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Books read May 4, 2014

A Sky Without Stars by Linda S. Clare
Love this series and learning all the patterns and what they really stand for. This one is exceptional as it's about the Indians and God and how they came to trust the stars. Love the saying : a bed without a quilt is like a sky without stars, and so the book begins.
This book follows Frankie and her son Harold. They have left SD and landed in Arizona that was as far as the truck would get them. They had plans to head to LA and the government was gonna relocate them, get them a place to stay and jobs.
The story also follows Nick who works for the bureau of Indian affairs and is a Lakota himself-same as Frankie and Harold. Harold wants to get back to Pine Ridge because that's where his father's spirit is. Nick had to intervene when Harold showed up at his place trying to hotwire his truck, all beat up.
He dreams of Frankie sewing his grandmother's Lakota quilt that his ex wife gave to him during the divorce.
Their paths cross often, Harold is always in trouble with fighting, and Nick is around to help sort things out, get them through it.
The Navajo fair sounds very much like the one we attended in Ohio several years ago. They each see things that make them realize change is upon them.
Different decisions for each one as they try to stay true to God and their Indian heritage... excerpt from Maybelle in Stitches, the next in the series is included at the end.
I received this book from Abingdon Press in exchange for my honest review.

Sincerely Yours
Anthology by 4 different authors.
A Moonlight Promise by Laurie Alice Eakes
1850's  This tale is about the adventures of Camilla and she has come all the way from England in hopes of catching up with her friend.
She jumped onto a ship and went up north heading towards Albany. Many mishaps along the way that delay them in arriving in time for her to meet her friend. Captain finds out more details of her past....
She becomes friends with the Captain, Captain Black over many a night. When she finally does arrive she finds her friend has left but has left a note for her. She has many choices to make and any number of solutions to her problems.
Lessons in Love by Ann Shorey
Merrie Bentley has been writing a column about marriage and now the editor wants to meet with her, thinking M.M. is a man, to discuss further employment. She tries to talk her music teacher into pretending to be her husband, acting as the one the editor wants to speak with but he declines.
She needs to find a temporary husband...Her aunt who she lives with is trying to set her up with eligible men to marry...
Liked hearing of the "Godly topics" and after she injures her hand she seeks advice from others as to their views...
She knows she must come clean with the editor....
One Little Word by Amanda Cabot
Jonah designs and makes carousel horses and he knows he must return to his country and rule his family's land soon.
After the wedding of a friend he meets the grooms sister Lorraine and he figures she's too high and mighty to do menial tasks. She goes about and learns how to do them as her brother and new wife are not there to do them.
She then even helps him with the painting of the horses. Loved learned all about the finer workings of them. She knows her family will never let her marry just a commoner...
A Saving Grace by Jane Kirkpatrick
Love how Grace comes up with a treatable disease so she can spend more time with her friend Rebecca at the hospital. Love her idea of what can help cure others...But Dr. Hazard has other plans...Such a surprise to see who people really are in this book.
Really liked this book and finding out new things and locations and time frame.
I received this book from Book Club Network ( in exchange for my honest review.

Softly at Sunrise, released on August 21, 2012.s
This part of the family saga is about Rachel. She's returned to the family fold, living in the house with Ethan they had shared before she got kidnapped. The boys had rescued her and she's still missing pieces of her memory. She did recall losing the baby and found the divorce papers
She is back to work now, teaching children and her and Ethan are moving to a new house. She fears she pregnant...
Hot steamy sex scenes. Rachel takes on a troubled teen during lunch with extra help as her parents are going through a divorce.
Action packed scenes as the father of the girl goes to school and makes his demands known with a gun...
Excerpt of shades of gray is included at the end.

 Shades of Gray, released on December 31, 2012.
This story  concentrates on PJ who's left KGI and we find out why. Hot steamy sex scenes with one of her team mates-what was she thinking?
Mission they all meet about is a man that they need to take down because he wants to buy young girls and exploit them. She agrees to be the decoy but something goes wrong and they have taken her and abused her while the team listens on...
She gives up her spot on the team and unknowingly goes after Nelson and his boss. The team come to her rescue but she's missed the main guy....she is SO damaged. The Kelly women help her heal and she feels a part of them.
She stays with Cole and she gets intel about more girls being stolen...
My audio copy also included the previous book, Softly at Sunrise.

Healthy Snacks For Kids: Super Quick, Sure-To-Please Healthy Snacks On A Shoestring Budget
Good tips on how to select foods for a child, watch for hidden ingredients and avoid preservatives.
What I like about these is the child can help make them. They are colorful and pleasing to everyone and healthy.
Nutritious breakfast foods to prepare that will be easy for a child to help make and eat.
Lunch and dinner meals are also discussed. Also a book about how to travel for free is excerpted.

Children's book "The Snail Who Forgot The Mail"(Self Confidence & Self Esteem) (Teaches your kid the value of Patience 3-8) (anger management book) (Bedtime ... (Early Readers Picture Books 3-8)
Colorful children's book about the forest monsters. They are planning a party for the king and they want everybody to attend.
Snail was to deliver the mountain kings present but when he arrived he realized he had forgotten it at home.
He tells everyone he left it at home and they think it will take him 3 days to get back home and 3 days to get back. The king wants his gift right now.
The snail has the solution in a minute...
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

The Beginners Guide to Knitting: Learn How To Knit The Easy Way
Book starts out with an overview of the book and what it will cover.
History is discussed first along with what you might want to be your first project.
Then we move onto selecting needles and yarns. Good pictures of how to cast on the stitches, knit and to purl.
Just a few patterns but there are many resources to click on at the back of the book for more information. There is so much information in this book that is useful and covers many topics.
Other clickable knitting books are highlighted at the end of the book.

Forged in Steele, released on June 25, 2013.
This family saga book is mostly about Steele, part of the KGI group that help safe those who have been kidnapped or abused.
The girl gets injured and they stop at Marin's so she can fix her up. They get to spend a lot of time together and then he must go on the mission and she has news for him, when he returns.
The kind of news that changes them all...she runs her practice for the less fortunate in Costa Rica and then she gets kidnapped...
Love hearing about the plan to save her...

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