Thursday, September 3, 2015

Books read Sept 3

Prodigal Son by Danielle Steel
Have enjoyed many works by the author and know this will be another good read.
Starts out with typical life for parents and twin boys. Growing up Michael always wanted to be like his father, the doctor.
He marries Maggie and they have a son and daughter. Bill flees to England and starts researching his mothers symptoms...
She had fallen once and now her husband is in charge of all her medicines and Bill thinks she's being poisoned.
The other son is rather a disappointment to the family and over time he learns about his disability that effects everything he does. He marries and has two boys but with the crash of the stock market he's out of luck and money and houses and cars.
His wife Elena flees to LA to live with her father and the boys and he's offered to help Peter also but he needs to do things on his own.
Amazing tale of the two families over the years and how they are brought together and more disturbing events occur, will it bring them together or draw them further apart from one another.
Love the travel and learning new things.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Children's Book - Rocket Boy Adventure Series Book Set One
Colorful children's book about a boy who jumps into his rocket and explores new places.
One book starts out with going to the sun, another: Venus, Mercury, nebulae, etc
Great educational tool!

The Street Where The Dollar Tree Grew - Bedtime Stories For Kids: Stories For Kids With Pictures - Rhyming Verses
Colorful children's book about a boy who is wandering around his town and sees the old lady's house but there are coins on the tree.
He falls and she helps him and offers to show him the dollar bill tree. He collects many bills and she tell shim to share them with the poor people.
He goes to a store and buys things just he wants. but then nothing works. He thinks about what she said and starts giving things to others and finally the magic has started.

Children's Books: THE VERY HELPFUL FATHER (Deliriously Fun, Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book, About Fathers and Having a Good Attitude, for Beginner Readers, 25 Whimsical Illustrations, Ages 2-8)
Colorful children's story about a very helpful father. The boy is now grown with a family of his own and he can't believe the condition of his messy house. He calls his dad, who knows the answer to everything,
and he follows his suggestions. Problem is things get worse as he continues to call for advice.
Love how it all plays out to the right solution.

Children Books: The Food Revenge (Bedtime Stories For Children)(early learning books)(Picture Books) (Twins Stories Book 3)
Colorful children's story about twins who like to throw food on the floor after they've had a bit to eat. Problem is the food doesn't like to be on the floor.
Love how they get revenge on the kids....

I Don't Want to Go to School
Colorful children's story about a boy who's afraid to go to school this year. He comes up with reasons why and his parents calm his
fears and explain how it really is and that he has nothing to fear.

Relentless Desire/ seasons of yesteryear by rachel ryan/ sandra brown
widower Lee has left the girlfriends party and pulls over to the side of the road. chad stops and helps get her into the back of his truck and delivers sarah. drives them to the hospital and contacts her relatives and then he's gone.he reappears later and they try to get past their earlier lives but his job/work haunts her to the point where she can't marry him. can she learn to live with it ?

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