Friday, April 29, 2016

Books read April 2016

One for the Road by Lynne Marshsall
Entered the contest so I could maybe win a copy. The story line sounds right up my alley as hubby and I have talked about touring the US in an RV or similar down the road in several years.
This will help prepare me for what we can expect-I won the contest. One thing puzzles me because being blind I don't drive so if something happens to hubby who will I get to drive the vehicle-similar to the storyline in this book.
Looking forward to the break in reading where most of the women are in their late teens or young adult stage. This one is about one who's over 40 with that stage of problems.
Book starts out with D'Anne Palmer and she's stranded in Nashville, TN after her husband has passed away. All she has left is the RV and no income to make it back to CA where her sons are. She gets an idea to rent out the RV and she goes with it as the driver. She makes a list of rules...
Lots of mysteries surround the RV and missing money as she agrees to take Tyler and the other band members to locations where they have gigs over the next several weeks. She had not seen the breakin's coming... Sections of the chapters are from Tyler's point of view making the story more interesting as he's also discovering things about her and the things he finds-so many secrets... Lots of twists and turns as the mystery is solved...
What I really liked about this book is 1. it takes me places I've yet to travel to, experience for myself, 2. bit of romance and sex and 3. learning new things-especially about the recording and music industry.
All around good read! Will be looking for more by this author.
I won this book from the author and will review it using my honest review.

Francesca's Kitchen by Peter Pezzelli
What appealed to me about this book was the fact the woman had raised her Italian family in RI-where I live and now that all the kids have grown and moved away.
She keeps busy by learning new things from books at the library. She's got her act together-she travels to visit all the kids two times a year and they visit her. Some days it's still not enough-too much silence.
The story is depicted in January and it's described exactly how it feels in RI at that time of the year when the big snow storm hits. Love memories myself of the 78 blizzard-the weekend of our marriage, marooned for a whole week with no travel on roads possible.
Story also follows Loretta Simmons, the mother of children who want her to actually get out of bed to take them to school....
Francesca needs to find something new to do-to feel useful again. She loves cooking and searches through the local ads for a job. A babysitting job just a few hours til the mother returns from her work at the lawyer's firm for her 2 kids...
Loretta dates and Francesca babysits more hours for them. She's got them eating real food and picking up after themselves which makes Loretta feel like she's not a good mother....
Fran's kids have no idea she's been working as she talks to each of the girls weekly with the same stories of shopping at the local grocery and going to get books from the library...when Loretta becomes sick for a week Francesca takes over and even meets one of Loretta's bosses.
They get to chat while doing house chores and having tea and Loretta takes an interest in cooking as they clear the skeletons from their closets.
They become better friends as time goes on til the kids have a week off and Francesca isn't needed....or is she?  Like the religious interventions along the way-really fits in with the whole story.
Author Q&A and recipes at the end. Will be looking for more from this author. Like how he describes things, makes you feel like you are there experiencing it for yourself.   
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

Sea Glass by Anita Shreeve
Starts out in 1929 and Sexton and her have gotten married, bought a house in NH.
Anorah tries to make the house a home. She preserves and labels the foods they've harvested at her mother's house.
Other chapters named McDermott (runs some depts. in the mill) and Alfonso, Vivian, Alice and Harold-her parents write letters and  tell their stories.
Love hearing of all the colors of the glass she finds while walking on the beach.
When the banks and Wall Street fail and the textile factories are on the verge of closing, cutting wages, going on strike, what is the solution.
Loved hearing of the textile factory tasks.  She finds lipstick on his collar and he shrugs it off due to all the stress he's under but she knows...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Winds of Summer by Arlene Hale
Gold Dust City: A family who works at the 1860's town. Fleur's boyfriend heads to CA to head up the new town there like an amusement park with themes for their times along with rides.
One runs the doll shop and one is  a deputy and puts on a show of arresting one person per day, for the tourists.
There are improvements and new attractions being worked on in town also. The boat ride mishap has them all on edge, who is sabotaging the attraction?
They follow where the clues lead them.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Godpretty in the Tobacco Field by Kim Michele Richardson
Thought the story in this book sounded good to me. We have traveled through the tobacco fileds of KY on our way from RI, OH, to TN to visit relatives and have often seen the smoke coming out of the houses, drying the leaves.
Mother in law was going to stop and call for help thinking it was somebody's house that was on fire til the drying of the leaves was explained to her. Interesting to know what will events are in this book, for us to experience ourselves.
Enjoyed this book because I learned so much about the tobacco leaves and fields. State fair was an added bonus for me-all the sights, sounds, and I can imagine the smells of food. Was so happy to learn that knitting was also a talent that would be granted ribbons or the best work.
Ruby is able to get away to go with Rose and they each set up their booths. Terrifying neighbors and others selling babies-some things just don't sit well with me but it's the mountain life.
Many tragedies occur and so many blame certain people til they find out the truth, then all the other truths shed light. For some it's a blessing for others it's the end as they know it...
Especially liked the fortune teller notes and learning about the sketching.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

