Thursday, December 19, 2013

Book read Dec 19

A Catered Christmas Cookie Exchange by Isis Crawford
This story is about the cookie exchange at the Longely Community Center. 8 women are to bring in their baked goods and by judged by Bernie and Libby-owners of A Taste of Heaven and some TV celebrities.
Amber's Aunt Millie has had an accident and now her cookies are missing-nobody has her recipes-she always leaves out some of the ingredients. Amber called Bernie and Libby and they will go to investigate the scene of the accident for clues as to who stole the cookies in the tins.
The women were known for solving crimes and mysteries in their town. Seth, their dad loved helping them solve although he was also a good listener.
Love learning new things: different kinds of cinnamon and plank roads.
Love how other family members and boyfriends also help out with the investigation and what things they find that others have missed. So many clues and so many leads to follow and the full picture develops and more things need to be solved.
Love the bantering the two sisters have with one another but respect for each other as well. Love how they go about solving the crimes...and the recipes at the end!
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

Christmas Carol Murder by Leslie Meier
This Tinkers Cove, Maine story starts off with a protest due to the bankruptcies and mortgage company run by Jake Marlow and his partner have had to foreclose on many of the houses.
Jake's house, being the hoarder he is loses his house to a fire.
Lucy Stone was one of the first on the scene as she was witnessing the protest with her daughter Sara-who had skipped college class. Lucy worked at the Pennysaver newspaper.
The mail bomb had killed Jake and now Lucy was hot on the trail to find out who had sent the bomb in the mail. Lots of town meetings depending on the day and location where many would meet and just talk. Small town community where everybody knows about everybody.
Things escalate as other events occur around town: ghosts in the Christmas Scrooge play and also in real life to the other owner of the mortgage company...
Every little clue is very important to solving the mystery, even the tiny clues...
The story she was to investigate leads to many more sad facts then what she was prepared for that involved town employees...
There are many uprisings in town as the residents protest with hopes to change things...
Lots of good Christmas traditions and some new ones.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

A Christmas Collection: Classic Cookies and Fudge by Catherine Leighton
Colorful pages of recipes for the holiday, cookies and candy.
Tried and trusted recipes and each comes with a picture.
10 recipes but well worth it.  Different types of cookies, drop, bar, rolled, etc

Quilts! Quilting Techniques from Easy To Advanced
Colorful illustrated step by step process of putting quilts together using different techniques and mediums.
I found this book to be more of a beginner series for most of the items and have done almost all the different techniques myself.
Very easy to understand instructions for one just starting out.
Supplies, instructions, steps and hints are included by individual authors.
There are also many references for the website instructables for further explanation.
Crazy quilt block sounds interesting and the color combinations are appealing.

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