Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Book Review: The Catch of a Lifetime

Catch of a Lifetime by Candee Fick
Wanted to read this book because it's about football and I do enjoy watching a good game.
This one starts out with Cassie and she's the new assistant sports therapist for the team. She's relocated from Georgia to Colorado, attending classes at the same college and living on campus as well as getting paid to do her job.
Story is also about Reed who's trying to prove to himself and his relatives that he can live on his own and be a good coach for the football team, mentoring the playing and helping them grow up.
What I liked about this book was the detailed knowledgeable information, not only about the play by play action during the football games, but techniques used for taping different bones in one's body.
Got confusing at times with all the players and all the coaches involved but during the book it becomes clear where they all fit in.
A football player had caused her father to die, we learn and she talks to a friend about her past.  She also has had to live through the pain of returning to that town with her new football team to aid along the sidelines when she learns what the head football player is doing with his second chance.
Just when things are going good for them, whether it's a good or bad idea that they don't tell others of their dating, a bad event occurs that riles everybody as they are about to head off to a big game
Throughout the book they each pray to the Lord for guidance and help them get through another difficult crisis. Like how she and others are able to work through and move on with their life.
 I received this book from  Book Club Network  (bookfun.org) in exchange for my honest review.

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