Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dec 14 books read

The irresistible blueberry bakeshop & cafe by Mary Simses    
What a very nice surprise. The cover is why I wanted to read this book. Once I got into the book the story line was something very appealing to me on many counts.
The locale of Maine, photography and exploring into the past.
Helen starts out on a journey for her now dead grandmother-to deliver a letter to Mr. Cummings in Maine. When she arrives she ends up falling through a dock and she is rescued by Roy.
She tracks down numerous things along the way about her grandmothers past. Her fiance gets concerned when she doesn't make it back to NYC so he shows up there, and so does her mother for a photography shoot for their upcoming wedding.
Problem is she has choices now-and little does she realize the reason why she was sent here, rather than just mailing the letter sinks in and gives her advice she may follow.
Hoping to find more from this author as I really totally was enthralled reading this.
Before I listened to this via NLS I had bought the hard bound book. Was hoping for a recipe...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).
5 stars!

5 Ingredients One Pot Meals: Easy Slow Cooker Recipes for Busy Women by Ericka Smits
Love how each category at the very beginning of the chapter will show the recipe name-easy to find what you want to make in a hurry.
None of the recipes jumped out at me but they do look easy to get together the ingredients for the day baking.
Out of this collection of recipes I want to try the spicy autumy apple cake.

A Wizard for Christmas by Dorothy McFalls
Holly doesn't want the others to know she is always alone for the Christmas holiday.
In town there is a woman who is murdered and the police fear there will be more.
A man had helped Holly cross the icy road and he was kind.
Hadrian Graham, detective lives nearby and has references as he asks her out for coffee-She had just left her apartment, pj's on under a coat and no keys.
It was just one of those days... but she can't stay and hurries back to her apartment. The others in the cafe stare at her and they know she's not ready.
The neighbor will water her plants while she's away and now she has to leave. Not much money and there are no hotel rooms and she's tired and cold and Hadrian comes to her rescue.
They are of a different world and there are others who want to harm them.....
She gets the idea they want her to join a cult and she goes to the police station to file a stalker report. Now she's on the streets and somebody licks her lips and at the same time Hadrian gets a pain and he knows the creature is feeding and is close by.
Now they've had 4 women dead... Like this tale of what happens next...very magical and mystical.
More titles from the author are included at the end.

Farm Girl Country Cooking: Hearty Meals for the Active Family by Karen Jones Gowen
Being raised near a farm I thought this would bring back a lot of memories of the food we grew up on-fresh grown.
Rule of three makes sense to the way we eat now. Love the added suggestions on what other foods could be placed on the menu.
Found the main meals/casseroles to use a lot of meat-something we have maybe once a week now but gave me ideas on combining a few recipes together for a meal.
Love getting back to basics with dry beans. Loved muffins the best and refrigerated dough that can be used for cinnamon rolls and dinner rolls.
Lacking are the pictures of food made but otherwise a good resource for old time cooking.

Wrap with Love: Holiday Gift Giving with Less Stress and More Joy by Lisa Bader
Everything you will need to wrap the perfect gift, even pick out the perfect gift for the perfect person.
Good story about how the girls were raised-their mother would spend a lot of time making sure each got the same value and the same amount of gifts.
I love the part where you start with a list then go shopping...
There are also comparison work sheets available at the author's site to help you along.
There is even a section on regifting. So many topics are shown so you will find the right gift.

A Stranger At Christmas by James McCullough
Illustrated very colorful children's book about Christmas.
Starts out showing how the family is ready for the holiday and they have decorated. Then one night a stranger comes by and starts taking down the lights...
Santa almost missed their town but he did see one house with lights on-they had asked their parents to help with lanterns...
Santa has an idea to help the stranger not be so gloom... The authors other books are highlighted at the end.

The House on Hope Street by Danielle Steel
Liz and Jack are married and work together at their law firm, handling divorces. They compliment one another in their work and home lifes.
They have 2 older children and a younger boy who is handicapped. One Christmas day Jack heads back to work to handle a domestic case and meets with the ex husband as he shoots his wife and then Jack.
Liz is devastated but manages to keep things going for the kids year after year. One summer Peter-the oldest gets seriously hurt and ends up in the hospital that leads Liz to stay overnight many times to be with him.
His doctor Bill is a miracle worker and they talk at times during Peter's stay. She decides to put on a memorial day party when Peter comes home and it's a success although she's not forgotten about Jack.
4 star rating

All is Bright by Sarah Pekkanen
What first attracted me to this book is the cover with snow and a woman just sitting enjoying the quiet of the snow falling.
Have read and enjoyed Sarah's other works.
This one is about Elsie and she's home to tend to her grandmother because her father and his new wife are traveling and it's Christmas and she doesn't want her to be alone.
Griffin and her had dated many times over the years and when they broke up she was more sorry to end it with his mother than him.
She does pay his parents a visit and is there when he calls to inform them of his engagement to Ilse. It breaks her heart even more as she arrives at her grandmother's assisted living facility and
the others in her group help her get over the loss. Best of Us is also featured with a sample at the end.
Loved the story and wanted it to last a lot longer...
  4 star rating

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