Saturday, November 30, 2013

Nov 30 books read

super x read!

Surrender to Temptation by EB Walters
This family saga is about Chase and the woman of his dreams. He runs many successful restaurants. Keira is a food critic for the LA Times.
Nikki has arrived at the ranch to make a web page for them. Chase is the rancher and she has ulterior motives. Her sister was at his restaurant when it burned one night, scarring her and leaving her with many surgeries.
She has found Chase to have an eye problem since the fire and she and he both are sexually attracted to one another.
Love hearing of the food combinations and the lifestyle on the ranch-so many new things to learn about.
Hot steamy passionate love scenes and a mystery man who may have started the fire after all as others in the family check out the trails and clues.
Excellent read even by itself but it's always nice to catch up with the family...
I received this book from  the author in exchange for my honest review.

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