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Jan 15 books read b

 Cowboys of Chance Creek Box Set Volumes 1 - 3
The Cowboy’s E-Mail Order Bride by Cora Seton
Autumn Leeds has flown out to Montana to meet the cowboy's approval to wed him and live there.
She's a city girl and her friend had put together the video that won him over.
Ethan Cruz lives in Montana and his friends have played a prank on him-the ad looking for a woman to live on his ranch and have his children.
It's up to him now to confess it to her, or would he just keep it to himself.....She should tell him that she's only writing a story for her job-which she may not have much longer in the city.
But they are too 'wrapped' up with one another ...His buddies intervene to make matters worse and now his sister just wants to sell and Autumn has NO idea...
Autumn has plans of her own...everybody's plans and pranks are coming to light...
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The Cowboy Wins a Bride
This book in the saga is about Jamie Lassiter, best friend of Ethan from the previous book and they are setting up the wedding venue on the front lawn of the ranch.
He wants Ethan's sister, Claire but he won't be rushing into things like Ethan and Autumn. The friends of guys he has like pranks and bets and bet he isn't married to Claire by the end of summer.
Love hearing of the ranch and how they will run it as a guest ranch where the guests do some of the work. Claire Cruz runs an interior design company and her last boyfriend-the boss, had run away with the secretary and the money. She likes city living and wanted Ethan to sell the ranch so she'd get her half of the money.
But that didn't happen...She agreed to stay on the ranch, pretend to be his fiance and get the house decorated and trails mapped out for the business. There are stipulations about Jamie-no contact, no touching, no flirting and he'd pay for her cruise after the time.
This story also follows the daily life's of those who work on the ranch and the others involved as they come and steamy sex scenes and lots of action.  Lots of back story to bring you up to date.
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 The Cowboy Imports a Bride
This saga continues with another of the original men. Lots of backstory to bring you up to date on the happenings around town and in the couples lifes.
This one is about how the father of the four Matheson boys offers them 200 acres of land for free to be the first to get marrieds.
This book is mainly about Rob and his intended Morgan-from Ethan's side of the family, previously met in earlier books. She runs the family vineyard in Canada and when her half sister becomes pregnant her father can't make it to their meeting.
She just wants her dreams to come true....Love learning about the vineyard business.  Rob dishes out the practical jokes and he fast learns how the tables turn on him....Rob just knew his father would put more stipulations on the land...
Hot steamy sex and Claire and Jaime get married. Mysteries, confessions and upheavals, more clues to find.
More in the series are planned.
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