Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Books read Mar 31

 The Forever Bridge by T. Greenwood
Book starts out with days of the week. Each section follows a few different stories. Ruby is being dropped off at her mothers for a visit. Her father, now in a wheelchair has left his wife and will go back home to NC with his brother.
Sylvie is rather a bit odd as we follow her life and her past, when the car went off the bridge and her young son died and her husband became paralyzed. Ruby has a few friends still there in town and they do meet up but Ruby can't swim although she goes to lessons several times a week with Izzy and Marcy. Those two girls are into one another that they don't even realize how much ti hurts Ruby that they don't pay attention to her.
Ruby wants to make a bridge, to replace the one where her brother died. The sections also follow a girl who's about to give birth and has left her boyfriend and she's hiding out in an abandoned shack, til the night Ruby finds her.
Sylvie with her pills is delusional and just wants to keep safe in her house but prowlers probably animals, are outside and they want to come into the house.
Lots of facts about bridges around the world and how they collapsed and how they were fixed-she hopes to still win the contest.
They are in VT and hurricane Irene is about to hit the Carolinas and travel up the coast. I remember this hurricane and the damage it did=to VT, so devastating to see.
I had a hard time finding the connection between them all til I looked at the title again. Bridges do connect them together.

The Fighter A Foundation Novel By Kira Adams
Won this book in a giveaway and had entered because I hoped there would be great detail into the career of a fighter. Something for me to learn about that would be interesting.
Starts out with Peyton and Jace and they are in high school. They decide to compromise-she will go see his football game if he will go with her to ballet. Sounds like troubled times at home for Jace as his parents have split up.
His father takes up with a woman who's got a teenage daughter and they move in. More hard times for Jace and then he's free and clear of the mess. Problem is then his grandmother dies. Everything he is involved in turns against him....
He was known as the local hero for stopping the shooter at school and now everybody looks up to him and is a great supporter of his, in not matter what he takes on. Peyton, his girl is in awe of him makes things happen.....
Excerpt of My Forever is included at the end.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Moon spinners by Sally Goldenbaugh
This Seaside knitters book is about  a mystery surrounding the local knitting shop and all those that frequent it to help solve the murder.
A special yacht club dinner and the knitters are invited. Sohpia has been seen driving off a cliff but all the knitters know she never would've done that.
They must collect the clues and ask a lot of questions to find out who did it.
Some things around town are not making sense: why the path is closed off to get to the public areas....why Sophias husband never drove the car once he brought it home...
Loved hearing of the knitting lessons-turning heels on socks. Always amazes me that I can never figure out who it is that killed the woman.
 Excerpt from A Holiday Yarn, the next in the series is also included.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

A Quilt for Christmas by Sandra Dallas
Wanted to read this book for the quilting and for the holiday itself.
1864 during the war. Eliza Spoon is in charge of her home and land while her husband goes to war. She makes a quilt for her husband and she gets a thank you card for Christmas. She does take in a woman with a child, who just a few days ago was a war widow.
The war widows would gather once a month to quilt. Love hearing what the colors represent. She is also sent a letter that her husband has died but something again doesn't sound right with the letter.
She is asked to hide a beaten colored woman and she agrees til others come to find her to take her away. She then hides her at another's farm. So many deaths and she leaves the house to offer water to one who's wandered into their yard.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

A Perfect Life by Danielle Steel
Newscaster Blaze McCarthy and her daughter Salema whose blind tell how they cope with life from their side.
When Salemas aide dies she moves back home to NYC and they are assigned a male and the problems that arise due to his sex is one they drive through. Simon  is not a maid and he strives to get Salema independent by making her do things.
He falls in love with Blaze and they carry on a romantic relationship.  After the holidays he has to return to the school to serve out his contact and his past girlfriend has finally left her husband, for Simon. Blaze's career shoots to the top and others have tried but can't overtake her career.
She also discovers she is pregnant and takes a lot more time to be there for Salema as her musical career happens and it excites them all. She decides not to go back to the institution but to stay in the city.  She knows what decision she has to make about the child.
Simon comes to tell her of his plans and the things he likes to do and wants to do, in the city. She will at least let him see the child but are they really over?
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

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