laura Levine, Cindy Myers
I wanted to read this book because of the many author's included about the same theme.
4 good books for the price of 1!!
Mister Christmas by Fern Michaels
Claire O'Brien was summoned to fly to Ireland from CA via NY because Donald Flynn was on his deathbed and she was in charge of his finances.
She would then travel to her brothers in CO and she had the girls gifts packed with her. That was the plan...and nothing went according to the plan...
Once she gets back to the US she does head for CO and many lifes becomes threatened...The only one who can save the day would be Mr. Christmas...
The Yellow Rose of Christmas by Marie Bostwick
Too Much, TX and Miss Velvet Tudrmore has had the honor of sharing how the town started and telling others of the history from years past and how women founded the town.
The new history teacher, Mr. Delacorte has an idea to help Velvet out by having his honor students conduct the senior interviews - thus saving her money from the budget and giving the students the experience...
Postal worker has found the yellow rose and $2 to have it delivered to Ms. Velvet at the historical society and nobody knows who the giver is...
It's just a few days before Thanksgiving and everybody in town is at the store to buy last minute items when Velvet is approached by many wanting to know who sent her a dozen roses. Things really escallate when the rumors start.
And to top that off nobody knows who the single rose is from....
Love all the talk about quilting and that career choice.
So much activity going on in town for the holidays...
Velvet thinks she knows who the admirer is and her sister knows for sure and doesn't want to disappoint her so she comes up with an idea so her sister won't be disappointed...
Nightmare on Elf Street by Laura Levine
Jaine Austen is an out of work freelance advertising writer and she went to apply for a copyedit job and got the elf wearing costume instead. Well she really needed the money anyways.
The santa, Scotty is a drunk but the other santa is Barney and they have chats about Shakespeare.
Loved hearing about the Tiny Tim project-so worthwhile.
Mishps at the mall with her cat lead to the santa being killed...
She's hot on the trial of who she thinks killed Scotty..
Room at the Inn by Cindy Myers
Barb  Stanowski and her husband Jim were headed to Eureka when the roads were closed due to the heavy snow fall. With the thread of avalanches they were in their car for the night.
Patrol came around the took them to the local summer cabins instead. She is not thrilled but Jim is making the best of the situation and she thought he'd be totally upset over the inconvenience.
She never thought Jim after 21 years married, would quit his job and go with the invention he and Michael had made-a golf ball recycler.
She forms a bond with the woman and her family in the next cabin over and she wants to help with the boys gifts as they will be stranded there. The mother is knitting hats and scarves and the husband is carving small animals.
Mae the owner of the cabins is happy to get extra state money for the use of the cabins and she's a loner. She quilts during the long winter months, others would be drinking.
Love how they all come together to make it special for the kids....
Didn't realize that this was part of a series from the author that I've read part of the series already. What a treat!
I received this book from The Kennsington Books and Net Galley in exchange for my honest review

Pub Date   Oct 29 2013 The Mountain Between Us by Cindy Myers
I was excited to be picked to read this book because I have read the other two related stories and love the locale and the characters.
This is the continuing story about Maggie and she was only going to stay a week to settle her father's possessions after he died but she ended up staying. Now she is in love with Jameco Clark who's back from the war and runs the local saloon/ski instructor in season and rides a motorcycle.
Maggie Stevens is terrified to tell him about the baby she is carrying, it is his but she's almost 40 and feels it's too late to start a family.
The story also follows Bob and Olivia both think the upcoming winter will be a bad one...
The book also follows Lucas, Olivia's son likes to do things with DJ and Olivia likes DJ but doesn't want him to know.
Another character is Cassie who runs the library and the annual Founder's Day pageant the telling of the town's history and she wants shelves for the library.
And a section also for Lucille the mayor who also runs the local antique shop says they may not even have money for snow plowing...
And Gerald is new in town and talks the town council into investing their money... All these things will make the story complete once things work out...
Love all the Halloween things going around in town.  Love hearing of the mine and all the other secrets that come out over time and how the community comes together...
Christmas events are just awesome, so caring and warm the feels leaves me with.  Love that this book is happening at the same time as The Room at the Inn by the same author.
I received this book from Net Galley via The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