Incredibly Delicious Beef Recipes from the Mediterranean Region: Mediterranean Diet for Beginners, Mediterranean Cookbook, Mediterranean Slow Cooker (Healthy Cookbook Series
Starts out with what a Mediterranean meal would consist of.
Each recipe has lift of mostly healthy ingredients-you should be able to substitute for healthier choices, instructions on how to make the dish. There is no nutritional information but they should be on the healthy side.
Lots of recipes using meats.

The umbrella-maker's daughter by Janet Caird
1832 and they've moved to another area hoping her past would be left behind also.
The sickness, cholera has come to the town and others have found out from the pastor that she has written poetry and has many books.
There is talk of witch burning also... Daniel the pastor takes up with Meg and also with Mary...
Hoped the book would talk more of her father's trade-using his hands to make umbrellas.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Orange Animals On The Planet: Animal Encyclopedia for Kids (Colorful Animals on the Planet Book 3
This children's colorful book starts out with the importance of color for camouflage to help protect them from other animals.
This is the orange book and there are many different animals and birds that are shown. Very colorful vibrant colors and facts about the animal or bird.
Julia Butterfly would be my favorite.

How to make braided rugs by Sally Clarke Carty
I have braided rugs using old jeans that I cut into strips. I even had the metal holders to keep the fabric folded.
Lots of information is provided here as to the materials and how to braid, sew and care for the rugs.
Resources for everything relating to braided is listed at the end. Very descriptive details on how to do braiding the right way.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Summerlong by Dean Bakopoulos
This book starts out with a married couple, two kids and they are nearing 40 and some changes are coming to each of them.
One night he gets up and walks out to find a woman lying in the grass and ends up waking up next to her in the morning. She has taken a run she knows he's home in the basement watching TV, he'd be there for the kids if they should waken.
She ends up having a few beers with a younger man. Iowa is where they live. Don works at a real estate agency.  The cops find them both and deliver them home along with a foreclosure notice and their kids with a cop on the lawn wrapped in blankets.
Neither of them explain where they had been and doing-it's just a fantasy, now back to real life. Claire is an author but only has one book under her belt.
We learn of their other relationships and what is going through their minds...
Stories go back in time before they met, during their dating years and up to date present time spent with others.
Lives of all involved intertwine and loved hearing of the northern woods vacation...but will they have a chance at forever love?
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Blue Heron by Avi
Have read other author's works and have enjoyed them all. This one is about Maggie and they are spending time at the shore and she has a new sister.
Magic and her father, she believes in all. Her mother gave her a crystal that is pure magic in her pocket. She travels to visit her father and step mother from Seattle all the way to MA. The shore will have much magic.
Very familiar to the area as we live nearby. It's interesting how the descriptions are so detailed-we tend to take things like the countryside for granted at times.
The heron has a magic all it's own and she wants to save her father....he spends much time on the phone doing work. She entertains herself as the stepmother is always busy with the new baby.
She studies the heron and discovers lots of things about how the bird lives and survives in the marsh.
She discovers many treasures and she also finds out her ailing father has not been taking his medicines!  Someone has also been shooting arrows at the heron! Magic happens!
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The lives of Danielle Steel, the unauthorized biography of America's by Bane_ Vickie L - Benet_ Lorenzo T
Have enjoyed many of the author's works and it's going to be interesting to read about custody battles, divorces and life for her.
Some of her earlier recollections of life are in her books. Can't imagine the life she's led but you can see where she gets the story lines for some of her books-from her own life.
So extravagant with her gifts.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Mediterranean Diet: AUTHENTIC Recipes for Healthy Weight Loss (The Beginners Guide to the Mediterranean CookBook)
This starts out with some history of the foods of the area.  Recipes come with ingredient list along with cooking instructions. There is very detailed nutritional information broken down into categories and serving size.
Has sections for breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes along with snacks and dessert recipes.

