Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Books read Feb 2016

Fairy Godmothers of The Four Directions by Jennifer Morse
Was invited to read this book in exchange for a review. Read the summary and it appealed to me-as something a bit different than what I normally read, a fresh break.
Loved that I learned new words while reading this.
And a new take on the story of Cinderella. Like the concept of helping others by what she can learn from the different Godmother directions.
She is sent on journeys and must do certain things within a timeframe to advance to the next Godmother to learn all they can teach her. She must pass to become the Prince's wife.
Enjoyed the tales of the moon and its effectiveness along with tales of the moonstones. Properties of the herbs and spices really fascinated me. Love how this book goes full circle.
This is one of those books that you can read 3 times over and still find new things to learn.
Mythical, magical, spiritual takes you to where you need to go.

 Not a lot of characters but filled with so much knowledge.
Like this book a lot because it makes me imagine new things and takes me to far away places.

The Way of The Fairy Godmother
Free gift from the author and I've read the other one that this one references.
A book that will help you find your inner peace and find out your dreams and how to go get them.
This book I can relate to on many levels as I've done a large majority of the things suggested on my own-it's cool seeing there is a trail that I've been on for so long.
Explains things that we know about in real life examples: movies and how inner beauty is seen regardless of the outer beauty. Also Cinderella's journey and how things happened for her.
Enjoyed the real examples of the exercises and how each chapter starts out with the purpose, and it's repeated at the end-summarizing it for us.
Word spill - love this idea. whole book is summarized at the end with the nine keys to happiness. Something in here for everybody to achieve their true happiness.

Best friends forever by Roby_ Kimberla Lawson
This audio book starts out Celine and Keith, their marriage is on the rocks. He comes in at 5am after a night of drinking, this happens often.
She spends all her time online doing work and he's had enough of it. They also have to spend time with their 10 year old daughter, Cassie.
As she goes from doctor to getting tests we learn she has breast cancer and relies on her friend Lauren but the marriage is really complicating things, making everything worse.
She starts praying and everyday since she discovered the lump...She makes more fond memories for Cassie, because she doesn't know if it will be their last.
Liked learning the procedures done and why and in what order for the breast cancer.  At one point he leaves and you wonder if he will ever return...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Crockpot Recipes: 24 Extremely Delicious, Easy, Cheap, Family Slow Cooker Dinners-Amazing Crockpot Recipes You Won't Believe Came Out Of A Slow Cooker
Starts out with basic info about slow cooking then onto the recipes. There is no nutritional information and there are no pictures.
Some of the dishes can be made healthier by using low sodium products. Very easy to follow instructions.
Lots of meals to choose from. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

 Rainy Day by Kate Hewitt
Summary makes it sound like a good book, it's more than that for me.
Starts out with Lucy and she's been humilated not only at work but by her mother and boyfriend. She leaves to go overseas for a few months to board at her half sister that she's not seen but a couple of times.
She even has a job at the local elementary school.  Juliette runs and local B&B and has people in and out all day but the girls have time to spend together where they learn about one another.
They have the same mother and it's explained why they never spent time together while growing up. They have a lot of time to make up for.
Lucy is getting comfortable at her job and the boss...she goes out with a group of people that work there and is starting to actually like the boss-so many have warned he's stern.
Loved all the places described, especially those while they are out walking the dogs, such a perfect spot even during the rainy season.
Some of the English words I am unfamiliar with but you get the gist as you're reading along. Handful of characters makes it very easy to keep track of who is who.
Each of the sisters gets alternating chapters as the story goes along it's cool to be able to find out how the other sister is seeing things that one already described but from her angle.
They have goals they still want to achieve and get over the relationship with their mother, and Juliette sets the record straight on that accord. Family medical emergency leads one of them to leave England, for a short time.
But those plans don't go according to the plan either... more in the series from the same locale are excerpted at the end.
won in a contest

 AARP Magazine and Bulletin February_ 2016.
Really enjoyed listening to the excerpts from this magazine.
Especially because it had helpful information and tips and also an article on Neil Young.
Tax and other money things are discussed.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

 Three many cooks, one mom, two daughters, their shared stories of food_ faith & family by Anderson_ Pam - Keet_ Maggy - Damelio_ Sharon
Book from a mother and her two daughters. Their experiences with cooking from the very start-when they were young. Special recipes and how they came about, love the research part of the method-similar to how I develop my own special recipes.
Carrot cake would be my favorite.  Loved the paying it forward chapters. Also found out by their trials and errors what I do wrong in some of my recipes.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

