Monday, November 23, 2015

Books read Nov 23

The Christmas Tin (A Holiday Novel)
Like how this story starts out, in 2000 then goes back in time as a father explains to his daughter what is inside the Christmas tin and what it really means.
With such detailed descriptions of just a room I can picture myself there and feel such a big part of the story. We learn how the tin legend started.
Such beautiful caring stories of the things in the tin. Sad and happy moments as the years go on, not many books can bring tears to my eyes. This one does.
Treasure this and will keep it and read it often. So many stories in just one book.

Once Upon A Nightmare by Nat Goodale
Read another book by the author and wanted to read more, he puts you in the scenes as if you are there experiencing it all with him as he's telling you what's going on.
Like how the author describes things so you can understand even the most complicated of things and puts you at ease, as if he is protecting you, as you are in the book with him as it's being written.
This book starts out with Jesse and he's at odds with his wife and daughters. After a charter plane ride he decides to travel south to help Santee with further charters. He knows drugs will be involved but he does it for a few reasons.
Love travel and explanations of things checked before the flight, very precise and routine and very particular in how it's all done, every time.
Things get quite complicated at times, just when things are running smoothly but he figures out a way to complete the mission.
There's also the mystery of his brother in law that has gone missing, he was lobstering and never returned, not did his boat.
Story I found fascinating as to the inner workings of drug traffic, fast paced action at the same time as laid back lounging in the water....
Total surprise ending, didn't see it happening like that!

Children's Book: Thanksgiving Stories Collection (4 BOOKS IN 1): 20 Thanksgiving Stories + Thanksgiving Jokes (Kids Books - Bedtime Stories For Kids - ... Books) (Thanksgiving Books for Children)
Lots of other works by the author, some free are highlighted in the book.
Like the idea of having 4 books in one place and all about Thanksgiving as it's only 10 days away.
First story is about Ameilia and she's 10 and this year dad wants to deep fry the turkey. They've all heard of disasters others have had.
One thing starts a domino effect and you can't imagine what happens after all that.
Great stories, some so funny you can't make these things up. Love the next story about volunteering at a homeless shelter.
And the next about a weird uncle and another about a wishbone tradition.  Lots more stories and even turkey jokes.

Dogwood Hill  by Sherryl  Woods
This Chesapeake Shores book is about Aiden who settles in the town. He has much in his past, some things could mix things up for the O'Brien family.
He's the football coach.  Story also follows Liz March, who runs Pet Style offering jewelry for the pets and finding good homes for those in need. She's lost her husband but not many know the full story.
Always nice to also get up to date with all the other O'Briens and what's new with them all.
Spring and match making is in the air, for humans and dogs.  Others find out what their secrets are and try to contend with the truth...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Snowed Under: A Christmas Story 
Janna is so busy with work things around Christmas and dreads going to the party.
Allastair watches as Jeff scares off another woman.  His family company is the Christmas tree grow to glow and they need help.
The PR company is going to send Janna and have her return at night then back to the office to report in. Lots of problems occur.
She and Allastair don't like the commercialism of the holiday.  Story fascinates me as my family ran a nursery and I love trees and like to learn about them.
Their tree company has to terminate the business with the PR firm, they just can't make ends meet. Another problem is she won't be making ti back to London...
They each have their reasons for not liking the they try to keep the dire news from his father...Like setting of woods in Scotland, quite a change of scenery for me.
Cute holiday read. Author highlights her other works at the end