The Stranger in Medallion Loafers: Adventures of Allen and Juan  by Austin B. Tucker
Book sounded interesting: mystery. Two boys who live next door to one another are spending a summer day on school grounds when they notice a man with a basketball head into the school building. Things just don't add up for them and they follow him.
They find him talking to the custodian and the only English word they hear is kaboom-meaning a bomb. They are able to get out of there with some of the evidence and bring it home to experiment themselves.
By the end of the night they've told their parents and local cops. Next day the FBI is on the case as the boys continue to watch the school building from a tree. They find more clues and call the FBI who tell the boys to stay away. Next day they see the custodian in his van heading down a private road and follow him on their bikes.
They get arrested and only way out for them is to go to church camp where a sheriff is always watching them. THeir lives and their families are in danger-they don't realize how much til they have to go to a safe house...
Very detailed descriptions and fast paced action along with quotes from psalms and scriptures. Like this kind of book as it makes the boys use their heads to think while having some guidance from God.
There are many benefits to having a dad in the military as they learn all about flying aircraft. Love the details on checking the plane out first. When one is kidnapped they are beside themselves.
interesting how the boys are able to use the latest technology to track the phone via cell towers to find their location, even before the police can even think of it.  With all the action taking place this would make an excellent movie and be a top seller!
I received this book from The Book Club Network ( in exchange for my honest review

Tumbledown Manor by Helen Brown
Book starts out with Lisa and it's her birthday, one of the big ones and she being surprised by family and friends.
When the roses arrive with a note-not meant for her but her spouses mistress she knows she has to act and do something.
After everyone has left to go in their separate directions she meets with the publishing company and she informs them she's heading to her sisters house in Australia.
Her son also lives nearby. Once there she looks for a place for herself and is almost ready to sign for a townhouse when she realizes the manor her grandfather was raised in was for sale.
It's very run down but with the help of others she's able to live in it, write her book and get things fixed up, all be the stables. She's heard rumors of a scandal that happened and ghosts are haunting the stables.
She does hear her share of things that she can't explain but is overall happy with the purchase and her surroundings.
There are a handful of other characters that add their drama to the mix making this at times a good funny read.
Lots of twists and turns at the end. Love that this book is actually two books in one-the one that she's writing and the one that she's living.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

 In Search of Destiny 
This book starts out with a time traveler and she's returned to her home after having been with the settlers for a short time. Three different men wanted to ask her to marry.
She spoke of the big war and showed them pictures on her Ipod and camera. It seems this is a series book as I find myself a bit lost on past events that are only briefly mentioned.
Kind of like having two stories in one: One family will leave in the spring to go to Oregon and they will bring with them a freed slave. They are learning numbers and letters and will leave their newly married daughter behind-she married a local man.
Enjoyed hearing of the bartering and trading of fresh meat for baked items.
Happy to learn they take the warnings of the time traveler when packing to make the trek to Oregon. My grandson loved the computer game himself and often talks about it still.  Discussions of how to take burden off the animals and how to preserve food that is lightweight would prove to be helpful.
Controversy over freeing slaves...Love sense of community and how everyone helps out another along the way and prayers around the circle on Sunday's and sometimes at night.
I received this book from The Book Club Network ( in exchange for my honest review

