Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Books read March 11

The Valentine's Day Disaster: A Twilight, Texas Novella BY Lori Wilde
The tradition in he Twilight TX Valentine's Day celebration now include Hunks-In-The-Hood bachelor auction.
Jana Gerard and her boss Sesty were in charge of the auction but one man had dropped out due to an injury. Their miracle walked into the rehearsal hall Josh Langree.
Josh is  a Nascar driver and injured, back in town to recuperate and to serve his 40 hours of community service.
Josh and Sesty were an item in high school but he moved onto the race car circuit.  She wasn't interested in anything that was as drastic as the daredevils stunts he did.
Now they have eyes for one another again, but for how long...and they both on the rebound from ex's that cheated on them...
She has one shot to get the auction right all the details so a lot of big money will be raised to go towards healthcare for those in need.
Loved revisiting the town, and the legend of tossing a coin into the fountain and you will reunite with your love plays a part in this book also.... there are other disasters that occur and you wonder if the auction will even take place.
Hot steamy romance and sex scenes. More excerpts from the author and other authors from Avon Books are included.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Bookends by Liz Curtis Higgins
Dr. Emily Goetz and she is back home after 18 years of research. She has now a job there to find out the truth of the land for the Meridian congregation in a small German town in Lititz PA. We traveled there one year and was able to take a pretzel tour where they make and sell them.
Jonus Fielding is a land developer and he wants the land for a golf course. He is so opposite of her-athletic, she a book study person.
She gets roped into going with him at 430am to count birds at the preserve.
With problems from his brother the gambler and drunk he is sidetracked on his venture...Jonus contemplates ditching it.
Emily has also had some setbacks and has contemplated ditching her efforts. Problem is neither wants to give in so the other would see them as weak and a failure..
Bonus-recipes included.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Ladies Night  by Mary Kay Andrews
Have loved the authors other books and am looking forward to this one.
Grace Standton is a photographer and blogger and a house decorator that others look up to. She finds her assistant in the car with her husband...
Judges order counseling and they have to prove they are on board or their reports don't get signed weekly. She now lives with her mother and her husband and her ex assistant are now running her blog making her money.
She has no way to even get her clothes, never mind get into her house...
Story also follows Wyatt who's also there for group therapy....along with a few other females. They find out things about the therapist and the judge that just don't make sense...
Just a handful of main characters that at times I had fun laughing at what was going on and at other times really getting into the book really emotional. Love how they learned of what was really going on with the judge...
I received this book via Amazon from one selling the book.

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