 Crock Pot: 1825 Crock Pot Recipes: 5 years of Crock Pot Slow Cooker recipes: Crock Pot Slow Cooker: Crock Pot dump meals: Crock pot cookbook: Slow cooker ... meals, crockpot, crockpot recipes free)
Lots of recipes, in no special order. Lot to choose from. There are no photos and there is no nutritional information.
List of ingredients and some recipes are very healthy. Good instructions on how to prepare the dish.
Not only meals but desserts as well. Some of the recipes don't have proper formatting and some recipe titles are hidden at the very end of other recipes.
No way to click on and go to the recipe.

 Who do you love by Weiner_ Jennifer
Have read the author's other works and have enjoyed the books. Starts out with a chapter by Rachel. Her friend has showed up in her apartment to clean it and to help Rachel with herself.
Then back to 1985 and we find out about Rachel's heart condition that she was born with.
Like how she befriends a girl who's dying and she sneaks out into ER to find funny things to share with her. She meets up with Andy who's there with a broken arm. She tells him of her Grimm stories, not the fairy godmother ones.
Story then switches to Andrew (Andy) and what he goes through growing up with just a mother...
His father was black and his mother is white and they live in the black neighborhood and he can't understand why people treat him bad.
Alternating chapters as the kids grow up til they meet again. She's had it really good and he's had to struggle for everything.
They are volunteering and they get more time to spend with one another.  A misunderstanding almost breaks them up but she can't get her parents to help her get to Philly to visit him.
Hes in track and field and she's a book reader and they want to take her overseas for a trip after high school.
What I like about this book is the feelings they have for one another even though it's been years since they've spent any time together. Hot steamy sex scenes.
They take their college days seriously...she's doing social work and trying to help those less fortunate and he's concentrating on running-for the Olympics....
And 9/11 hits...bring them together....and breaking up....and each goes their own way....
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).
 Points of light by Sexton_ Linda Gray
Woman who lives in NH goes through birth and is an artist. She befriends another woman who moves to the area who is also an artist.
Loved hearing of their work spaces and how she sees things in the children about their life.  Family tragedy occurs and it takes her a while to wrap her head around it all.
Like how she interacts with her husband, his dreams of raising horses and selling them, where she sells her paintings to tie them over til the next month. She can't get the image of the children bringing the mail to her...
Enjoyed hearing who they had turned to, to help with the grieving and hearing how others are coping.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Top 35 Easy Snacks & Appetizers Recipes for the Whole Family (The Best Recipes For Your Festive Table)
In the table of contents the list of foods to make also comes with time it takes to make them. very thoughtful especially if you have limited time to make a dish before company arrives.
Each recipe has servings size and complete time along with list of ingredients and instructions on how to make the dish.
So many to choose from. Our favorites to try would be salmon or shrimp appetizers. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

 What You Don’t Know Now
 by Marci Diehl
Published by Merge Publishing
ISBN PRINT: 978-0-9904432-0-9 - EBOOK: 978-0-9904432-1-6

My Review:

What You Don't Know Now
Sounded like a good book from the summary, especially all the travel that I've yet to get to the places mentioned.
Venice, 18 and she's supposed to be happy.  Bridey was part of the tour, 4 hour walking tour and some older ones couldn't keep up. Raised in Catholic all girl school and she's just graduated. She leaves the states with family members and other Pilgrims to visit the cities of Europe. Some plans don't go as expected...
Love part of the glass blowing as I've seen it done and it's magic.  They are getting robbed and Bridey holds strong and not give in.
She makes a move and they get away. Like the parts of the specific places they visit: gardens.
They meet Brian and he's approved to take her to the beer gardens where she finds out he's on his way to Vietnam-strange others are avoiding going there by entering college.
The sisters Sarah and Bridey meet the waiter and he's infatuated, Alexjandro and he's going to sing as a tenor in Rome some day. His family supports him while he studies and works as a waiter.
Their one night could be the night her life changes...story continues on as the Pilgrims make it to Rome with a disabled bus and her mother very sickly....their hotel reservations had been canceled several months ago.
Between mishaps along the journey there are other devastating emergencies, disappointments, schedules not met, a death and adventure into the world they know nothing of. All the new places to learn about and descriptions that are so detailed you feel as if you are there yourself.
What I like is the travel, descriptions of places, bit of sex, following different age groups of a family and their troubles and goals in life.
Their goals, together can they make it work or are they better as singles?
I received this book from Merge Publishing in exchange for my honest review

