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Books read Mar 25

The Woman Who Walked into the Sea by Phillip R. Craig
This is one that I've not yet read from the series. Love this series as they are based on an island in the North Atlantic on a nearby island.
JW Jackson is a retired cop and loves living off the land and has a love interest Zee who works at the hospital. They get together often and share food, recipes and just being together.
THis book finds them attending parties and being introduced to others who are there on the island. They are in the English field and one of them has located a Shakespeare partial play that no one even knew about.
She has a habit of swimming at 6am everyday but one day she doesn't come back from the ocean.
Lots of fun, drama and gossip, so many laughs.  Things don't add up and the woman's professor friend hires JW to investigate and he finds many discrepancies.
Love catching up with the others on the island.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Vineyard Stalker by Phillip R. Craig
This book is about JW and his investigations to a real estate agent friend, her brother. JW's wife, Z and the kids are off to Fall River to visit the other half of the relatives so he has time on his hands to investigate.
He finds there is so much more than what he had gotten from the agent. Caroline just thinks somebody is going to get hur, she just wants to find out who is causing the problems at her brothers place on the island.
Loved hearing of what a spirit house is and how to build it and why you have one.
Comes with recipes that are delish! Lots of clues and lots of people to talk to, figuring this one out.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Mistletoe Promise
A lawyer, he is tired of being alone for the holidays. He proposes to her that they start a relationship for 8 weeks.
Elise contemplates it and she thinks it over and agrees to do it.  She is divorced and doesn't care about her fashion sense. She works at ICE in the tower.
Nicholas wants a contract, he will pay for everything and it will end Christmas eve. They go through calendars and agree to accompany one another, spent every lunch they are free, together.
Love that he sends her a gift at work every day, flowers, candy, fancy expensive scarf, jewelry, etc.
They spend a lot of time together doing things that they didn't go to as a single adult. They talk a lot and she tells him of her upbringing an dhow abusive her father was.
He knows her secret and she finds out his and they are very compatible as they have suffered unheard of pain.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

When Lightening Strikes by Kristan Hannah
Romance author, Elana Castanza has sent her daughter off to the wilds for survival field training and they won't be able to talk for over 12 days.
During the storm she is writing her story and when lightening strikes she  wakes up and she's in the story she was writing.  The west is a place for forgiving.
Kidnapped by Killian in the western plot she was writing, 100 years in the past. She knows what is going to happen at the bank robbery, she had written the book scenes.
Problem is some things are not going the way she had written them. After days of not waking up in her regular bed she just wants to get back to her daughter-in the real world.
She tells the others her story and they do believe her as she knows Killain's real name, his wifes name and circumstances that led to her death. Nobody but Killian knows of the truth.
The old wise woman tells her they are soulmates and she almost believes her as time goes on...
He used to be a caring loving hero and when he finds her gone he thinks again he's back to his normal self-caring for others. Steamy hot sex scenes and he does want to help her get back to her daughter...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Story Keeper by Lisa Wingate
Have read some of the author's other works and enjoyed the book. This one intrigued me to want to read it. It's about Jen Gibbs who is a book editor and we get to see just what it is she does on a daily basis.
Always wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes. She's recently broken up with her boyfriend Brian and she keeps the dog, Friday. She is so by herself that she carries on conversations with him. She had a manuscript put on her desk, unsolicited and she realizes it is from the slush mountain-the books they never get to read.
There is a note and it comes from NC. The book is about a Mohegan female and her life and it brings up memories for Jen as is is from the same locale.
Love hearing of the mountains and the editorial world. .gets a bit confusing at times as the book alternates from Jen and her life and the story of the female that lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The font style is different for both.
Jen and her friend Jaime attempt to find out who the author is, and she's pretty sure it's the same as the time shifters author. Problem is he is a loner and doesn't do interviews, etc and Jen isn't 100% sure it's the same guy, Evan Hall.
Her boss wants to know the answers also and sends her back to Looking Glass Gap to find out just who the author is ...
She does, in town, get to talk to one of Evan Hall's relatives and when she returns to the cabin she finds a few more of the chapters of the book, the story keepers. that woman she has plans to meet with in hopes to find out if Evan is the author...
She also gets to reconnect with her family and realizes how backward their lifestyle is and she's glad she was able to get away. The groups come together to help find a lost child. Love the communion box-so glad there is a 'box' in this book. Quite surprised to find out the true author as the clues get them all searching.
Handful of characters, easy to keep track of and glad to hear of the Appalchia people and ther lifestyle. Detailed descriptions of the sceneery was great! Love the story line. Also includes excerpt from The Sea Keeper's Duaghter, the next new book.
 I received this book from via Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review.

One Season of Hope by Jim Stovell
This book is one I wanted to read for the football experience. Miss Friday Night Lights on TV and this is a good substitute.
On many levels it not only has football but small town team work and making ti all happen.
Starts out with the Coach and he's on his way to his retirement party after serving years in the school as teacher and football coach. There are also chapters of when he was 15 and just starting out at the high school, on the football team and working his way up.
Loved the play by play action and also the beginning of each chapter has a quote from Harry S. Truman. The school is Truman Eagles and football brings the town together.
Follows one full season and the decisions that needed to be made and why and the turnouts. Handful of people that are easy to keep track of. Like how this book is about the present also with terrorist attacks on the school, etc.
Love how the book got it's name and what it symbolizes. Easy to follow as the coachs own life comes into play in the present day football season.
Love the pep talks and quotes and prayers throughout the book. So many new things to learn, not only about football but our history as well. GREAT read!
 I received this book from via Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review.

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