Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Books read Apr 29

EZ as 1-2-3 Come Learn About BUGS A-Z by Kathryn L Novak
Wanted to read this one especially because it's everything my grandson would love.
Illustrated colorful children's book that not only tells you what each letter stands for which bug but also fun facts about them to make the learning process more fun.
My favorite is June bug. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

The Very Best You by Kathryn L Novak
Illustrated very colorful rhyming children's book about being proud of what you are and what you can do.
Like how the picture shows what the words are saying.
Especially like the pages where ti shows different parts of the body and makes a rhyme with them.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end. Moral: to just be yourself.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Cooking for Dads
Wondered what this book would be about because the dads I know not only love to cook but do it well. Yes time is of the essence.
This is not a typical cookbook at all. The author explains about that, conversions from different counties, measurements, etc.
The recipe, some contain a picture, have ingredients and some have a lot of discussion about the recipe itself and sometimes the process of preparing it or the ingredients.
Especially like the chili con carne and the process of different things going on while making it.
Other works by the author at highlighted.

The Last Summer of the Camperdowns: A Novel by Elizabeth Kelly
The summer of 1971 and lot of events I also recall being a teen that year. Tragic events occur and
lots of secrets from many are shed but not right away. Love the sections of the horses and learning about them.
If only one didn't have to witness things that would change their course in life.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Don't Mind the Monsters by E.N. Huffman
Colorful illustrated children's book about monsters. The book tells you where the monsters hide in your house but not to be afraid
of their big teeth...and they tell you what they really like and they do not want to harm you.

Slow-Cook Yourself Skinny (Low Fat, Low Calorie Slow Cooker Meals)
Colorful with pictures and nutritional information. What I really liked also is that you just throw the ingredients all into the cooker, no fuss!
shrimp and rice would be my favorite to try.
Information at the very beginning tells you how to make the meals more healthier and by substituting some of the ingredients.
Gets right into the recipes and doesn't waste your time by telling you all the differences between the slow cookers and pressure cookers.

Garden Table
Starts out with a list of things you can use if you should run out of an item. Measurement and temperature conversions are also listed.
Lots of categories and stories about growing up around a garden where everything is grown.
No nutritional information but with all the herbs and spices and fresh food it should be real healthy.
Love bits from a farmer's almanac as to when to plant according to the moon phases.
Funny stories as to when to plant by sitting your bare butt in the ground...
Loved seafood feast as described just like what we experience here in the northeast.

 Waffles Chronicles: The Hamster that Lives in my Closet
Children's colorful book about a hamster named Waffles. He is not allowed to stay any longer and the girl hides him in her closet.
She wonders what he does all day because he is so big and chubby. She thinks of things the hamster might do all day but they all sound so boring.

Mediterranean Diet: 1200-1800 Calorie Mediterranean Diet Plan To Lose Weight, Boost Your Energy Level And Live Longer Life-7 Day Meal Plan Packed With ... Diet Recipes, Mediterranean Cuisine)
 Starts out talking about the Mediterranean way and why it's so healthy for one to be eating this way.
Meal plan gives examples of what to eat but only tells you the calories.  Our diet is more catered around low fat low sodium with 1600 calories per day.
Like new combinations to try and easy step by step instructions.
There is also another book in the series that you can get from the author, listed at the back.

LA BELLA LASAGNA - Variety of recipes for lasagna
Colorful cookbook all about lasagna made with fresh items. No nutritional information but calories are included.
Really like the use of herbs, spices and olive oil and we can substitute our lean hamburger and low fat cheeses so most of these recipes can be useful to those on low fat diets.
Lasagna Neptune would be my choice to try. Like the directions because they include all the ingredients on how to prepare them and layer them, etc in easy to follow step by step instructions.
Oh wow, chocolate lasagna for dessert. sounds very rich!
Other cookbooks are recommended at the end of this one-by the same author.

The Easter Egg Square (Easter & Lent, Humorous Stories)
This children's illustrated colorful book is about eggs. They are mostly all the same shape and are bunched in a basket on their way to the kings table in hopes of being selected. All but one square looking egg, Kuebly.
He feels sad to have been left out. After being decorated for Easter the other eggs are bumped out of the back of the tractor. Maybe Kuebly can save the day...

 Children's Book: "Stars in the Pool and Other Stories" (Kids Books Ages 5-10) Short Stories Collections and bedtime story books for kids by all ages, folklore ... Stories for Children Series (Volume 1))
 Children's book about different topcics that we can put into everyday life. Each comes with a moral to follow and anybody at any age can do these, don't believe everything you hear.
Be sure of the facts before jumping to conclusions, bad habits can always be changed and my favorite: 
Nothing can replace hard work. Most problems can be solved by thinking in new ways.
Such words of wisdom.

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