The Outer Banks by Anthony Bailey
An area we've yet to visit but know we would love.
A guide to NC outer banks. Besides the political events among the locals there are tourists that get instructions on how to hangglide.
Sounds interesting as long as there is land under you...so much information about the Wright brothers history.
Living through Hurricane Gloria, I remember this one when it hit RI. Like the discussions about the sea turtles and why they are endangered and what the locals are doing about it.
Loved hearing about the wild ponies=have seen them pictured in movies...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The marriage season by Linda Lael Miller
Becks, Hadley, Melody entered a marriage pact. Two have found their happy marriages and expecting, but Becks intended died in the war.
She runs a fitness chain and her nephew is friends with the new guys in town, Tate and his two sons. They find themselves being pushed together and maybe he's the one for her.
Haven't read the others in the series but didn't feel left out as they bring you up to date with just enough information as to not give the past away totally.
Enjoy the Wyoming surroundings and the descriptions of the area. She also is in training for the marathon, it's 26 miles...
With her sisters problems she has to step it up to take care of the problems there....others help out but she's the main one in control.
Tate helps her with the nephew, to understand him as the boys all play together...love fishing trip with all of them...card game was priceless! things don't go as others had hoped or planned...
Neither wants to get married-from past experience, but ...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Leo Tolstoy's family recipe book
Book that has two parts: one is the diary that goes along with the recipes that are included.
What a find!  What feasts they had in early 1900's. Find it fascinating about beating ingredients in one direction and the amount in some recipes-15 egg whites!

Superfoods Breakfasts: Over 80 Quick & Easy Gluten Free Low Cholesterol Whole Foods Recipes full of Antioxidants & Phytochemicals (Natural Weight Loss Transformation Book 179)
This book starts right in with the recipes and the categories it will be suited for: allergy labels:
soy free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, vegan, and nut free so you can select if you can even attempt to make it.
Colorful photo, a few have nutritional info. Recipe is very easy to follow and so many suggestions with what to top the dish with.
Besides the oatmeal dishes there are so many more categories to choose from.
Sources quoted at the end along with links to other works by the author.

Cookbooks: ANTI INFLAMMATORY - Recipes, Weight Loss, And Healthy Living (Anti Inflammatory Diet, Dinner Recipes, Nutrition Plan, Fiber, Arthritis, Low Carbohydrates, Lose Fat)
Book starts right in with what inflammatory means and which specific foods you should be eating to combat the inflammation.
Each recipe gives you a list of ingredients and how many it will serve. The directions are easy to follow and at the end there is a paragraph of nutritional value-not the table you are used to seeing with fat/calories, carbs, sodium, etc.
Just a handful of breakfast, appetizer, dessert meals, drinks, etc. Also gluten free dishes.

Slow Cooking For Beginners: The step-by-step guide to slow cooking with over 35 delicious slow cooking recipes for eating clean   
Great book for beginners and experts alike as it's always good to refresh yourself on a new cooking method. Starts out with benefits of using a slow cooker: time constraints, healthy, multiple meals, etc.
Each recipe has a servings size, cook time and ingredient list along with descriptions of how to put the items in and for how long to cook them.
Added feature: nutritional information is included!
Chili and soups and desserts even!

Who do you love by Valerie Sayers
Story that starts out with Delores and she's a hometown girl with 4 kids and a husband who sells real estate.
It's Nov 1963 and she's educated to know about current affairs. She's pregnant with their 5th child and the reporter flirts with her about a story he wants to write.
Her daughter Kate is going through changes as she's just 11 years old and doesn't want to ask her mother for a bra.
Story goes back in time to when they first met and headed to SC to live. The struggles of the civil rights and religion. She reads a lot and has many views.
Kate has witnessed events that leave her upset, she doesn't know who to go to for help.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Soup Recipes: Top 50 Easy Chicken Soup Recipes That You will Love It
Each recipe comes with a picture, ingredient list and how to make the dish along with nutritional information.
Can't go wrong if your diet is on the healthier side-you can pick and choose which meal you want to make.
Doesn't state how much a serving size is, but if you are using a whole chicken you can at least get 1 cup per serving.
Quite the variety for chicken soup, so many herbs and spices!
Other works by the author are included.

