Monday, November 30, 2015

Books read Nov 30

Down Home Country Christmas by Nancy Harkness
The donkey arrives at Holly's house that she shares with her two daughters.
Capt. Robbie knows who it belongs to as he comes to collect the donkey but he doesn't want to go.
We find out how he's helped Holly prior with her drunken ex husband.  Sanctuary, WV is a place where everybody helps one another.
They righted the Nativity scene with help from a lot of people and she asks Robbie for a ride in his plane. Her sister Clare outfits her in a stunning sexy outfit...
Hot steamy sex scenes and he's heading to a new job in another state....she helps to rescue Mr. Grady with the girls help. When Robbie arrives at the scene he asks her to marry him but she'd have nobody she could fall back on...
Lots of catching up with others from this series over the books.

Budget Recipes Made Simple: The Ultimate Guide to Being an Amazing Chef on a Budget
Book starts out with what to keep in your pantry so you can make a fast flavorful nutrtious meal.
Recipes are included that are made in bulk so you can freeze parts of them for a later time. Some have photos.
Ingredient list and very detailed instructions on how to make the dish with some photos. No nutrtinal information.

Children's books : " I Love to Share ", (Picture Book for ages 3-8, Beginner readers, Bedtime story): Social skills for kids-Children's EBook (I Love To... ... stories children's books collection 7)
Children's colorful book that has a free video at the end.
It's Jimmy's birthday and he has a lot of new toys, he does not want to share them. Everybody else at the party wants to play with them.
Others go outside to play while he stays inside trying to make the toys work.
His mother might have the solution to them all having the last piece of cake....

Children's Book:Roy The Messy Boy (Illustrated Picture Book for ages 2-6,funny bedtime story kids collection)
Colorful children's book about Roy and he has a messy room and won't clean it. One day his mother threatens the Pixie's on him. He just laughs. He likes his room the way it is.
One morning he wakes to no toys or anything on the floor. There are no toys in his whole room!
Next day he wakes up again to find something amazing! Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Free gift from the author is clickable.

5 Habits Every Woman Needs To Stop Doing Today
Book explains about 5 different things that other women understand. Some things wouldn't effect some as severe as others.
To me it is about how to live your life feeling good about yourself.
Lots of examples are given, even using social media to prove a point.
Free guide is clickable at the end.

Southern Italian Cooking: Simple Classic Recipes (Regional Italian Cooking Book 3)
Like this book because it gives you the terms used and what they mean, in the book.
Nutritional information but no pictures. Very fresh ingredients are used.
Lots of categories for each meal.  Handful of dishes in each category but really appealing ones. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Grandma's Secret 52 Sunday Recipes. Nans Perfection
I was lucky to have helped my mother in law with her cookbooks and we treasure her recipes and use them often as they are healthy.
Have found some recipes to try and they are going to be fast and so easy to make.
Some recipes are missing ingredients as they are talked about in the instructions, but not how much.

Amazing Avocado: Insanely Delicious Salad, Soup, Main Dish, Breakfast and Smoothie Recipes for Better Health and Easy Weight Loss (Healthy Eating Made Easy Book 1)
This book highlights cooking with avacados. There are no pictures and no nutritional information.
Each recipe includes servings, prep time and ingredient and how to make the dish.
My favorite would be beet and avocado salad. Freshest of ingredients are also the healthiest.
I have used avocado in blueberry muffins and they taste great and are so healthy. Loved the recipes in this book, Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Cheap Meals: Budget Friendly Family Recipes Cookbook with Tasty and Money Saving $5 Dishes
Starts out with breakfast on a budget. Different combinations of food. No pictures and no nutritional information.
Other meals and desserts are also included. Nothing struck my fancy but they appear to be very rich in flavor.

