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Books read Feb 23

Back In The Game by Lori Wilde
Stardust, TX a new series! Story is about a pitcher who we learn has just lost his career due to a misunderstanding and lots of alcohol.
Also follows a woman who runs a bookstore and is a writer. He wants to write his story and hires her, after interviewing when there are others to apply for the same job.
They spend a lot of time together and we learn all their secrets, well not all of them. Especially liked how he drew her out of her comfort zone. I feel in a way, like her as I've not experienced a lot of things and they are on my 'to do' list, someday.
Ziplining sounds really fun and with a tandem it would even be shared with a loved one.  When we learn he wants to stop the book in process she doesn't cave in and they continue with the writing. Hot steamy sex scenes. Like the beginning of each chapter as we are given a glimpse into how others perceive baseball.
Love family events and how the others in the family come to her support. Love the story of the treasure chest and the hidden compartments and am happy to learn it continues in the next book. Love a mystery and the treasures that are hidden deep within.
The impossible happens and the team now hires his brother to pitch and it comes with a price and he has to make ends meet by tying up all loose ends. The story is very believable and I can really see things happening. Wish there had been more details of baseball during the telling. Loved all the stats.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Trains and Lovers by Alexander Smith
This 4 hour, depending on how many stops the train makes, is on its way from Edinburgh, Scotland to London, England.
There are 4 men and one woman and they get to talking. All kinds of subjects but also about love. Some tell of their grand love story when they meet their spouse or
a fond memory they have. Takes you all over the world as that is where they are all from to begin with.
Loved the travel each had described and loved the jobs of a few of them: fisherman who lost his oar and the one who had picked up the steam train in a art setting where trains had not even been invented when the painting had been finished.
I have done both things and felt a bond.  Didn't care much for the travel to and in Australia, just no bond for me there, seems like such a foreign country with the culture.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Five Little Penguins Slipping on the Ice by Steve Metzger
Story of penguins falling, one by one and hurting themselves.
Audio version so I'm not able to see the penguins slipping on the ice.
Mother called the doctor and he told her, no more penguins slipping on the ice. The other penguins also slide around ice.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

What Kind of Penguin Are You?
Free gifts are linked in the book.
Colorful children's book about jobs a person can do and they are depicted through a penguin as they try on different clothes to match the job along with aides.
I like the reading penguin the best because I LOVE to read. Another animal tries to come off as a penguin also ...
Previews of what kind of owl are you are highlighted at the end.
Like this book a lot because of all the variations of jobs one can do.

Lavender: Uncover The Incredible Health And Beauty Uses You Are Missing From This Easy To Grow Relaxing Flower (Lavender, Relaxation, Natural Remedies, Herbal Medicine)
Learned a lot of useful information about the herb Lavender, part of the mint group. Everything from fragrances to healing.
You can also use different parts of the flower/plant to cook with. Also a chapter on how to grow the plant and what works best.
Recipes included also a preview of Mint book by the same author and many other titles.

Kids Activities: 101 Indoor Activities for Kids: Ultimate Collection (TJD Series Book 2)
Great information for kids of all ages to play indoors when they are not able to get outside.
Similar to previous books by the author, this one does not include pictures of the items or games.
Each activity does tell you what you will need and suggest an age group.
We have played circle games with the grandkids and loved them.
Art and science and math and English sections are excellent.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Kids Activities: 101 Outdoor Activities for Kids: Ultimate Collection (TJD Series)
Helpful information on how to entertain the kids. Love the camping and seasonal activities.
Enough to keep the kids occupied for hours.
Highlighted at the end are other works by the author.

101 Art Activities for Kids and Teens: Ultimate Collection (TJD Series Book 3) 
Drawing, painting and crafts. What fun things kids can do today that are easy and fun.
No pictures but each activity will tell you what supplies and tools you will need and suggests an age group that this is suitable.
Like hearing of the things that teach along the way, like how to use a towel tubing to make a South American musical instrument.
Suncatchers would be one of my favorite to try-the variations are endless with just nature things.
Highlights at the end for 101 outdoor activities and 101 indoor activities.

Eight Life Hacks to a Healthier You
Very helpful information not only about your diet, the food you should be eating and those you should not be eating but a lot of other health advise.
Love the section on yoga and the suggestions on how to start doing it. Also the cardio and strength training exercises that should accompany a routine in your life.

What I Love About You by Rachel  Gibson
Natalie Cooper, recently divorced and she runs a photo shop and raises her toddler daughter.
Blake Younger is the next door neighbor and Natalie gains his attention...they each have sexual fantasies about one another without telling the other.
The little girl is the bond they both have to spend more time together. he got puppy bombed and now they all share the dog. He's just out of rehab for drinking and out of the service.
Funny scenes with her friends as they discuss what is important to them....complications arise when his twin brother comes to pay a visit and she thinks it's fast paced action and adventure of his job...
Steamy sex scenes and small town living add to this story.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Horticulture Nov/Dec 2014
Never read this magazine so am eager to learn new things before our spring/summer growing season starts.
Very resourceful magazine, I can just imagine the colorful pictures of the flowers that you can grow.
Useful information about zones and what flowers to plant, due to their height and how much room they need, zone, etc.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

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