Salads & Dressings: 100 Super Delicious, Ultra-Hearty And Easy-to-Make Salads And Dressings That You Will Love
Some very healthy recipes. No nutritional information but the ingredients are fresh and they are using olive oil vs. other unhealthy choices.
No pictures and no serving sizes. Like combination of new things to try. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Dashing through the snow  a Christmas novel by Debbie Macomber
Ashley Davidson wants to get back to Seattle for the holiday and the airline can't sell her a ticket. Dash needs to be in Seattle for a job interview.
She wanted to surprise her mother.  She heads to the car rentals and gets the very last car available.
Dash agrees to pay for everything and this way she can save her money for gifts. Problem is she is not old enough to rent the car...but he is!
 Little does Ashley know her name is on the no fly list, expected to be a terrorist!  Anything that could possibly go wrong does and then some.
They do get to spend a lot of time talking to one another and find each other attractive.  Short cute story for Christmas.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Knitting: Amazing Patterns that Everyone Can Knit (How to Knit, Knitting Beginners, Crochet, Knit, Patterns, Beginners, Advance, Knitting Crocheting)
Great book that starts out with basic information and then moves onto what you will need. Patterns for cowl neck scarves and mobius and straight scarves are included.
Some actually are charted along with row by row instructions. Each item has a color photo. Terms used are sometimes explained using diagrams so it's so much easier to understand.
Sources are clickable to help you understand further by watching youtube videos. Lots of patterns for the whole family. Like hat section also as some are basic, some are special and some are charted.
What a find this book is!

Clay's quilt by Silas House
Clay lost his mother to the attack and now works in the coal mine.
He has many aunts that help as he's only 4 years old.  He watches his uncle make quilts as he grows up and how he puts the pieces together that tell his story.
As he gets older he moves closer to the mine, where he works and is given his mother's memory box.

AMERICAN COOKBOOK: "Enjoy" Taste of 35 Delicious American Recipes In "NO TIME" With Just 5 Ingredients In Each Recipe
Other cookbooks are mentioned at the start of this one.
Each recipe comes with a color photo and the recipe: ingredients and instructions. No nutritional information although many of the recipes call for olive oil.
Some of the recipes like one calls for a cup of rice. Instructions tell you after cooking the rice to put the other ingredients in.
Some ingredients will be hard to find at a regular grocery store. Not sure but I think mint is another word for minute.
Don't understand how 5 mints and the chicken is done? Even a thin strip of chicken should take longer.

Scrumptious Treats For Vintage Housekeepers
Lots of advice when to do the chores, Lot of organization and routine schedules, including seasonal scrubbing.
All kinds of tips to clean and sanitize while rewarding yourself....and to run a healthy house by just opening the windows.
So many ideas just recycling what you have to use it in a different way.

Charlie the Ranch Dog by Ree Drummond
This audio book is about Charlie the dog who works daily on a ranch.
 Susie is his best friend, Daisy the cow, sweeping the porch steps is one chore he also does.
He loves breakfast, and then helps Momma in the garden.  He naps and then it's time for lunch already.

Any Room? Simple Dessert Recipes
Each recipe has a few paragraphs about how the recipe came about. Some recipes have a picture of the finished item and the ingredient list along with instructions on how to make it.
Also how to garnish the dish. There is no nutritional information.

Murder in Christmas River: A Christmas Cozy Mystery (Christmas River Cozy, Book 1)
Thought this would make a good Christmas read. Starts out with the baker, Cinnamon Peters, divorced now and she makes pies.
Thinks Christmas River is the best place in Oregon.  Kara has dated a lot and knows many of the townsfolk.
Gingerbread house competition is about to start. Bakers from the town have been practicing...she lives with her grandfather, who raised her.
Love tips about pie making as she makes them.  Her dog Huckleberry keeps her company most nights she is baking.
One comes up dead in the woods outside of the shop...her gingerbread mansion is destroyed, her ex is to marry her baking assistant..
Interesting how the dog helps them solve the case. All the clues and so close yet they are so far away to finding the murder....
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Colorful children's book about Todd. He is not looking forward to Thanksgiving but can't wait for Christmas.
He goes to the mall with his mom and gets sidetracked, climbs on the big turkey and they take a ride, to Thanksgivingland.
Things are a bit different there and you wonder if he will ever make it back to his home. He watches what is going on
with gratitude jars. Silly rhyming book at times. Meaningful at other times.

A Christmas of Hope
This collection of very short stories starts out with A Christmas of Hope, about a boy who's autistic and it's the holidays. Mostly about his mom Holly and how she and her friends help each survive their children's illnesses.
Great if it was longer because the subject fascinates me.
Next story is Sweet Confections excerpt about Rachel who dumps her married boyfriend...
Next excerpt is Love Under Construction.

