Thursday, February 27, 2014

Feb 15 books read

 Coming Home by Mariah Stewart
Like this  series and catching up on the older books.
St. Dennis, MD on the shores of the Chesapeake.  Vanesssa runs the Bling shop and her brother Beck is the local cop.
His wife to be is in Montana hoping to get her brother to walk her down the aisle to Beck.
The book also follows the life of Mia's brother,  Grady. he's left the FBI after the death of his wife and he's settled in over the years.
He agreed to the family week long event before Mia's wedding. I loved hearing of his travels hiking and his future plans of excursions.
Some in town are attempting to set Vanessa up with Grady and they appear to like one another and enjoy each others company. Love the hikes!
Grady opens up to her about his life but she doesn't tell him of her steamy sex scenes. Others relationships go forward as do their businesses in town. Love how they all step up to help one another out.
Tragic events the day of the wedding and it sends a message to Vanessa...Grady helps her figure out some of the clues and who is after her..
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen
Autumn, a  young teen girl leaves her mother and her followers from college to spend some time with her father and his new wife and their brand new baby.
After they have pawned the baby onto her quite a few times she's able to calm the child. A local boy likes her company and they are able to spend some time together.
Her father is a writer and is not contributing to the care of the child. Heidi tries to allow her husband to spend time with the new baby and his daughter but it's just not working out.
Her brother and mother also come into play during the book and it's weird how she reacts with them. Love the nightly jaunts Eli takes her on, so glad she does get to have a childhood, one very similar to the one I grew up with because we lived near our relatives.
Lessons she learns are hilarious as she does them.  Problems arise and she wonders how long she will remain there for the summer...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Christmas Quilt  
This story starts out with Sylvia and Sarah and they have uncovered the Christmas Quilt that a relative had started and never finished.
The story then goes back in time to when Sylvia was growing up and the economy got worse.  Not only did her father have problems selling their horses but they had loans from the bank as did all the neighbors.
When Eleanor, her mother finds out she made more strudel and passed it around to all the neighbors. She then went and cleaned out her closets to give the clothes to others who needed it more. The kids also collected toys to give to others-which is still done.
Love the story of their Christmas pickle. Sad to hear of her mother's passing but nice to hear how they name the horses after her favorite quilt block. Loved all the talks of quilt blocks.
The year Sylvia got her first ever sewing kit was precious.  Love how the pickle was discovered and hearing about the tradition of decorating a tree outside.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Midsummer Sweetheart (Heart of Montana) BY Katy Regency
Have read other works by the author and like the series very much.
Book starts out with Katrin Svenson, a nurse and her ex fiance is becoming madder and he's drunk. As the scene unfolds I can picture myself in this exact spot as if it was me there.
The cops do show up in time, this trip and lock Wade away for a few days. Since then her brother and sister in law have a plan for her escape. She will go to the other side of the national forest to a small town and be a nurse for a practice just starting.
She'd even have a place to stay and the towns small enough to walk around.  The translation of the lake sounds perfect-The Pearl of the Bay. She'd be leaving her family behind but it's only for a few months.
Her cousin's brother in law Erik Lindstrom would drive her to her destination and he would continue onto his new police enforcement training in another town.
Love the Norwegian dialog with translations and learning of their traditions especially the midsummer celebrations and legends.  He hates what Wade has done and tells Ingrid that he will look in on her once they all get settled with their new jobs.
He doesn't even want to get involved with Katrin because his parents breakup was so bad it left marks on his relationships.
Even though they spend a few hours together they each have thoughts of the other running through their minds and they just can't stop from thinking about..
Misunderstandings and medical problems will keep them apart, and can they make it back together....and just pray Wade leaves them all alone. Love how things from the past are dealt with..Love how this leads into the next book.
Received this as a contest in Facebook by the author

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