Friday, October 9, 2015

Book Spotlight: Shadow Shifters 2: The Light of Noon

  Shadow Shifters 2: The Light of Noon


  1. Synopsis:

  2. The story continues as our 3 teenagers face a danger they were never really prepared for. The action steps up as they try to figure out ways to deal with a species that threatens all of humanity.Will they arise to the task at hand or will the whole situation backfire and leave them worse off? Read the next chapter in the Shadow Shifters series to learn more secrets and find out how they deal with this new evil.


About the Author:

Author, musician, and family man who lives in Texas, with his wife of 26 years, and a cat named Jinxy. He likes to read, write, compose music, play video games, and watch movies in his spare time. His second novel titled "Shadow Shifters", a YA Paranormal Horror, was released in July of 2014. His 3rd novel Shadow Shifters 2 is expected to be published late 2015.

J.B. Thomas has been writing for 35 yrs. While he was raising two boys, he could not devote the attention required to produce quality novels, and has always refused to do nothing less than that. His novels reward patience. He believes a good novel should savored, not rushed through.

While lessor writers may take the tried and true route of following trends, J.B. does not believe in doing so. He takes a more daunting and less traveled route of originality. He is not out to make a fast buck. He wants to create a lasting legacy, and doing so, requires more than just a new spin on an old idea.

If this sounds like what you want to read, then by all means, give something new and different a try.

My Review:

 Shadow Shifters Book 2 The Light Of Noon By J.B. Thomas
Back to the warehouse where the group is researching the powers....
Loved hearing what color witches do what spells and about their powers.
Calibrated devices are having some strange results...memory extraction techniques sound so intense as there are many aspects to it.
Whether the procedure will work is another story....different rules for different  dimensions... can the species work together or is the world doomed as we know it?
Things really heat up and they must escalate to the next level-getting the government involved=can this possibly even work?
Fast paced action found listening to this a better experience but reread the print version to get an even closer look at the fine points.
Felt like I got a better handle on what was happening in this series and can't wait to read the next one.
book 3 should be another super read!

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