The Jupiter Lighthouse Mystery by Frederic St. Laurent Sr
Wanted to read this book because i like learning about lighthouses.  Starts out with a shipwreck because the lighthouse was not lit that night of the big storm.
Next up and the Simmons family will be leaving Boston Light to tend to the Jupiter Lighthouse in FL. A father and his two children.
They meet up with the assistant keeper, Peter and they all get along well enough. Amy starts reading the logbook of past light keepers and learns much about who is haunting the lighthouse and other secrets.
She and Tipton and Peter go together to solve more clues as they arise to find out who is the shadow and what they can do to help. With their dad's help they can fix some problems-oiling the hinges and he explains why at night time they would creak.
So much history is in the logbooks, very fascinating details of decades past. Treasure is so unexpected and how they come by it!  But all good things must come to an end as the family get stationed elsewhere. What will become of Amy and Peter ?? Love terms explained about Indian words and legends.
Would be a great book for children to read along with their grandparents, each taking a page or two and discussing things along the way. Indian folklore and traditions was interesting to learn about. Felt this was really two books in one as the logbook is a story all by itself.
Learning was fun in this book-not like a school chore or homework. Look forward to more from this author.
I received this book from The Book Club Network ( in exchange for my honest review

Coolest Kids Science Projects: 40 Fun & Easy Science Experiments For Kids  Kindle
Very interesting children's experiments to try with adult supervision. Like the one where frozen candles are put to the test to see if they burn faster than ones not put in the freezer.
Explains what is happening to the adults so they can show and explain it to the kids.

IRISH TREATS - 30 Dessert Recipes for St. Patrick's Day or Whenever You Want to Celebrate Like the Irish
Some recipes come with a photo. All recipes have total time to make: prep and cook times, ingredients, Instructions on how to make it, along with how to serve it.
No nutritional information and most use a large amount of butter and sugar. Nothing strikes our fancy and some use beer and other Irish alcohol.
Bonus recipe included. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.


The Ultimate Guide To Raised Beds
We have one in the backyard and will probably create another as they are a lot easier to weed through and harvest.
Starts out with what a raised bed garden is and moves on to the benefits.  Shows examples of gardens they've done.
Other kinds of beds are also shown. Discussion on borders around the garden and the choices available.
Lots of resources are linkable and so much information to make it easy for anybody to grow a garden.

St. Patrick's Day the Irish way by S J Breen
Starts out with the history using some color photos. Irish recipes are included.
Shows a color photo, Ingredients list along with servings, instructions on how to make.
No nutritional information. Apple tarts sound very yummy and easy to try.

Mama's Southern Cookbook-28 Old Fashioned Cake Recipes From Scratch
Most of the recipes use butter or large amounts of shortening. You might be able to substitute for a healthier option.
Ingredient list along with instructions on how to make the cake, some state how many layers it will make, but not specific servings sizes.
No nutritional information and no pictures.  Fillings and toppings are included for some cakes.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

250 Random Facts everyone should know
Found a lot of the categories fascinating as to what they covered.
List of other free books is at the beginning of this ebook which are included in this ebook.
10 chapters also: Having Less is More is also included, strategies that will improve your focus, time management and relationships.
vegan bodybuilding and nutrition, guide to building muscle while on a vegan diet.
Quit smoking today, the shoe string entrepreneur and pregnancy: everything you need to know.

Brilliant Bundt Cakes: 35 Cakes & Toppings To Help You Celebrate With Style!
Tips for cooking start off this ebook along with bundt tips.  I like to use my bundt pan when I want a regular cake to become a special cake without any fuss.
Each recipe comes with a beautiful photo, ingredient list, instructions in how to make the cake and prep/cook times along with servings. There is NO nutritional information.
You might be able to substitute some of the butter for a healthier option.
Carrot cake or bonus angel food cake would be our selection without the cream cheese frosting.
Also 10 toppings chapter is included.

