Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Book review: Christmas comes to Little Hickman Creek

Christmas comes to Little Hickman Creek by Sharlene MacLaren
Wanted to read this book first of all because of the cover. I've trekked many times in 3feet of snow to go to the shed to get something wearing my big boots.
Next thing that appealed to me was the timeframe, enjoy how some local villages replicate the same time and we visit often to see how things were done in their time.
Story follows Sadie Bennett who works at Grace's tearoom and is trying to just get by the Christmas season by herself, now that her spouse was killed at the sawmill last winter.
Also follows Reed Harris who runs the local livery and is on the Christmas committee to haul the town tree to the square. Sadie has gotten roped into helping others select the perfect tree.
She had gone out with Reed a few times and wanted to cool things as she was a recent widow...
Story is filled with quotes from the Bible as they each study the verses and ask God for guidance.
Love the KY holiday small town atmosphere and what community means. Recipes included.
I received this book from Bookfun.org in exchange for my honest review.

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