Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dec 31 more books read...

By Proxy, Heart of Montana Series by Katy Regency
First I fell in love with her knitted hat and his zippered fair isle sweater. I had read another Christmas story from the author and loved it.
I had never heard of a proxy marriage so it was interesting to read about it and look up other facts online. Love learning new things.
Sam is there in Montana and will be there longer than planned due to his late arrival and the judges early leave. Jenna is there to be the proxy for her friend Ingrid.
I like how each character gets their own chapter to describe things as they see it, after the initial shock has set in.
They agree to start over as they both were on the wrong foot from the beginning. He's left at the B&B and she heads home. He takes a walk outside and the territory is familiar to him. Love the part about the outside and the northern lights and all the detail of the nature.
Once in her familiar town and Yellowstone settings she begins to relax but her brothers hear she and Sam had dinner at a local place and they hound her the next day. All she can think about is Sam and she looks him up online and it seems as if he's got a girl back home-then why is he ogling her?
Love the loop around the area and the nature seen. They get the proxy marriage done and split to go their own ways.
They each suffer and realize in time what has happened and how to fix it..was going to suggest that the author continue the series with each of Jen's brothers getting a book and viola, the next is due out any day!
There was so much I loved about this as described above, so glad I was able to read it!
I received this book from the author in a contest she ran.

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