Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Books read Sept 9

The Matchmaker by Elin Hilderbrand
Have read all the author's works and just love island living.
This story starts out with a love matchmaker and her life. It goes back in time, or should I say it catches up with her in the present time.
We find out her true love and why she had to let him go. her new love and her daughter. Also chapters are presented from the standpoint of many others that have come into their lives: co workers and the immediate family.
So much emotion in these pages. I was doing fine til the twists at the end of the book caught up with me. Have lost not only my mother this year but my mother in law and many of the pages were difficult to read with tears streaming down my face. Just and handful of characters and easy to keep track of who is who.
Love gift they were able to get together for her at the end. PRICELESS!
I received this book from LibraryThing.com in exchange for my honest review.

North of Boston by Elizabeth Ello
Perio is left to drown-a survivor while out in the ocean on a lobster boat.
Ned is not found. Noah is the child left behind. Others think the boat was hid purposely.
She gathers clues, that lead her to more mysteries, love the trail of the scents...

An Aria for Nick by Hallee Bridgeman
Why I wanted to read this book was for many reasons: Northwest and high tech mysteries.
Aria once on track to be a world renowned pianist is devastated when her best friend's father breaks her wrist at his funeral.
Nick was serving overseas and he left everything to her and his father was upset about that.
Years later and with her genius IQ she is able to associate her music notes with how to solve mysteries, on many levels. She has a PhD and is seeing clues as to Peter Harrington's involvement with nuclear espionage and calls in the feds.
Harvey Castle shows up and she realizes who he really is and they catch up with one another as to why his past life must stay covered up.
He works for the Feds and is gathering the information Aria has on Peter to implement him. Some things go wrong and now the other Feds are after them... Hard to follow with his dreams of days gone by...
She is able to turn to her psalms to calm her and to keep herself on track. Took me a while to get into the book as it was from various timeframes. Til you see the connection and the book makes sense, keep on reading.
Lots of mysteries and adventure. Lots of extras included at the end: translations of foreign phrases, computer and military terms explained and recipes to name a few.
I received this book from BookFun.org in exchange for my honest review.

Red Hot Mamas  
Many struggles as woman age and achieve 50 years of age and all the different obstacles they each stumble onto.
Studies showed different statistics and the different women highlighted are able to cope and move on and be happy.
So much information on many topics that are on my doorstep at almost 60 years of age.

One Bear: The Kids Learn To Count Book
Illustrated very colorful children's book showing not only the numbers from 1 to 10
but animals and other words that rhyme with what they are comparing. My favorite is 2 bunnies who think they are funny.
Such silliness can only be good for a child to get them to laugh and smile.

50 Delicious Pumpkin Dessert Recipes - Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Cookies, Pumpkin Muffins and More (The Ultimate Pumpkin Desserts Cookbook - The Delicious ... Desserts and Pumpkin Recipes Collection 1)
Many categories of recipes to make using pumpkin. Problem for us is there is no nutritional information and from the looks of the ingredients, butter is not very healthy for us. Some recipes we could get away with using low fat items.
No pictures but the recipes do come with step by step instructions.
Author's website also contains many other kindle versions of cookbooks, something for everybody.

Fred's Ears: When He Hides His Big Floppy Ears His Friends Can't Find Him!
Colorful children's book about a donkey with very long ears. He doesn't much care for them and tries with different hats to cover the ears up so they are not so noticeable.
Starts out with one hat, then two, then three, etc and all are different colors. This book would be good for not only counting but the different colors.
His animal friends can not find him because he is totally covered up....
3 blue hats are my favorite because I can make that type knitting.

 CHILDREN OF THE WORLD (Fun, Zany, Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book for Beginner Readers About Multicultural Children and Numbers, Ages 2-8)
Colorful children's book showing not only numbers but children from different parts of the world in their native attire.
Counts to twenty and the author's other works are highlighted along with some samples.
Great educational tool where a child when reading a page could look up where the country is located on a map/globe.

 THE LITTLE LEPRECHAUN WHO LOVED YELLOW! (Absolutely Delightful Bedtime Story/Picture Book About Following Your Heart, for Beginner Readers, ages 2-8)
Colorful children's book about Patrick the leprechaun who loves to wear yellow but others think he should wear green.
He finds all the colors he really likes and compare them to things he sees every day.
He leaves school one day to place the pot of gold at the end of the colroful rainbow and not realizing all in town would be looking for him....
Other works by the author have a sample attached.

OH DEAR SAID THE DEER:children's beginner readers early reader books collection(children's learning picture books)values(Preschool)Adventure ... Books for Early / Beginner Readers books)
Illustrated colorful children's book about animals and how they stay safe in the forest even when it's raining out.
The deer leaves to visit his friends houses to get a hat.
Love that he visits an ant, elephant, rhino and other animals to collect hats for his friends who are out in the rain or snow.
He's not able to go out because no hat will fit over his antlers. His friends have an idea....

 Fishin' a Bowl
This is a very colorful children's story about a fish that is in bowl and how he keeps himself busy every day.
He has a rock also that he can hide behind to watch people on the outside of the bowl.
A girl comes to feed him then a cat sticks his paw in the water....
They come to a solution to make each of them happy.

 Lars The Car - Kids Story Book for kids ages 4 to 8
This illustrated colorful children's book is about Lars and he is a car.
He has many friends who are also a certain color of a car and he asks for what he could be.
They give him many suggestions but he doesn't really care for any of them...
Next day he wakes up and figures out what he wants to be and starts training so he can be the best..

Candy Andy and the rainbow dinner (Happy Motivated children's books Collection)
Free items from the author along with this free ebook. Very colorful children's book about Andrea.
She would only eat sweets and candy but her parents tried to get her to eat healthy foods.
Her grandfather played a game with her about the color of food where she would eat very healthy foods.
Love author's take on this game and how it could work for you to get your child to eat.

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