Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Book Review: Love in the Library: The Brides of Bath Book 5 Written by: Cheryl Bolen

Love in the Library: The Brides of Bath Book 5 Written by: Cheryl Bolen
First book read from this author and series. This is an audible book and I find the speaker is like talking to you as if you are there. The English accent is precisely clear and right words for the time. Easy to follow, especially being the 5th in a series, I am not out in the dark as other series.
Mrs. Catherine Bexsley confides in her friend about her deceased husbands missing article of fortune.
She may have to marry, maybe one of the identical twins. He learns her one year of mourning is up and she's ready to associate with others again.
She needs his help as he's seeking a post at the library. They work together, her confiding in him about her finances and the missing treasure.
In just 2 hours Melvin Stephington (the smart one) finds out so much more about her, her life and what she wants out of life. He hopes he's comforting her when she starts crying, he has no clue to females.
Like hearing of the places their search leads them to and what they do the discussions of the books themselves, bindings, etc.
Misunderstandings get in the way and draw them apart. Will he be able to make her laugh again? Few characters, easy to track of them all.
Free gift from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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Thanks so much for your nice review.