The Mediterranean Diet (Mediterranean diet) (Mediterranean cooking) Healthy (Mediterranean cookbook) Weight Maintenance & Low Fat Lifestyle: Healthy and Delicious Recipes (Cookbooks Book 8)
Meals from the 4 different areas that cater to this type of lifestyle.
Each recipe has prep and cook time and servings. Also list of ingredient and instructions. Some have a photo.
There is no nutritional information but the meals are healthy from just looking at the fresh ingredients.
So many dishes to choose from, desserts included. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Superfoods Cookbook: Book One: Over 75 Recipes of Quick & Easy Cooking, Low Fat Cooking, Gluten Free Cooking, Wheat Free, Low Cholesterol, Whole Foods ... cookbook - weight loss plan for women 29)
Discusses different things, exercise, food intake and how to get your body in balance-exercise. Lots of photos showing before and after pictures.
Which foods will help prevent different illnesses, different vitamins and minerals,
Recipes that also tell you which allergies the dish will help fight against.  Pictures and some nutritional information is provided.
Lots of references and other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Crafts & Hobbies: 100 Days of Kindness - Spreading Happiness, Joy, and Love with 100 Acts of Random Kindness! (Crafts, Crafts & Hobbies, Hobbies)
Starts out with 15 days where you smile at others, do good deeds and it will you achieve lots of things.
The next 30 days might cost a bit of money, and the list goes on for other days and more money. It's another way also of paying it forward.
Seen and set up for a charity for proceeds that amazon will match, how cool is this!
Random acts of kindness will get you far! Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Homemade Frosting Recipes: Delicious Easy Homemade Frosting in Under 20 Minutes
Book about how to decorate using Wilton tips. Lots of other tips throughout the book.
Lots of frosting recipes and how to make them. Tips to make them thinner or thicker.
Some color photos show other ways to not only use frosting but other decorations on top of the cupcakes.

How Oakley Lost His Spots (Oakley and Bella Book 1)
Colorful children's book about Oakley and his spots are lost. He looks under the bed, in the fridge, etc.
He can't find them.  Paint spots on? what an idea...
One morning he wakes up to find spots?? Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

How to Cook Healthy in a Hurry: 50 Quick and Easy, Low Fat Recipes You Can Make In 30
Starts out with what to look for in a recipe and the cooking means as it will save you time.
Tools to have and things in the pantry that will help make a dish faster.
Recipes include ingredients and how to make the meal along with servings. No nutritional information and no pictures.
Lots of tips along the way. Turkey dishes appeal to me as they include new spice combinations for me and we have just finished Thanksgiving so we have lots of turkey.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Knitting: Knitting and Crochet Patterns Guide (Knitting and Crochet Series Book 1)
This book starts out with the history of the crafts then moves onto the stitches and basic information.
Lots of beginner patterns to get you started.
Very few pictures and this is just for beginners, wonder if they make a book for the next level of knitter.

21 Simple Chicken Dinners: Simple, Quick and Easy Chicken Recipes That Will Change The Way You Cook Chicken Forever (21 Recipe Books)
Book starts out with why chicken is so healthy for us to consume and which parts of our bodies will benefit.
Recipes have cooking and prep time along with ingredient list in grams, and step by step instructions on how to prepare the dish.
No nutritional information listed and no pictures but it does tell you which minerals the dish provides.
Lots of dishes to select from.

Farmstead Feast: Winter: Delicious, in-season recipes by the author of The Weekend Homesteader
This book starts out showing you with pictures what their homestead produces and what they are able to preserve for the winter months. There are also crops that grow in TN year round.
Love the recipes as they use fresh ingredients. There are pictures but no nutritional information. Great winter meals that we use the whole year. Tips at the end to help you set up by recycling different items to help preserve what you grow.
Spring series is also available from the author.

The Penguin Way (Believe in yourself!)
Colorful children's book about liking yourself. Starts out with other works by the author.
We are all good at something, especially if we like doing it.
You just need a little encouragement to try something new. Never give up.

Mother's Day Recipes - 30 Easy, Kid Friendly Ways to Show Mom How Much You Love Her
Colorful book with recipes for every meal of the day that a child can help prepare for his special mom on her special day.
No nutritional information but most of the recipes have healthy ingredients or you can substitute them for your own favorites.
Each meal also comes with a poem on flowered picture. Easy to follow instructions. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

How To Make Healthy Delicious Snacks For Kids: Delicious, Quick And Easy Recipes, Superhealthy Snacks On A Budget
Introduction starts out with the foods kids really should be eating every day.
Recipe starts out with what is healthy about the dish and why kids should eat it. Then the recipe itself
Like the banana cookies and healthy biscuits as all the ingredients are fresh and very healthy and is easy to make.

