Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Books read June 11

Pressed Pennies by Steven Manchester
I was so hoping when I saw this new title that I'd get a copy to read and review. Without even knowing what the book is about I love the author's other works and knew I'd love this one also.
What really fascinates me is bringing me back to my childhood days and reliving them as they go to a local amusement park-one I've been to often myself in the 60's.
Story starts out with Abby and she's moved back to her hometown after a failed divorce, with her 9yo daughter Paige. Not many in the neighborhood are friendly to reach out to them but Abby shows her daughter how they can change all that.
The book also follows Richard, who had a crush on Abby when they were kids, til he had to move away. He is now a millionaire and owns a lot of material things but is divorced.
Any vacation where the grandkids are present we do run a shiny new penny through the machine to stretch and press it. My daughter was the one to explain to us when she was a teen how it's really done when the local train runs it over on the rails.
Love hearing all about that and the wishes that come with it.  They share many memories of their younger years, allowing me to do the same-down to the cherry Kool-Aid.
Like how they mix the past events with the present ones-water fire. what a different world in the middle of the busy city, a place out of time. I have been to a large majority of the places mentioned in this book, a time for me to relive the calmness of the nature, scenes and just being.
Remembering the past lives, paying it forward and be accountable for yourself...Like how the story follows what Abby is going through from all angles, Rich from his lifestyle, and even Paige and how she is coping...
L/ove how he teaches others the things he's learned: treat others better, put them first, and make them happy which will make them want to make you happy. Precious pennies throughout the book!
I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review.

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