Friday, September 18, 2015

A Vintage Year, book review

A Vintage Year by Kate Preston
Cover fascinated me enough to want to read this book. Love nature and growing things and story line sounded good also. Starts out with two women who are into wine and they want to bid on the case but lose to Harris Tucker, the tennis player. His accountant comes up with a scheme to teach Harris a lesson and he ends up working at the vineyard and a date with Cassie.
Laughed at the idea of spending a week at the farm. Love all the chores and jobs needing to be done, and during what seasons and that he is a city boy and has NO clue.
Harris has a deal that he will lose his wine if he doesn't show up for work. If he does show up Laura will owe him one of her bottles.
Harris helps out a lot at the ranch/farm/vineyard and falls into many scams that really lighten things up when matters are dire. Laura is now divorced and living back home with her two kids. Other family members are around to help her bring the kids to and from school but some days
she allows Harris to pick them up.....He finds he is the charm that will draw the crowds to tour the vineyard and they use him among his other duties. Love how the date turns out-didn't see that coming.
Best part for me was learning more about the grapes, growing them, all terms and the biodynamic parts of farming.
We learn of Laura's past and how she loved Harris, he had been her tennis teacher....she knows what her priorities are....
Others realize how much Harris is worth to their business and the job offers come in, a lot more money than working at the farm...
Love how the siblings work together and keep the secret from their father....conflicts arise from all corners and tempers flare.
It would be a miracle if Laura and Harris could ever have a relationship....
Love how you picture the story going and you are wrong at every turn. So many obstacles, funny at times...twists and turns and an all-around good read.
Best part for me was learning more of the vineyard and its operations. Felt like I was there, with very detailed descriptions. Also that I went on vacation for the festivals and fun nights out.
Handful of characters whose lives are intertwined and they work together...even the townsfolk for a better town. Can’t wait to read more from this author!

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