Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan 20 books read

This collection of books actually has 4 books by the author.
The two books below have been reviewed here previously...
 The Christmas Catch  (Holiday Brides Series #1)

Carrie St. John had just tossed her engagement ring in the pool- Wilson had broken it off with her.
This book also follows Mike Davis who is diving for his ex fiances ring in the pool and finds not his but somebody elses.
They have had their rooms paid for a s a special weekend rate and agree to just console one another and stay the night.
He planned to attend a 20th high school reunion and prove the guys wrong that he'd still be a bachelor. With his girl dumping him he'd still be a bachelor.
She is to attend her bridal shower that her grandmother and other relatives have put together-for the 2nd time. The last guy had walked out on her also.
They come together with other plans and before Mike knows it she's asking his dad to walk her down the aisle for their wedding.  He's not sure what to think... They do get to talk about her money and it's the tip of the iceberg-the one thing that can break them up.
I received this book from the author as a gift in exchange for my honest review.

Jessica flies to Madrid on an acquisitions deal but wakes up married to a matador!
She can't understand how it happened til she pieced together some clues from the night before...
Fernando is very compelling and with the sangria has gotten her to marry him.
They both are used to be the leader and handle confrontations well, except with one another. after she hears him out, as to why he has to marry and quickly she kind of understands but wants out of the marriage. is it a marriage anyways with the Spanish laws?
Then he tells his mother that Jess is pregnant... Her whole life is in the states...
Travel is really descriptive! Liked hearing about his profession.  Her BFF shows up to help out with the problems... Excerpt from Santa Fe Fortune is also included.
I received this book from the author as a gift in exchange for my honest review.

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