Monday, April 14, 2014

Books read April 14

 Easy, Elegant and Adorable Easter Treats
Love all the ideas to get everybody involved in making Easter a nice family holiday tradition.
Cards, picnics, egg hunts, etc are just a few. Love the detail it goes into about the holiday itself and how other countries celebrate it.
Food comes with pictures and how long to make them. Very colorful and easy to make.
Also tips on what else to put in a  child's Easter basket.
Recipes towards the back of the book will take a few hours to make-some of them. So pretty though!

25 Awesome Bedtime Stories for 1st-4th Graders (Beginner Readers)
Drawings that are sometimes colorful, children's book about Dan who doodles. Many stories with a moral and teaching a child respect and other life lessons.
Love the one where he tells the class what he wants to be when he grows up and proceeds to not only draw the job but tells what is being done.
Everyone Do The Crab Walk is another good one where a child can feel good about themselves because of what they can do. Some stories are just a few pages and some are 6 pages long. Some are totally silly.
Great stories for any child.

30 Delicious Ice Cream Cake Recipes
What I liked about this from the beginning is that you can substitute for a healthier ice cream cake.
The examples are numerous. Step by step instructions and there are many of them for each recipe.
Lots of different combinations. No pictures and no nutritional information.
I'd like to try the oreo cookie one as it's probably the fastest one to make and less steps to prepare it all. Definitely a treat for a special occasion.

Be Thankful for the Little Things Rhymes and Pictures to Teach Children about Gratitude By Louise Folger
Illustrated very colorful children's book that teaches them to appreciate what they have.
Starts out with things as basic as flowers and spring and to be thankful for those along with bird songs.
Other things that bring a smile to their face are also given a colorful page of things they are thankful for. The page states what they are thankful for and then why.
My favorite page is getting a hug from your grandmother, she is shown with an afghan on her lap and a cup of hot tea-this is me!
Little things also do not have to cost money. Other books by the author are highlighted.
Book encourages you the next time you wake up blue to think about little things and know that God's love is true.
I received this book from Library Thing via the author in exchange for my honest review.

All I Have In This World by Michael Parker
What first prompted me to apply to read this book was the title. It's not the material things we have that will live with us forever.
This is a story about many people and I first found it confusing because of the chapters were from a different year and different people til I realized it was the story of the car and the previous owners lives.
Loved learning about the terrain and nature around the various places the books take you to. Marcus has his dream and realizes he's a failure and tries to make his dream happen. Maria is from a mixed up family and they end up buying the car together.
Found it interesting where their path takes them especially when they are out driving, talking and learning about one another and what they want to do.
Loved the lists and charts. Love how the background of the car and its owners connect to the characters who buy it.
I received this book from Library Thing via Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill in exchange for my honest review.

Carnal Innocence  by Nora Roberts
The world class violinist, Carolyn is moving back to her familys home in Innocence, MS.   
Tucker was being accused to killing Emma Lou who she had stated earlier that day she was pregnant with his child.
Investigation continues as others come to his rescue...Lots going on..
Brutal and tortuous at times and scary.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

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