Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dec 5 books read

Christmas at Copper Mountain by Jane Porter
Love holiday reads and was happy to learn this one was free on the first few days of it's release.
Harley Diekerhoff works at the Copper Mountain Ranch for the holiday season to keep her distance from her family in CA.
Her gruff Boss Brock Shennan had hired her via a temp agency. They needed a housekeeper that knew the work and did it well.
He had lost his wife after 1 1/2 years and he didn't want a chatty housekeeper. It'd be a perfect fit.
She has had her own tragedy and we learn of it as the story goes along. She is really concerned when the biggest storm of the year hits and her boss is out in it. to track down some lost cattle.
The other ranch hands won't go look for him-the boss would have their heads. Love that she cooks for them all.
She gets the surprise of her life later that night and confronts the boss when he arrives.. is she going to leave or can she stick it out?
Love that their feelings on many topics come out of their shells and how they've kept them hidden so long.

The Sneezing Christmas Tree by Aaron Kerr
Alice recalls one year when they got their Christmas tree Emily. They had driven to many tree farms and finally found the one for them.
Til they get it home and it started sneezing.
Her brother Tommy and her listen as the tree not only sneezes but talks to them. They learn a lot about Emily's life by listening to her.
Alice remembers what happens when the holiday is over and they did cut the tree down, so it must die? The kids question the tree and Emily will tell them more the next time they talk...
The real meaning of Christmas, Christ was born and died for all of us. The story goes on with Emily requesting 3 things from the kids...
Loved how the kids decorated the trees-similar to what we've done in the past with the kids. Good story and meaning to the real holiday.

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