The Tater Tot Casserole Cookbook: Great Casserole Recipes with Bonus Dessert Recipes
Remember eating these as a child and thought maybe with healthier things included we could eat these in our golden years.
Each recipe comes with ingredient list and how to make it, no pictures and no nutritional information.
Cans of creamed soup really kills it for us to be able to enjoy these dishes.
And problem is the tater tots are already made-you buy them frozen. Was thinking this was a book in how to make them-using healthier ingredients.
To me, these are just meals with 2 lbs of tater tots, sometimes turkey, sometimes hamburger, etc.

Social security programs and benefits by United States Social Security Administration
Basic info about the program. 6 different booklets are included.
Understanding SS, Retirement, survivors, medicare, disability, and SSI are the booklets.
Many resources to acquire if they interest you.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

American guidance for seniors by Ken Skala
Lots of information about not only income but other resources.
Medication-how to get them cheaper, disabled adults, travel as seniors, discounts and what to expect when you do retire and from what sources.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Potato Chip Recipes: The Ultimate Guide
Husband always remembers his dad making potato chips so thought I'd get him a few recipes to try.
Each recipe comes with times: prep, cook, ready in and how many it will serve.
Ingredient list and how to make the chips. Some are cooked in the micro, some in fat/grease, some are baked.
No nutritional information and no pictures. Interesting flavors!
Other works by the author are listed.

Dump Cake Gourmet: 25 Outrageously Delicious Dump Cake Recipes (Dump Cake Quick and Easy Fun Recipes Cookbook)
Each recipe starts out with a pictures, servings, ingredients and how to make the dessert, along with nutritional information.
Most if not all, start out with a cake mix so very little time preparing is needed.
Low calorie cakes are also included at the end.

Amazing Amish: A Collection of Classic, Fuss Free Dessert & Bread Recipes for your Family Table
These are recipes we have made in the past, different names but ingredients are the same. Basic old fashioned, great flavors and always come out good.
Each recipe has a list of ingredients and instructions on how to make them. No pictures and you should be able to substitute for a healthier oil/butter.
Other works by the author are included.

REDEMPTION'S WARRIOR  by Jennifer Morse and William Mortimer
Have read other works by Jennifer and enjoyed them and this one along with her husband sounded like a good read also.
Found the trip to Mexico exciting as I've never visited there and it's very detailed descriptions bring a picture of the area in my mind.
Starts out with Christopher and on his 18th birthday as he's saved his money he heads to Mexico to get a special interior for his muscle car.
He runs into problems, so many that he ends up in a prison, on an island. He meets many along the way and I enjoyed the travel and story behind it all
and how it all comes full circle. Enjoyed the references to the animals and auras. Just when he's about to become free a special friend goes missing...
Enjoyed the martial arts and mystic exchanges. He watches man give up hope to ever having a real life again and now he really has nothing to live for....

Love Storm
Loved the cover and the summary of the book. Starts out with Brooklyn and she's just arriving at her sister and brother in law's cabin in the CO mountains.
Problem is the BIL also told his football friend Ryan that he could stay there for a few weeks while his house is being repaired and he's recovering from a head injury.
They appear to get along well and have much to talk about as they've not seen one another in 4 years time.
It's rather predictable, you know they will get together in the end. Like the area and learning about the surroundings.
They have fun with the snow outside and fun bantering with one another...hot tub scenes...and then she reveals a special secret to him, will it matter though?
Hot firey steamy sex and thoughts...good short read, just the 2 characters along with others in phone calls.

