Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Books read July 29

Mason Jar Gifts from the Heart: Easy and Fun, Homemade Gifts for Every Occasion (DIY Gifts & Projects
Cute ideas for making a homemade gift where the recipient actually makes the cookies or other food themselves.
Decorating the labels and tags also are explained along with supplies you will need and how to prepare everything.
Color photos throughout the book.

Cookies 101: The Finest Quick and Easy Delicious Cookie Recipes In The World
Love to bake and so I thought I'd check this book out. No pictures and no nutritional information.
Starts out with name, yield, ingredients, how to mix and bake and store the cookies.
Recipes are divided up into categorizes: Italian, American, French, and German. Although just a handful from each category they are good ones!

Knitting for Beginners: 7 Simple Steps for Learning How to Knit and Create Easy to Make Knitting Patterns That Look Amazing! (Knitting - Knitting for Beginners ... Patterns - Knitting Patterns - Knit
Love knitting books but this one left me wanting more, diagrams, pictures and more. It has the basic information just not displayed colorfully.
Tells you how to cast on various ways but is confusing if you've never tried to knit. Diagrams would've helped a lot here.
Basics of knitting, increasing, decreasing and how to end instructions are all here.
A few patterns at the end.

How To Fly For Free: The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Flight Prices, Navigating To ANYWHERE For Less & Flying For Free (Travel Book 1)
Discusses the various frequent flyer programs and how to accumulate points with other purchases to make your flying trips, free or very low cost.
What to watch out for by signing up for all the new credit cards-your credit score could be at risk.
How to take a different flight to get to a longer distance away airport for the miles.
Sounds a bit risky to me, taxes and the fine print. be careful.

Fun Lunch Box Recipes for Kids: Nutritious and Healthy Lunchbox Cookbook for School Meals & Snacks
Always on the lookout for new things for my grandson to try. I figure if he can help make it he'd enjoy eating it more.
He probably go for the waffle sandwiches or he might try putting ice cream in the center.,...
Pinwheel bites would be my selection, yumm Really enjoyed the variety, so much to choose from and easy to make.

Pete the Penguin
Colorful children's book about Pete the penguin and he can't decide what he wants to be when he grows up.
Story goes through many options of careers and how they would dress.  Cute story.

101 French Toast Delights: French Toast Recipes (101 Recipes Series Book 4)
Love making our own french toast and thought this book would have more of  a variety of tried and trued recipes for us to try.
Starts out with the history of the food and then how to make the perfect french toast.
Few colorful photos. Great ingredients and methods of how to prepare and then baking on the stove.
Oven baked is another healthy alternative. So many flavorful combinations to try!

Baking Without Bothering: Muffins and More! by Rachel Wizenfeld
Colorful book showing what muffins are and how to make them fast, without really measuring and by using baking mixes.
What to avoid so they will not fail.   Thought this was going to be just another cookbook but it's not. Shows you how to make the baking mix yourself
and then what wet ingredients to add. The really good thing is I would be able to use canola oil and liquid eggs in the recipes. Love the combinations of food-really appealing.
Yumm carrot cake muffins would be a big hit with me....
Each recipe has a color photo and also tells you an alternate way rather than using baking mix. How to add frosting and any other added tips you need for specific recipes due to their ingredients.
How to mix and bake are also included. A chewsletter you can sign up for gives you many other recipe options. 
Will be trying recipes out this week, especially zucchini as they are being harvested now.

Scandalize me by Caitlin Crews
This book came in a package for reading another authors work. This is part of the 5th avenue series.
A large vendetta and Zoe Brooks wants justice for the one that is no longer. She talks to a handful and knows exactly who they have to target.
A lot of ghosts and pain suffered over the years and we realize she means business. Can she pull it off? LOTS of hot steamy sex and I felt most of the book was about that and not the plot.
Excerpt for the next in the series is included at the end.

Next Time Lucky Lessons of a Matchmaker by Siggy Buckley
Won this book in a contest and tried 3 + times to get into reading this. Thought I'd like to find out how the dating online services work-not that I'm in the market for them.
Just like to understand why others turn to the service and pay money. The book is based out of Ireland and I had a problem with the slang as it's not explained and there seems to be more of a sex scene then a relationship bond. Gonna pass on reading this one.

String of Pearls by Lydia Moen
Love pearls and wanted to find out about them in this book.
Starts out in a small community alongside a lake where there is a car accident. A man has run into a woman along the side of the road.
There are 3 women who bond together to form the cord. Some are married with traveling husbands, one is a widow and another is going through coping with her husbands medical problems.
Love how the book got its title and what the pearls represent. Like how the groups of people lean on one another they become to familiar to one another that they can just walk into each others houses and help where needed.
They are all involved in charity and volunteer work to help others.  Good to see how people handle the tough stuff relying on God and praying. Seems to work better when they do it as a group.
So many bad things happen and the combine forces to overcome them while going about their daily lives. Hard decisions for some to make and all lend a hand. Can't wait to read the next in this series.
I received this book from (Book Club Network) in exchange for my honest review.

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