Frozen Hairstyles inspired by Anna and Elsa
Was given this book as a gift because Barbara thought I'd fancy up my hairdo's with braids. My hair is very long and some of the designs you can get away with even at the age of 60.
Starts out at braid school and the various classic patterns to do your own hair.
Then step by step color photo of how to use twists, buns along with braids. So many choices.

The Kids Book About Ladybugs
Colorful children's book about ladybugs. Small colorful pictures of different ladybugs around the world. The story of their life is told from different stages.
Question and answer section follows.

Famous Flowers And Butterflies: Beautiful Blossoms and Flowers for Kids
Very colorful children's book about butterflies and other insects. Starts out with fact about the butterflies in easy to understand words.
Next section is about certain flowers and again the facts about them along with brilliant vibrant color photos.

Dry Spices Mixes: Over 100 Delicious Dry Spice Mix Recipes (Spice Up Your Meals)
Gonna enjoy this book because all the ingredients are fresh herbs and spices that go along with the food they were intended for.
I always guessed at what herb went with what food.  So many choices to select from. Some recipes you can store for later use and it tells you how much to use per lb. of meat.
All include ingredient list and how to store it and use it. Some even include what type of meat/fish to use the spice mix with. Other works listed at the end. No nutritional information and no pictures.

Holiday Crafts: 196 Crafts for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentines Day, 4th of July, Halloween Crafts, Thanksgiving Crafts, & Christmas Crafts!
What I like about this book is the things you need to gather to make an item are everyday household things.
Pictures are clickable in the book, they do not show in the book. The list of things to collect and how to put it all together. Great ideas for a lot of the holidays throughout the year, just not the most important big ones.
Other ads are throughout the book to get you to buy more ebooks of the authors.

Silent Sentry by Theresa Rizzo



Listened to this book as an audiobook so some of the characters names will be as I listened to them being spoken.
Story starts out with Giana and she's come back to her fathers house that she's housesitting to find an intruder, on her computer.
She ends up waking up in the hospital and Joe, a doctor comes to her aid-he will take her to his house, his parents are due home the next day and he's got time off. He's an old family friend and he knows many dectectives who can figure out what's going on.
We learn a lot about their prior relationship over the years-she was infatuated with him.
Story also follows a group of others who want her knowledge, what's on her computer. If it goes public it will revoluntize the health care system.
Giana had grown up and specializes in nursing and to keep on her father's good side she works at the less traumaized center where she'd not see many gang shootings. She changes career choices and gets a degree in computers also and combines her knowledge to create Promethus, the health program she hopes will sell.
Fast paced action, never a dull moment. Love the detailed descriptions of the area as I've only seen scenes on the TV. Love how the neighborhood watch out for one another and their younger children on their way home from school every day.
Sad, the day he lost his wife Maggie.  Some assaults appear to be targeting her, others target him so Pat Sullivan the dectective has a lot of different leads and suspects. Joe attempts to help sometimes putting him in harms way as he bodily tries to shield her. With the aassault she's left deaf in one ear and he is pretty sure with the damage she incurred she will never hear from that ear again.
Steamy hot sex scenes enhance this book and that leads to other inhabitences.
So many intertwining parts to this but easy to keep track of it all, Few characters-easy to keep track of everyone.
Love all the charity work for the area. Love all the extra details about the writing of the book.


Home free  by Hailey_ Elizabeth Forsythe
Kate and her husband, Cliff after 25 years of marriage are splitting up. She will get the house in CA. Nina their daughter is leaving for college.
The car breaks down, Ford is his name and she invites him into her house and lets him use her husbands bathroom and clothes. She hears his story of how they traveled across the US and can't find a home so he puts his wife and children in a woman's homeless shelter so the children can attend school.
He has a sign that says he will work for money in hopes he can make enough to rent an apartment for them all.  Kate gives him the Christmas gifts meant for her husband and other gifts for his wife. Alternating chapters of how each is coping with their circumstances.
At times it's confusing to figure out if they're in the past or the present as she talks to her family members and you realize it's the past.
His wife thinks she's just using her husband for her own gain as she's lonely without her daughter and her soon to be ex husband.
So much changes for them all as they continue to live and work. She becomes pregnant and that causes them to come together...
Love how everything that's happened and changed Kate's outlook on life and what she wants to do with the money from the sale of her house.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

