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Books read Dec 26

Country by Danielle Steel
This story is about Stephanie and she's in the marriage for the sake of the kids.
At a ski trip where her husband  Bill and other couples meet at Squaw Valley every year without kids enjoy the time together.
She was there for the perks, visits with her daughter and everything she wanted, he was cheating on her. After the ski accident that kills him, she gets through helping the kids struggle without him.
Now I understand what my mom went through, feeling like she was the fifth wheel and no longer a couple.  Love hearing of her charily work.
She is able to just seize the moment and do what she wants. That's how she ends up in Las Vegas! Recall our trip there and good to reminisce about the area, sounds, and sights.
Love her other travels as we've visited some of the areas and enjoyed them. Like hearing of the CW singer's life and how lyrics are written for the songs and their friendship.
Interesting as the story also follows her son, who's in a relationship and he knows it's not going anywhere...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Dragon and the Santa
Found this book strange as the world of the dragon meets the world of the Santa.
It's just two things I'd never think would be in one book. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

A Coloring Book for Adults: Remember the Joy of Coloring and Reduce Stress (Volume 2)
Have enjoyed viewing other coloring books and this one I found so different. Not only the patterns, to help relieve stress but more intricate
designs of plants, flowers, butterflies and images from playing cards. My favorite one is the poinsettia as the colors are so brilliant. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

The Best Donut Recipes In History: Secret Step-by-Step Formulas For Delicious Donuts Your Family Will Love
We have our own baked donut recipe that is healthy so will be interesting to find other such treats for us to eat.
Each recipe has a list of ingredients-some not so healthy, and list of instructions that also come with the icing recipes and other tips to get the perfect item.
Not all are deep fried. No pictures and no nutritional information but I like the icing ideas.

Maureen Gets Crafty (A Maureen short story)
Story of Maureen and while she's spending her time creating a Christmas card she's sipping sherry.
Things go wrong on all accounts and it's a wonder the card gets made at all. To begin with she's not in a festival mood to be doing it.
Louisa comes to exchange a handmade card with her and Maureen gets a surprise. Also chapter on carolers and another bonus story.
Can't wait to go caroling tonight, should be fun! Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Cookies: The Top 100 Most Delicious Cookie Recipes (Cookie Baking, Dessert Recipes, Cookie Recipe Book, Cookies and Cookie Bars, Making Cookies, Best Cookie Recipes
Starts out with history and items you'll need to bake the cookies.
Different types of cookies but no pictures and no nutritional information but does have list of ingredients and variations of flavor along with how to make them.
Not very healthy options but you might be able to substitute for healthier.
Glad to look through this as I found my lost recipe for chocolate crinkles.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

All Time Cookie Favorites: Christmas desserts Everybody Loves
Recipes start out with servings and ingredient list where some of the items are mixes. Not very healthy but would taste good as a treat.
Categories of different styles of cookies to make, even a section for kids favorite ones.

Grandma's Christmas Baking: Perfect Sweets For Your Holliday Gathering
Recipes that start out with Christmas holiday and very detailed instructions on how to make.
No pictures and no nutritional information. Very festive dishes and time consuming to prepare but worth it.

One Day Crocheting Projects For Babies: Over 15 Crochet Projects for Babies to Play, Wear & Snuggle (one day crochet projects, crocheting , knitting, cross ... to crochet, crochet patterns, baby crochet)
Art of crocheting is discussed and how to start out.
Blankets and accessories for baby are included with pictures and full instructions.

Clean Eating Guide: How to Keep Healthy and Fit: Includes New Clean Eating Recipes For 2015 With Natural Ingredients 
Starts out with what clean eating is then moves onto what is beneficial.
Next chapter is about unhealthy eating habits, drinks, smoking, and food that is not considered good.
Detox is mentioned and how to do it before you start your clean eating diet.
Lots of factors are also discussed to gain the most benefits.
Next book is Recipes for Recovery which goes over many of the same things in the first book. This one has actual recipes, no pictures and no nutritional information.
Although fresh and healthier meats are selected, not all the ingredients are nutritious.
Daily meal plans are also included. Smoothie drink recipe book is also included.  Bonus gifts are also discussed.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

How to Reduce Food Waste: Especially fruits and vegetables
Since we are now using more fresh fruits and vegetables we are able to compost what we don't eat and there is hardly any more garbage we need to get rid of weekly.
As the book instructs you have to know what it is you are buying and how often so there is no waste.
We do this ourselves by shopping for fresh things two times  a week.
Although this book quotes a lot of England resources some of the same things, just different names effect the US components.
Lots of recipes for food that is stale or about to go bad, but still good in some heated processes.
Pictures are included but no nutritional information.
States what each fruit/vegetable is high in vitamins and other nutrients.
Lots of common fruits and vegetables and how to use them if you bought too much so they don't go to waste.

A PONY FOR CHRISTMAS: A Holiday Novella 
Story of Suzy and it's just a few weeks away from Christmas. She's walking home alone after school, trying to hide from the boys who will throw snowballs at her and she sees the old man who carries a garbage bag.
Her mother said they could go to the free fair the next day and all she can think about is a pony she wants for Christmas. She plans what she will feed him.
Love learning new things while I read a story. She overhears the men talking about the fairgrounds barn where Carl lives and they fear he will freeze to death.
The boss finds her mother fun and they laugh as Suzy is led to see Oreo, the goat where she also sees where Carl lives.
They are being treated like royalty! Like the ending how things all fall into place. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Home Baked Bread: How to bake bread at home and get perfect results (Home Baked Bread! Book 1)
Starts out with a bit of history about bread making and then moves onto what you will need, along with ingredients and why.
Mixing and kneading processes are explained. Very few pictures, most are dark.
Importance of glazing and when to use it.
Common doughs are listed with ingredients and how to make them.
Troubleshooting guide at the end will help with what did go wrong if your bread isn't perfect.
Measuring charts and other resources are listed at the end.
Liked this book because of the detailed instructions of kneading and the different stages that are explained.

Cute children's colorful story of what happens to a mom when she asks you to do something and you avoid it and her and do what you want.
This one child explains to the other kids to watch out for their own MOMSTER as it will happen to them. When the child is nice and apologizes to her you won't believe what happens next.
Very difficult to read when they put words over dark background pages and other items on the page. You can't increase the size of the font either.

Luna the Night Butterfly
Children's colorful story of a moth that is different than the other butterflies. She wants to be like them and realizes she has special magic also.
Another book is about Gracie the gourd. She is different than her sisters, pumpkins. She tries to find out what crop she is a part of: tomatoes, corn, and other vegetables...
Princess tooth fairy is also another book that is shared here. She explains to the girl who captures her that if she continues to eat candy and not brush her teeth, they will faill out and they won't need the tooth fairy any longer. They come up with a solution...
Princess Maddie Mouse is another book. Maddie has many brothers and sisters and she wishes she was princess of something more important.
Other stories are also included.

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