Healthy Habits: 30 Healthy Habits & 30 Amazing No Gym Needed Workouts That Will Help You Lose Weight, Remove Negative Thinking and Minimize Stress! (No ... Wake Up Early, How to Get Abs)
Book starts out with diet, where it gives you examples of meals and to drink plenty of water.
Next up is sleep and how to get the best sleep every time you go to sleep.
Next up is core which about exercising.
Flexibility and cardio training also have chapters.
Habits and daily things to do, water intake and exercising will round out your workouts.
So much more is included, also a free ebook and other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

If You Have A Hat: A Silly Rhyming Picture Book for Kids
Children's colorful book about things that should go together. A hat needs to be on a head, a seed in the ground to grow...
I have so many favorite ones!  Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Learn Tunisian Crochet: Beginner Stitch Guide & 6 Easy Potholder Patterns (Tiger Road Crafts Book 2)
Starts out explaining the differences and the things that are the same with regular crochet, knitting and afghan stitch crochet.
I am a crochet designer and have tried this method of crocheting but didn't realize how much more you can really do with the stitches.
Lots of photos and diagrams to help explain things.
Patterns are included. Really good straight to the point book, great references!

Slaw Recipes :The Ultimate Guide
We like cole slaw so thought other varieties would be just as healthy. Each recipe has prep time, ready in .. mins, cook time and servings
List of ingredients and how to make the dish.
There are no pictures and no nutritional information.
Lots of recipes which will make it easy to have several times a week.
Very healthy ingredients, you won't need to have nutritional information.

Yell and Shout, Cry and Pout: A Kid's Guide to Feelings
Color coded sections of expressions.  Gives you the feeling and then tells you what else could make you feel the same.

Sea Life Funny & Weird Marine Animals - Learn with Amazing Photos and Facts About Ocean Marine Sea Animals. (Funny & Weird Animals Series Book 1)
Children's very colorful book about sea life that is not normal in our vicinity. Lots of facts about the creatures: where they live, what they eat and much more.
So many things out there that I had never heard of.
Question and answer section at the end.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

My Crazy Pet Frog (The perfect bedtime story!)
Colorful children's book about a pet frog. Most of the pictures are of the frog doing different things. Some are very silly.
He has many costumes that he will show you. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Noah's Good Night Dream Blanket by  L. K. Shila
Illustrated very colorful book about a little boy who has had a busy day and doesn't want to go to bed.
He's tired enough and his mother opens a box and his blanket is there. His mom tells him it is a special
blanket and it's a dream blanket and it will bring him good dreams. The book shows us what he sees and
the new things he learns about on his journey. Before he knows it his mother is waking him up and he knows
the special poem with the dream blanket will be there every night.

Minecraft: Diary of a Minecraft Diamond (Rarest material in Minecraft): An Unofficial Minecraft Book (Minecraft, Minecraft Secrets, Minecraft Stories, Minecraft Books For Kids, Minecraft Books
Grandson started playing this game on his tablet and I wondered what it was all about. There is so much more to this game then meets the eye.
In the game, from what I gather you need diamonds as a means of getting what you want, food, house and other implements. Some secrets about how to get them are included.

Price-less Christmas: Create a Joyous Holiday for Next to Nothing (Priceless Holidays Book 1)
Breakdown of cost and work needed to be done to making projects.
Gives you the list of things needed, time and money to be spent. Pictures of each of the steps in making the gifts are included.
Lots of good fun free things to do and make as a family also.

DIY Holiday Gifts: 22+ Adorable Last-minute DIY Gifts That Everyone Will Love (And No One Will Guess You Are Actually Broke): (Creativity, DIY Crafts, ... DIY decorations, gifts in a jar Book 1)
Starts with introduction to DIY and basics for beginners.
 There are lots of ideas but no particular instructions.

Perfect for the beach  by MaryJanice Davidson,  Perrin  Kayla, Denison  Janelle,  Foster_ Lori,  Leigh Morgan and McCarthy Erin 
6 various authored book with a theme of perfect for the beach.
Some Like It Hot by Lori Foster
This story is about a doctors practice in OB/GYN where she works as a nurse and is widowed, 2 years and her spouse was a virgin also.
One of the doctors, Carey shows an interest in her, Nora and they agree to go swimming then they move the action to the bedroom in her apartment.
Very hot steamy sex scenes. Misunderstandings draw them apart....
One Wild Weekend
She's not wearing any panties and he can't move fast enough. He has the ring also.
Dana has always been the leader, he wants a turn at it...
One Blue Crush
Kyle is doing his last minutes as a lifeguard and the hurricane is moving towards them.
Sarah has lost her top with the undertow and he rescues her...

My Thief
An uncle and niece mess with each other as they steal from one another.
Now she's put the accountant in the mix...
Hot and Bothered
Jenna and Trey had known their marriage was over. She had papers for him to sign and wasn't looking forward to it.
Maybe they can work things out?
Murphy's Law
She works at a lawyer's office and was in love with him, she left the job, now down sunning in warmth of FL.
Jonah's apt is where she's staying, he's engaged to her bff and is a lawyer also.
Sam's followed her ...they are both staying at Jonah's.... 