Pub Date   Oct 29 2013  A Nantucket Christmas by Nancy Thayer
The island is decked out with Christmas attire and the day of the Stroll has begun. Santa and Mrs. Claus have arrived on the island via the Coast Guard and
the kids will climb onto Santa's lap and tell them of their wishes.
Nicole has married Sebastian and his married daughter Kennedy and her husband, James and child Maddox will spend the Christmas holiday on the island with them.
Nicole has helped the Stroll by baking cookies and her best friend Jilly has hot chocolate to accompany the cookies-at the library.
Snix is a lonely dog that the summer people left on the island when they left at the end of summer. The dog has wandered around trying to fit in and be able to feed himself.
Nicole strives to outdo Seb's first wife by decorating: tree, garland, ornaments, etc. His first wife Katya never liked to clean the pine needles, nor ever wants to gain weight.
Maddox this year wants a dog, but his mother is having a new baby boy and he won't be able to play with them right away as they will be too small.
Kennedy just wanted her mother and father to get back together and demanded they both be at the birth of the new child...
The unthinkable happens when a huge storm hits the island and Kayta shows up to spend the holidays with them...
I received this book from Net Galley via Random House Publishing Group  Ballantine Books in exchange for my honest review.


 Oct 29 2013 Holiday Kisses by Alison Kent, Jaci Burton, HelenKay Dimon, Shannon Stacey
4 stories in this one book.
This Time Next Year by Allison Kent
Brenna Keating is on her way to her grandmothers. She swerves to avoid and deer and finds her car nose deep into a snow pile.
Dillion is on his horse making the rounds when he finds her car and drags her out by a window and brings her back to his place and dresses her ankle and puts her to bed under quilts.
As they sit and talk in front of the first, he's told her they will be snowed in for days as this is the storm of the century.
She finds out he knows a bit about doctoring and makes rounds to the local people on the mountain to see how they are doing and to bring them food or whatever they need. Others on the mountain supply those in need with food if need be.
After they shared a kiss he went out to the barn to work and she decided to make a Christmas tree and decorate it. And she was baking cookies when he came back in. One of the bonds I have with the character here is I also keep my big 20 lb. bag of flour in the freezer.
After they have finished in the bedroom he tells her what the dates on the fan blades mean, very touching and real.
Lots of surprises when she finally gets up from bed. He brings her to her grandmother's on the back of the horse.
The present he gave her was one he made by hand. What a treasure! Later that day he took her back to his cabin and drove her home with plans that her car would be repaired.
They made plans 'this time next year'.
A Rare Gift by Jaci Burton
Wyatt is about to bid on his ex-wife's younger sister Calliope day care center.
When he saw her she did a number to his head. She wasn't like her sister at all and he kept losing track of what she was saying. He better pay attention and get the job, so other contractors didn't get it, and get the job over and done with and get out of there.
She still had a crush on him and when she noticed his clipboard she thought she'd just swing by and drop it off for him, in person. She finally finds him at the bar and gives it to him, gets a beer and proceeds to learn from Joey Johnson how to play pool.
It's late at night and she's still in the building. He goes to find her and walk her out to find a lot of snow on the ground. He puts her in his truck and they go to her house. After a meal and a light kissing it's decided he will spend the night.
He backs away from her, not wanting to start rumors and getting people to gossip about her.
She confronts him and tells him her sister will be in town for the holidays and that he should talk to her and get some closure so they can move on. She sets up the meeting and he is furious with her for doing so....
It's Not Christmas Without You by HelenKay Dimon
Carrie took the job in DC and left her hometown and boyfriend of Hollowoy, WV. This year she's going to stay in town and just work through the holiday, not go back home.
Austin decides they have not broken up at all and if she can't come home he will go to her. He gets a job selling Christmas trees outside her apartment in DC after paying the registering fees.
Lucky his brother Spence got him out of his drunken mode and that's why he was on the trail of Carrie.
They are able to talk and she tells him her mother gave up all her dreams to raise her and her brother.  She doesn't want her life to be the same cuz she can see how unhappy her mom is.
Spence is at the tree lot to also give him romantic advice for the month of December. She keeps coming back to the tree lot and still hasn't picked out a tree yet. By the time she did go back to the tree lot he had left the area to drive the first batch of trees back home. He was done, he knew her place was in DC.
Mistletoe and Margaritas by Shannon Stacey
Claire had lost her husband for over 2 years now and Justin was there
for her, always had been, late in getting to her first.
She does bookkeeping for a lot of small businesses in the area at her home.
He's a roofer and in the winter he plow roads in NH and she sometimes tags
along with him.
They end up at a party and she's had a few too many and they go back to her
house for the night.  He can't get over that Brandon was his best friend
and he's now having sex with his friends wife-sure he's dead but he still feels
like it's wrong.
Will they ever be able to move on or just break it off?
I received this book from Net Galley via Harlequin and Carina Press in exchange for my honest review.

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