The Second Sister by Marie Bostwick
Lucy is following her senator's campaign and path to the White House when she gets a call from her sister Alice.
Lucy hopes he will become president...Alice wants Lucy to spend Christmas in Nelson's Bay-their family hometown.
Election day and she gets a call, her sister has overdosed on sleeping pills and she must leave for WI. She dies and the president to be wants her to take time off work, for a few months.
Because she now has the time she steps into Alice's life and helps out with charity projects. Lawyer tells her of the stipulations to Alice's will....
Like how she tends to the animals and discovers her sisters quilts. She reads through the beginner books of quilting and dives into making one. She has no idea who all the quilts were for that her sister had made.
Recurring dreams keep her awake some nights. Like the tips about rotary cutters and other quilting issues.
Small town living and she's not used to everybody knowing everything about her. She finds herself at a neighbor's house for Thanksgiving and enjoying the time there.
Peter, the lawyer is helping her adjust and make sure she stays for 8 weeks. So many secrets and she finds the FOA!
Love the paying it forward and hearing about ice fishing.  She does have a job at the White House in Jan and you wonder if she will stay or leave...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Living with rheumatoid arthritis BY Shlotzhauer_ Tammi L
Lots of information about how you get it, how to help treat it and which version of the disease you have.
Didn't realize so much depends on the environment and DNA. Didn't realize also that teeth problems are related to this disease.
So many resources, what a treasure.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Getting Wild: A Small-Town Montana Romance Sampler
Starts out with synopsis of other books in the series.
This book starts out with Molly Dekker and her son Josh. He's to go with the cub scouts for a night in the woods.
That means she has a night to herself and she hopes to trek up the mountain to see Gabriel. He and her brother Scott-now dead in the war,  were stuck together like real brothers.
She does go to the cabin and they do talk...she just wants a one nighter. She appeals to him while watching her on all fours, painting, and she gets turned on watching him chop wood.
The rest of this book is also samples from the other brothers books. Just two chapters of each.

The Everyday Cookbook: A Healthy Cookbook with 130 Amazing Whole Food Recipes That are Easy on the Budget (FREE BONUS INSIDE: 10 Natural Homemade Body ... Beauty Recipes) (Healthy Cookbook Series 6
Lots of categories to choose from.  Starts with a budget and how to save by buying in bulk when you can.
No photos and no nutritional information. Recipes include servings and ingredient list along with detailed instructions how to make the dish.
Dishes from the US along with countries around the world.
Bonus recipes included for body and skin care.

 Golden: A Short Story
Man relives his younger days when he's playing catch with his now 8 year old son.
He recalls how he got to that point-the divorce, drinking, working too many hours, etc
The event had changes his life we learn about how he felt when it happened and later details..

Darn Good Eats: The Cookbook for Creative Chefs and Reluctant Cooks
Starts out with how the author hates to cook so hubby does it. A collection of his recipes along with chapters about the hot meter and list of utensils you will need.
Very challenging recipes. Lots of categories to choose from. Some recipes have a photo, very nice photo of the finished item along with various ways to make it depending on how healthy you want to eat.
No nutritional information but you can tell from the ingredients just how healthy it will be.
Back of the book is more package mixes to speed up the process of everyday cooking. Measurement tables at the end.

Don't sing before breakfast, don't sleep in the moonlight_ everyday superstitions and how they began by Lila Perl
Interesting stories of how others have rhymes that will turn their luck or give them back luck.
Liked the directions of the compass and the numbers and what they mean. Some silly rhymes and what they really mean.
Superstitions are taken apart to show they are not really bad luck.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Summer of rescue by Barbara Nelson
Claire Nickels is turning 40. Her teenage daughter has discovered sex and they are at the lake
where her son drowned.  Something in her marriage is lacking, she is drawn to younger males.
She works with her daughter and others for a show they hope to put on. She can make the music to accompany the show.
Keeps recalling moments with their son...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Mediterranean Diet In A Day for Dummies by Meri Raffetto, RD, LDN and Wendy Jo Peterson, MS, RD
Lots of helpful information even about where the different products originated from to form the diet/lifestyle.
Great chart showing the color of food and how it correlates to fighting a certain disease/medical issue and what foods fit into the group.
Changing the amount on your plate and other nutritional facts about what to buy are included. Shopping for supplies is a must read.

50 Creative Ways to Say I Love You: How to say I love you and show your partner, your kids and your parents how much you care (A 50 Ways Book Book 1
Thoughtful book showing you how to make the others in your life feel special.
Some color photos along with explanations of how to make the item.
Lots of different ways to use other utensils to form a heart.

Webster's Manners (Webster Technology Book 4)  Kindle
Illustrated children's book about Webster and how he's taught to put flashy beeping noisy things away when he's eating dinner, taking a bath and getting ready for bed.
He is also able to teach the adults in his life about the same restrictions in  a nice way.
Rhyming book. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Survival of the Christmas Spirit  
She's hosting the family Christmas dinner at her house. She has the tables all set even the ones for the kids.
Her mom calls and there will be others now. She hurries out Christmas eve to get more food. In the rain she can't find any more turkey.
It's laughable as her husband is so calm. So many things happen to dampen her spirit. It really can't get much worse but all comes to a climax at the dinner table when it's revealed...
Sometimes it's just the simple things that make the world go around-don't over think it.
Samples of the author's other works are included.

