Friday, January 31, 2014

Jan 31 books read

VINTAGE VALENTINES: Valentine's Day Cards, Customs, Legends & Poetry
Colorful very informative book about the holiday. Many traditions and poems to accompany the cards.
History of how it's celebrated now and in the past. Meanings of the different flowers and colors even.  It's so commercialized now we need to get back to the root and the meaning.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

 Game Day Appetizers and Super Snacks (Delicious Recipes)
With the Super Bowl this weekend I thought I might find some more recipe ideas for a snack to make.
I thought there would be just a handful of traditional snacks for the big game. wow this book has 100+  of recipes.
There are very few pictures and no nutritional information but you would be able to substitute some for the diet you are on to make them healthy.
The book  also has many categories to choose from and you can make most of these ahead of time so you can spend time actually watching the game.

I Love My Dog - Fun Children's Picture Book with Cartoon Images and Amazing Photos of Dogs (Animal Books for Children)
A free coloring book is also attached if you sign up for the newsletter. This is a very colorful children's book that starts out with a story about two brothers who are old enough now to get a dog.
The dogs traits are given and then the answer as to what type of dog they are. 19 dogs are highlighted with very useful information to help you choose what type of a dog you need for your family.
Other works by the same author are highlighted at the end.

Dips: Top 25 Favorite Dips
Always on the lookout for new recipes and with game day approaching I thought I might
fnd just another one. So many to choose from you can easily make several because they are so quick to make.
Look appetizing also. Where the recipe originated, pictures for each one but no nutritional information. Most are made with light or fat free products.
Lobsta Lov would be my favorite. 

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