Sugar cookie murder  by   Joanne Fluke
Have read all the other books in this series and was happy to find one I hadn't read.
This one we find Hannah of the Cookie Jar is competing in the Christmas party and providing some food. There will be a contest and she's compiling Lake Eden Cookbook of recipes from those who live there.
This is also the book Andrea, her sister is pregnant.  Special knife is missing and they think the cake knife may be on another table of food. They soon find out where it is and then Hannah goes into investigation mode
with others to question those who might know something about the murder.  The crowd also gets snowed in...
Lots of recipes at the end.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Accident  by Danielle Steel
This book starts out with Paige and her husband and 2 kids, one of each, Allison and Andy.
Chloe is Allison's friend and they go out on night and end up in the hospital after a car accident. The accident changes the lives of 5 families.
Chloes's dad is raising an autistic son and an older son and Chloe. They meet at the hospital and wait to hear from the doc as to what happened and what the prognosis will be for each of them.
Problem is Paige's husband should be in Ohio but he arrives an hour after he gets the call. She finds out what is happening and she only wants to be there for Andy and Allison.
Story also follow them and the person who had hit them head on while on the Golden Gate Bridge. lots of heartache and when you think you can't take anymore there is more bad news...
They just live for the kids survival and a sense of normalcy in their home lives.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

How to dig a hole to the other side of the world by Faith McNulty
Describes in detail what each layer of dirt/clay is til you get to the very bottom.
Great audio book and I can imagine what the pages would look like. Especailly like the layer where gems are found.
and shells...tells you what to expect when you reach the end.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

 The Last Trail  by Zane Grey
Story of Fort Henry and it's occupants and how some travel there to set up their farm to work it.
Even with the military being there the bordermen can't handle all the corruption of the Indians and their friends.
Helen and her father and nephew have arrived and she's quite put off one of the bordermen won't pay attention to her.
Story takes you to the places the bordermen hunt for those who've stolen the horses and women.  You feel like you're there with them as they crawl along the ground
and smell and touch and see things in the surroundings.

20 Christmas Cookie Recipes: Sweet Treats For Your Holiday Party
Starts out with some recipes that show servings per recipe, ingredients and directions. No nutritional information and no pictures.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Thanksgiving Turkey (FREE Coloring Book Included!): 25 Thanksgiving Stories for Children
Stories about what Thanksgiving means to different families. Color photos at the start of each new book.
Pilgrims and helping others less fortunate, grandma stories and even football stories. Free clickable gift also.

Santa's (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!) Night Before Christmas
Colorful children's book about the night before Christmas when things aren't going right at all.
Like how one side of the page has writing on it but to read the words on dark background color of pages,
it's difficult and the words are on their own page. Especially like blueberry fur on reindeer!
Funny silly story, what a treat! 

A Pet for Miss Wright by Judy Young
Audible children's book about a writer who is tired of the click click of her keys. She knows she needs a pet and goes through the list
of what she thinks would be a good fit. Pet store owner gives her a bird to start with. Bird doesn't talk, monkey tried to help her type,
fish hypnotized her into staring contests, cat just slept all day and so did she.
She tried one more animal over a few days...

Between the Tides by Patti Callahan Henry
Have read many of the author's works and enjoy the reads. Book starts out with Sam, 2 years old and he must've followed the girls into the pond.
Nothing good ever happened to Catherine. 18 years later she watched her father leave and forget it was her birthday.
She inherits the house and Catherine returns to spread her father's ashes.
She worked in the media dept for the sports dept at the school. She dates Thurman but she has many doubts as to his dedication to her.
Forrest is  writing an article about her dad and needs her help to finish it.
Story is in present but goes back to the past at times so we can understand things in the present.
Mystery of the painting her father returned to the island to see makes her wonder til she realizes where she saw it prior to hanging in the courthouse.

In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner
Rose is a lawyer, she wants to exercise and loves romance books.
Maggie sings in a band and dreams her own dreams.
The brain and the beauty and learn they do have a grandmother.
Story also follows their grandmother. The girls try to figure out what happened to their grandmother that was in a home....
So many secrets over the years and how they are reunited....

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