Never A Bride by Traci Hall
Listened to this book as an audio book.
Mike is getting married and his brother Jared arrives. He had broken up his marriage and left to go to Alaska and never came back.
He was to wed Sheena.  At the rehearsal dinner Jared is next to his father and they talk and we learn how the details of the wedding and everything invovled were just too much for him to deal with. That's why he headed to Alaska.
His father sets him straight and yes it is all about the woman you are marrying. They do meet again and he tries to set her right and explain why he felt he had to leave. Lots of misunderstandings...
He knows what he has to do to set it right and he only has a short time to prove how much he really does love her...
Excerpt from Ambrosia of the Sea is included.

 Wildlife Coloring Book Forest Elephants, Giraffes, African Big Cats and More, Natures Wildlife Coloring Art Coloring Books Designed for Artists, Adults, ... Older Children (Wildlife Coloring Books 1)
Great tool for destressing from everyday struggles. Links to get the pages in a nice format are included.
Collection of exotic animals. so many fine lines that really add to the detail of the animals.
Bonus pages available also along with other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
So many, hundreds! of other themes to choose from. Christmas one appeals to me. Also books just for kids.

 Mug Cakes: And Other Delicious Desserts to Make in the Microwave
Starts out with the basics of using your microwave for these recipes.
What I like about the recipes is that they are small in size-perfect for the two of us, and are easy to make and clean up with supplies I already have on hand.
Starts out with frosting then onto the cakes. Carrot cake would be my choice for the first one to try.
No pictures and no nutritional information but by the list of ingredients you should be able to substitute for healthier ones.
Cookies in a mug sound like a perfect quck surprise gift for your loved one.
A Keeper!

 Gifts in Jars: Recipes for Easy, Delicious, Inexpensive DIY Gifts in Jars (Jar Recipes, Jar Gifts, Homemade Gifts)
Great ideas for gift giving for any occasion.
Lots of tips for selecting the right size container and what items to put in it and on the outside as well.
Each recipe includes the list of ingredients to include in the jar along with instructions on how to make it with other items from your kitchen.
Really great recipes and easy to make: breads, muffins, etc.
Love the idea of soup mixes!   Few pictures and no nutritional information but you should be able to substitute some ingredients for a healthier choice.

Instant Pot Cookbook: A Simple Pressure Cooker Guide for Busy People - Delicious Meals, Quick and Easy Recipes & Stress Free Cooking
Purchased an electric pressure cooker for our wedding anniversary and found although it's a great device it really needed a cookbook to go along with it. There were instructions on how to use each of the functions but it never stated how long or in what order to actually make things.
This cookbbook is better than what I thought. Only problem is the listing of recipes is NOT clickable so you have to scroll through and hope you find it within a reasonable amount of time.
I know we will be trying many of these recipes ourselves as they are on the healthier side of ingredients or we can substitute what we can eat in most of the recipes.
No photos and no nutritional information but we know what items we can cook/eat with our new lifestyle.  Very specific instructions on what setting to use and for long, etc.
Lots of categories to choose from: breakfast, soups, chicken dishes, lamb, pork, beef, seafood and desserts.

 Dump Dinners: 150 Dump Dinners Cookbook: The Most complete Dump Dinners Crock Pot Book: Dump Dinners Crockpot: Dump Dinners Crock Pot Free: Dump Dinners ... dump dinners crockpot,crock pot,crockpot)
Each recipe comes with a very colorful photo of the finished item, ingredient list and how to prepare it.
them! Some of the dishes include a prepackage box or items already made.
Not sure what a particular is, or a might in the ingredient listings. So many recipes to choose from. some are even good for a slow cooker.
Includes desserts also.

Be A Cheapskate Now
307 ways to save money-on everything.
Starts out with listing of apps and websites to visit along with codes to use to get more discounts at the places listed.
home savings, health and beauty, food, pets, clothing, entertainment,
utilities,  travel, shipping, random and misc. So much information, well thought out.

