Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jan 22 books read

Scraps of Evidence Quilts of Love Series by Barbara Cameron
Logan McMillan is the lead detective on the St. Augustine police force.
Tess Villanova is now just on that squad after having worked her way up the ranks. Her aunt Kathy is married to Gordon-the head guy.
The story follows a homicide and it leads to the clues from 4 other cases that have similar things involved.
The aunt Kathy has a quilt shop where Tess sometimes helps out with. Her uncle Gordon sometimes leaves her wondering why they even married as they don't really much much in common.
Loved the story of how they had met with just scraps of material, also love the descriptions of all the places they eat and the scenery and things to do along the way when they are not working.
Tess hopes to also find out who did murder her best friend Samantha when she was just a teen and she has to open up and talk freely with Logan about things that set off a memory of the night.
She is just now, 3 years later, found her way back to church and God.
Lots of mysteries and investigations to get to the truth... Again her aunt has been hospitalized and she figures out what's going on with that..
They know God does have a plan for each of them..
I received this book from Net Galley via Abingdon Press in exchange for my honest review.

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