Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Book Review The Stranger in Medallion Loafers: Adventures of Allen and Juan

The Stranger in Medallion Loafers: Adventures of Allen and Juan  by Austin B. Tucker
Book sounded interesting: mystery. Two boys who live next door to one another are spending a summer day on school grounds when they notice a man with a basketball head into the school building. Things just don't add up for them and they follow him.
They find him talking to the custodian and the only English word they hear is kaboom-meaning a bomb. They are able to get out of there with some of the evidence and bring it home to experiment themselves.
By the end of the night they've told their parents and local cops. Next day the FBI is on the case as the boys continue to watch the school building from a tree. They find more clues and call the FBI who tell the boys to stay away. Next day they see the custodian in his van heading down a private road and follow him on their bikes.
They get arrested and only way out for them is to go to church camp where a sheriff is always watching them. THeir lives and their families are in danger-they don't realize how much til they have to go to a safe house...
Very detailed descriptions and fast paced action along with quotes from psalms and scriptures. Like this kind of book as it makes the boys use their heads to think while having some guidance from God.
There are many benefits to having a dad in the military as they learn all about flying aircraft. Love the details on checking the plane out first. When one is kidnapped they are beside themselves.
interesting how the boys are able to use the latest technology to track the phone via cell towers to find their location, even before the police can even think of it.  With all the action taking place this would make an excellent movie and be a top seller!
I received this book from The Book Club Network (bookfun.org) in exchange for my honest review

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