Earnest by Kristin Von Kreisler
This story starts out with Jeff and Anna and they've dated for 3 years and live together in a condo in the Northwest.
They decide to pick out a dog, Earnest and they divide their days with each spending time with the dog. They live as a family.
Jeff is an architect and is designing a new project for a house in town that he hopes will get the permits to demolish so they can rebuild a new facility to hold his girls' shop along with her two friends shops.
Problem is there is a fire, the dog gets hurt and Anna and her friends find out his project wants to destroy the house their businesses are in.
Anna won't listen to what he has to say and he leaves and she's left with the condo. She even takes steps to legally get Earnest. The dog also has some chapters where you understand what is happening to him during the separation.
Can they ever find it in their hearts to at least listen to one another, for the sake of the dog even? So many times of remembering how they met, certain events they attended throughout their years as it tugs on their hearts.
Loved all the flower classes and descriptions of the parks they frequent and his career and all he has to go through. Funny touching scenes when using online dating sites they meet.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

Undercover  by Danielle Steel
Have loved her other reads and know this will be just as good.
Starts out with Raoul who runs the Colombian drug cartel and he's friended Pablo who is close to his sister-expecting their first child in days.
Pablo is really a Marshall and is undercover for the past 3 years in Columbia and he's escaped only to learn Raoul had killed his sister. Marshall only wants to go undercover again in South America.
DEA wants him back in the states for over a year. He feels like he's living a different life. They set him up to be a presidential agent.
President and his family make him feel like family and he enjoys his time working for them. A tragedy occurs that changes Marsh's life and career.
The story also follows Ariana who's lost her mother and tries to be everything for her father. He hopes to become the French ambassador for the US.
She's into fashion and an editor for a French magazine.  She does move to Argentina to help her father. Problem is she's kidnapped and her father wants to pay the ransom. Weeks go by and she falls in love with Jorge, it will keep her alive longer.
She becomes pregnant with his child at the same time her father and the agents are trying to locate her-to extract her. After all her struggles she is able to recall a place where she can heal-she recalls being there with her father...
They suggest she confides in a man in Paris to overcome her grief...there are many breakthroughs....her struggles are not over yet....
Enjoyed all the different locations and how it all becomes connected to the same story.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Everlasting  by Nancy Thayer
Have enjoyed the author's other books.
Katherine Elliott, it's Christmas and she wants to leave. She's had enough of the girls boarding school and wants to venture out.
She comes to New York and finds a job working at a flower shop.  She travels to Paris and has a fling but returns back to her job in NY, not hearing from kit.
Her father drops a bomb on her and she strives to help them all out financially.
Story also follows her parents and her siblings along with her own career. So many struggles and heart ache, betrayal as each wants something more from her.
Loved hearing about all the flower arranging...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

A MEASURE OF HAPPINESS by Lorrie Thomson  
Cover first got to me as I connect blueberries with Maine and that's where this book is situated. Like the area enough to visit every other year, if not sooner to take in all it's calm via footpaths and fierceness of the cliff edges.
Story line sounds really good also. I think I've found yet another new author for me to pursue her writings.
Starts out with Katherine and she's walked into her bakery to find it all trashed, she checks various things and finds the money is still safe. She is always thinking she's found her baby-the one she gave away.
Book also follows Celeste who had worked for Katherine and was to buy the bakery from her but headed to NY for culinary school.  She still has friends in town.
Book goes back in time to how they worked together at the shop and Kat's exhusband Buddy would come by to get coffee and was always able to draw things out of them.
Liked hearing of the mementos that she treasures in a dishcloth. Katherine has kept many secrets to herself over the years...
There are also chapters from Zach who works at the bakery and is searching for his birth mother.
Lots of twists at every turn, keeping you so engulfed in this story. Recipes included!
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

Coal River  by   Ellen Marie Wiseman
Find it interesting to read about coal mines.  This book starts out with Emma and she dreams of her brother Albert and her parents that died in the fire. She's to live with her mothers sister and their family at Coal River.
Uncle Otis runs the mine and she's to help in the house with chores and in the company store with Percy-her cousin. She is quite taken aback to learn of the breaker boys and how they are not being educated and she sees the emptiness in the wives that come into the store, the despair.
She wants to help them escape and get out in the real world. What I like about this book is learning more of the coal mine and the rats and why they are not harmed. Love learning all the new words and what they mean.
Such a strong and brave woman in that time and to do the things she did to make life easier for others without caring about her personal life. Lots of action, surprises and the book is not a predictable one by any means.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

