Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Book Review: With His Ring: The Brides of Bath, Book 2 by Cheryl Bolen

With His Ring: The Brides of Bath, Book 2 by Cheryl Bolen
Have listened to other works by the author and have enjoyed the reads. I rarely listen to books from other countries as the accent can be too hard for me to understand but this narrator is spot on.
This story starts in Hornsbee Manor, Warwickshire, England and Diana is confined with the new baby still and her sister is there, Glee is surrounded by married couples and is still unmarried after two seasons.
There had been eight proposals and she accepted none-she wants to marry for love.  She only wanted Blanks. They have known each other for many years...
All the others were lacking compared to Greg.  Glee's brother George was as wild as Blanks, drinking and women and now he had settled down to be the perfect husband. Glee wants to learn from a book, how to have sex. Diana advises her to just be natural and let it all come about by itself.
Story also follows Gregory and he's on a mission...very caring and makes sure the boy tending to his horse will be given food and a coat as his mom cleans the building. His lawyer has business with Greg and will prepare him for the reading of his father's will.
He must get married in four months or the estate goes to his half brother..she has the solution, they will marry, in name only....and Diana will help her find a house, a trousseau and get ready for the wedding in Bath.
She discovers many things when she shows up early in Bath and she wonders if she's being a bit hasty...
Detailed descriptions make me feel like I am there, also love learning new words.  Blanks sure has his hands full, of her! So mischievous.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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