Monday, March 3, 2014

Books read March 3

Sanctuary Island by Lily Everett
The two sisters showed up on the island and they were initially made to feel foreign.
As the days go by they become familiar with island life. Merry is there to child her unborn child with her birth mother. Ella Preston is there for support.
She sells real estate in the DC area and can imagine a B&B where her mothers house is and along with that the stables would bring in a good profit.
Grady Wilkes takes care of the wild horse preserve and just loves island life. He helps birth the wild foals and tends to their needs. Hates summer months when the island is overrun by tourists.
Love the story of how the horses got to the island off the coast of VA- similar to a book written by Nicholas Sparks about the outer banks of NC.
So many different emotions come forward as I was raised on the island and travel was via ferry.
Trouble starts when Ella learns of her mother's problems and she's keeping them to herself til her daughters leave.
Secrets and misunderstandings might just make Ella leave the island as things come to a head...Love the outcome, didn't see it coming, so worthwhile! Love the nature and close knit community.
Can't wait to read the rest as it encompasses the others in this book.
 I received this book from Writerspace via the author contest.

The Lost Quilter
In this book of the ongoing saga Sylvia and Sarah have discovered a long lost letter in a drawer.
It speaks of others that they have no idea who they are. Joanna was a Negro slave and has made her way to the north and the quilt made shows the path through various states that she took.
The quilt is known as 3 different names. The journey leads to Elm Creek where she once lived and had a son. There was also an award for her return-1858.
Sylvia knows of others who can help her find the answers as they are historians.  Story starts out with Joanna when she is on the run with her infant...
Loved how the quilt comes about and what it all signifies-nobody would ever guess!
So many struggles and beatings and a life so  abnormal except those slaves that endured it all.

I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

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