 Trick or Treat Murder by Leslie Meier
Have read some of the author's other works so I'm familiar with the town and it's cast of characters.
This one starts out with Lucy and her friend Sue are going to have a Halloween party in the empty mansion for the kids.
There's been fires in the town that is starting to cause some to question what's going on...
Story also follows the fire investigation and the newspaper reporter who writes about it.
Also a wife who found her husband in bed with her yoga teacher!
Lucy's kids are also into activities and she has a lot on her plate to deal with, Hubby Bill is on the historic committee and it could be the calls they get at night about her snooping too much into the fire investigation or his dealings with the committee.
She's fearful their old house will be next to be set on fire.
Good story and there's so much to it. not predictable til the end.
Excerpt from one other book is included at the end.

 Desire by Amy Wallace
Story of a pearl doctor.  I love pearls and enjoy reading about them.
Lily's uncle handed her the book-the one that holds all the secrets to the jewels. The woman had died and he wanted to know more of what she said on her death bed.
The legacy had come from her relatives of days long gone.  Letters from a woman in a convent, gave birth, child was adopted and the father tries to kidnap the baby and is killed. The woman in the convent is out of sorts...
Her husband to be, Alan is also in the jewelry field. She is able to design broaches and necklaces with certain gems that really appeal to the rich. He's pressuring her to get the pearl her uncle has locked up, she can doctor it up and they can become rich.
Her uncle is dying, so time is of the essence. Confusing at times because you can't figure out if the entry is about her or an ancestor that she's reading about.
Loved hearing of all the information about real and cultured pearls and legends that surround them.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

All the old knives  by Olan Steinhauer
Sounded like a good book. Starts out with Henry Colham and he's leaving CA, plane is delayed.
Celia Fabrough he plans to visit before he heads back to Vienna. She's now married to Drew and 2 boys.
She left the spy career behind.  Story goes back in time and we find out how they met and their lives then working for the CIA til the terrorists hijack the plane and kill a stewardess.
Was their identity comprised? That's what he needs to find out, by asking her more questions of what she knows/remembers.
What I like about this book is that it's an audiobook and each of the characters get their own chapters with right voices: female voice for her, male voice for him.
Fast paced action and not predictable.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Thank you, goodnight  by Abramowitz_ Andy
Story starts out with Ted Tremble meeting with his father. Ted's music career is at an end and the band have stopped touring.
His father talked him into becoming a lawyer, like him. Ted now travels internationally to take depositions for the firm. He's divorced as is his father.
He gets a text that leads him to the old band members and they might be able to make a revival.  He visits the others and tells him his thoughts and some are on board...
His mid life crisis involves the others members of the band and they struggle to get another good song out to the world before it all dries up again...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Salt Mines Mystery by Aaron M. Zook Jr.
Interested in mines and found this book interesting as a bunch of kids get together and combine the clues they've received or found.
They are trying to find the missing exploited children who've gone lost in the salt mines in Germany. Love the descriptions of the area and wish I could visit someday.
This appears to be a series book but I've not read the first one and it's easy to follow along without having read the first. The kids fathers all work on secret projects and the kids receive notes and do go on excursions to the castle and salt mines.
Fast paced action as the train they were riding in did not go the same route as others and they meet with enemies that want to harm them-as they will get paid anyways.
Kind of reminds me of the Hardy Boys mysteries as the details are so descriptive and the way they think to get out of the hard places...
And Indiana Jones and God all combined for a team that may prove to be unbeatable.  Their next assignment is included in the form of a riddle.
I received this book from The Book Club Network (bookfun.org) in exchange for my honest review.

The Tycoon's Forced Bride by Jane Porter
This book starts out with Ava and she's disabled but teaches the children dance and ballet.  Malcolm and her have a child together but she lives in NY.
He wants her to try again to come back and take care of their child. If she can teach the children ballet and dance she should be able to tend to her son.
You learn of the struggles and the therapy she must endure to get through the days away from her son. She had lost her memory and we learn how that came about. Like how she's able to accomplish what she has.
Story also follows Malcolm who she doesn't remember and he's always tended to her needs, without her knowing it.
Her car waiting for her whenever and wherever she needed to go.
He's talked her into going to St. Barts for a vacation but while they are leaving she realizes she can't go through with it. Love all the descriptions of the places they go and the swimming in the water.
Very hot steamy sex scenes as they experience the islands and all it has to offer as they attempt to work things out...
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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