Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Books read Apr 19

One for the Road by Lynne Marshsall
Entered the contest so I could maybe win a copy. The story line sounds right up my alley as hubby and I have talked about touring the US in an RV or similar down the road in several years.
This will help prepare me for what we can expect-I won the contest. One thing puzzles me because being blind I don't drive so if something happens to hubby who will I get to drive the vehicle-similar to the storyline in this book.
Looking forward to the break in reading where most of the women are in their late teens or young adult stage. This one is about one who's over 40 with that stage of problems.
Book starts out with D'Anne Palmer and she's stranded in Nashville, TN after her husband has passed away. All she has left is the RV and no income to make it back to CA where her sons are. She gets an idea to rent out the RV and she goes with it as the driver. She makes a list of rules...
Lots of mysteries surround the RV and missing money as she agrees to take Tyler and the other band members to locations where they have gigs over the next several weeks. She had not seen the breakin's coming... Sections of the chapters are from Tyler's point of view making the story more interesting as he's also discovering things about her and the things he finds-so many secrets... Lots of twists and turns as the mystery is solved...
What I really liked about this book is 1. it takes me places I've yet to travel to, experience for myself, 2. bit of romance and sex and 3. learning new things-especially about the recording and music industry.
All around good read! Will be looking for more by this author.
I won this book from the author and will review it using my honest review.

Coolest Kids Science Projects: 40 Fun & Easy Science Experiments For Kids  Kindle
Very interesting children's experiments to try with adult supervision. Like the one where frozen candles are put to the test to see if they burn faster than ones not put in the freezer.
Explains what is happening to the adults so they can show and explain it to the kids.

IRISH TREATS - 30 Dessert Recipes for St. Patrick's Day or Whenever You Want to Celebrate Like the Irish
Some recipes come with a photo. All recipes have total time to make: prep and cook times, ingredients, Instructions on how to make it, along with how to serve it.
No nutritional information and most use a large amount of butter and sugar. Nothing strikes our fancy and some use beer and other Irish alcohol.
Bonus recipe included. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.


The Ultimate Guide To Raised Beds
We have one in the backyard and will probably create another as they are a lot easier to weed through and harvest.
Starts out with what a raised bed garden is and moves on to the benefits.  Shows examples of gardens they've done.
Other kinds of beds are also shown. Discussion on borders around the garden and the choices available.
Lots of resources are linkable and so much information to make it easy for anybody to grow a garden.

St. Patrick's Day the Irish way by S J Breen
Starts out with the history using some color photos. Irish recipes are included.
Shows a color photo, Ingredients list along with servings, instructions on how to make.
No nutritional information. Apple tarts sound very yummy and easy to try.

Mama's Southern Cookbook-28 Old Fashioned Cake Recipes From Scratch
Most of the recipes use butter or large amounts of shortening. You might be able to substitute for a healthier option.
Ingredient list along with instructions on how to make the cake, some state how many layers it will make, but not specific servings sizes.
No nutritional information and no pictures.  Fillings and toppings are included for some cakes.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

250 Random Facts everyone should know
Found a lot of the categories fascinating as to what they covered.
List of other free books is at the beginning of this ebook which are included in this ebook.
10 chapters also: Having Less is More is also included, strategies that will improve your focus, time management and relationships.
vegan bodybuilding and nutrition, guide to building muscle while on a vegan diet.
Quit smoking today, the shoe string entrepreneur and pregnancy: everything you need to know.

Brilliant Bundt Cakes: 35 Cakes & Toppings To Help You Celebrate With Style!
Tips for cooking start off this ebook along with bundt tips.  I like to use my bundt pan when I want a regular cake to become a special cake without any fuss.
Each recipe comes with a beautiful photo, ingredient list, instructions in how to make the cake and prep/cook times along with servings. There is NO nutritional information.
You might be able to substitute some of the butter for a healthier option.
Carrot cake or bonus angel food cake would be our selection without the cream cheese frosting.
Also 10 toppings chapter is included.

Frozen Hairstyles inspired by Anna and Elsa
Was given this book as a gift because Barbara thought I'd fancy up my hairdo's with braids. My hair is very long and some of the designs you can get away with even at the age of 60.
Starts out at braid school and the various classic patterns to do your own hair.
Then step by step color photo of how to use twists, buns along with braids. So many choices.

The Kids Book About Ladybugs
Colorful children's book about ladybugs. Small colorful pictures of different ladybugs around the world. The story of their life is told from different stages.
Question and answer section follows.

Famous Flowers And Butterflies: Beautiful Blossoms and Flowers for Kids
Very colorful children's book about butterflies and other insects. Starts out with fact about the butterflies in easy to understand words.
Next section is about certain flowers and again the facts about them along with brilliant vibrant color photos.

Dry Spices Mixes: Over 100 Delicious Dry Spice Mix Recipes (Spice Up Your Meals)
Gonna enjoy this book because all the ingredients are fresh herbs and spices that go along with the food they were intended for.
I always guessed at what herb went with what food.  So many choices to select from. Some recipes you can store for later use and it tells you how much to use per lb. of meat.
All include ingredient list and how to store it and use it. Some even include what type of meat/fish to use the spice mix with. Other works listed at the end. No nutritional information and no pictures.

Holiday Crafts: 196 Crafts for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentines Day, 4th of July, Halloween Crafts, Thanksgiving Crafts, & Christmas Crafts!
What I like about this book is the things you need to gather to make an item are everyday household things.
Pictures are clickable in the book, they do not show in the book. The list of things to collect and how to put it all together. Great ideas for a lot of the holidays throughout the year, just not the most important big ones.
Other ads are throughout the book to get you to buy more ebooks of the authors.

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