Vegetarian Slow Cooker: 44 Satisfying Meatless Meals Full Of Slow-Simmered Flavor-Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes From Soups To Main Dishes and Desserts ... Diet, Vegetarian Weight Loss Book 6)
Although we are not vegetarians we do have some meals with no meats and the idea of a slow cooker is even better.
Lots of categories for selections.
Starts out with basics of slow cooking.
Each recipe gives you servings and list of ingredients, along with instructions on how to make it.
No pictures and no nutritional information.

Delicious Desserts: Amazing Low-Cal Favorites (Guilt-Free Gourmet)
Lots of recipes that have a sentence or two in the table of contents to help you select what you want to make.
Broken up into cakes, pies, pudding, ice cream and fruit desserts.
No pictures but very detailed list of nutritional information for each recipe.

Crafts for kids:30+ Technology-free Activities for Kids-How We did it in Our Days
Like the idea of this, being able to use hands and materials just around the house.
Categories are broken up into : outside the house, group games, craft, indoor activities, board game, card games.
There are a handful of pictures for some of the projects.
Love memory/concentration game to make, this would even be good for an adult with memory problems.

Crafts For Kids (3rd Edition): 99 Fun Packed Projects For Kids Of All Ages! (Kids Crafts)
Children's book showing how to make gifts by using crafts. Not only for girls but boys also.
No pictures but there are links in the book that will take you online to show you the finished item.
Very easy to follow instructions on how to make the items.
Gifts to make for all the holidays throughout the year.
Love the table of contents at the back of the book, not only listing the items to be made but materials and directions links.

Healthy Cooking Recipes: Clean Eating Edition: Quinoa.
This cookbook has superfood ingredients to make it a healthy choice.
Like salmon recipes especially. Handful of pictures and no nutritional information.
All meals can be made with the recipes. They are put in categories.
One category is superfoods, another is diabetic, and smoothies.
So many other sections to lead a healthier life style, detox,

50 Recipes For Amazing Christmas Desserts - The Best Christmas Dessert Recipe Book (The Ultimate Christmas Recipes and Recipes For Christmas Collection 2
Each recipe includes name, it's origins and ingredient list. Also how to make the item and serving suggestions.
No pictures and no nutritional information.

Mom And Me Have Fun Baking Thanksgiving Cupcakes (Thanksgiving Book For Children) (Children's Cookbooks For Holidays And Celebrations 1)
Children's colorful book about Katie who's 7 and she is going to help bake the Thanksgiving cupcakes with her mother.
Her mother explains the tradition the Indians had many years ago and why cupcakes are made.
Rules for the kitchen and baking are discussed, not only for kids but for parents as well.
Recipe included sounds good with all the spices added. Ideas on how to decorate are also included along with substitutions for those with allergies.
Like this book a lot because of the patience needed to cook with kids.

See Me by Nicholas Sparks
He came to the campus to learn, he has memories of the place....He had to be patient. He wants revenge on the family and he knew them all and would watch them from afar...Starts out rather suspicious, stalking kinda mystery.
Colin is in college also and we learn of his past-ADHD and parents who didn't want to take care of him, military school, combat sports...
Ryan had rented an apartment to Colin and gave him a chance.
Story also follows Maria and she's a lawyer, whose boss is hitting on her and he's married with kids.  Serena is her sister and is able to talk to her sister to find out gritty details.
Maria is able to paddleboard to relieve the tension.
Colin's PO is always on his case and he hopes he has an alibi as he helped changed the woman's tire and she used his phone to call her sister.
Serena sets them up and they meet after drinks to just spend time at the beach watching the sun set.
Date for paddleboarding and they open up quite frankly to one another. Enjoyed the details of practice fighting and salsa dancing lessons.
Colin and Maria combine forces to figure out who is sending her flowers with mysterious letters.
Love all the social media and apps that help him figure out where not only your cell is located but the guy that wants to kill her. clues are all around and family and friends help keep Maria and family safe.
Don't care to read thrillers and this is one, was hoping more romance, the author's style has really changed a lot.

Crepes - the "all-you-need-to-know" complete guide to making crepes
Great information about everything to do with making crepes. They are fried in the pan with butter so not a good healthy choice for us.
Did love all the information along with recipes. few pictures and no nutritional information. Very easy to follow instructions along with details on why you have to make them a certain way, in order for them to come out good.

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