New England year: a journal of Vermont farm life by Follett, Muriel; Waters, Herbert
A journal of day to day happenings, events, school, county fair and different foods and how they are harvested/canned during the year.
Words make you feel as if you are there, in the 1800's.  Enjoyed hearing of the winter crafts and how the community pulls together when one is injured or needs help.
Have seen icecutting done and really appreciate all the hard work it takes. Maple syrup runs best with wind from the west. Such knowledge from this time that could be used today.
Certain trees for sleigh runners.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

SOFTLY, AS I LEAVE YOU by Candy Caine 
Liked the storyline and where the story takes place, hoping to learn more about skiing and the NE.  This story starts out with
Alisha and she's a nurse in the ER and her father has recently died-who had disowned her many years prior to his death. She meets  Daniel.
one week she and her girlfriends are in VT to ski. It's a place she can lose herself but she keeps running into him. She does sideswipe him on the slope and he breaks his leg and she feels so responsible.
They meet and really connect, hook up as we are brought up to date. Very steamy hot erotic sex scenes. She's takes it hard when he won't accept his parents invite to dinner and she thinks it's because of the color of he skin. She has her own secrets....and makes her choice to leave without telling him why...
Excerpt of Because of You is also included, along with At First Sight.
Listing of other works by the author and their synopsis are also included..
Hope errors get fixed-it's a good read.
I received this ARC from Romance Addict Book Blog in exchange for my honest review.

Healthy Mom: Healthy Treats & Snacks Your Children Will Love
Recipes have list of ingredients, no picture and a summary of nutritional information: fat is NOT broken up into the 4 main sections.
Curry oven baked chips appear to be one of most healthiest. No serving size so you really don't know if the nut. information is for the whole recipe or a serving.

Private Paris by James Patterson
Story starts out with the detectives' friend Sherman call where his granddaughter is missing after she got disconnected from a call telling him drug dealers were after her.
She's lost her parents and barely graduated with a trust fund. Loved hearing of the streets of Paris, tagging buildings and the action surrounding why she's missing...Louie and Jack are on the trail to find her.
They find Kimberly Conchinski and she tells him she needs a place to hide. She escapes from the safe hotel and alias name, sorry to have put her grandfather in harms way from the trouble she's brought.
There are also chapters from the Major Machard and how he goes about getting information from the people on the street. He is found dead and the cops use clues that lead to a tagger and the veiled woman.
Using clues and her bank card transactions they are able to track her again... Internationals travel, loved the fashion aspect, action fast paced similar to Nelson DeMille's style of writing, so descriptive.
Love how they end this one because it comes with an excerpt from the next book.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Michelangelo's world by Ventura, Piero
1472, born. Years later he becomes a worker.
Explains how the marble is in his blood and many other facts about his younger life. He loved working in marble.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

 The mountain story by Lansens, Lori.
Story of Danny, who's just 18 and he's at Angel's Peak thinking about just ending it all. Starts out with the letter Danny writes to his son-years later.
He recalls his mother, all the good things. Frankie paints the whole house after Gloria dies-Danny's mother. He decides they need to go to CA, the desert, after Frankie has lost the house in a bet.
Danny is of Indian heritage and has no problem being outside. Wolf Truly is what they call him.  Love the gift the librarian gives him-his future.
As the tram drops them off, he still has walking up the mountain to achieve. There are other women who are there and one wants the particular flower. The secret lake is closeby. One is there to commemorate her wedding anniversary.
Love hearing of the sights and sounds as he travels.  Some chapters go back in time, some are present with those from the past.
Such strategy and survival skills. strong, powerful to the end....
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

 Hyacinth Girls
Story starts out with Rebecca and she's guardian for her sister who's passed away. Alternating chapters of the present where Callie is being bullied at school and how her aunt is dealing with it.
Also the other chapters are about the start of Callie's life and prior to that-when Rebecca was a teen herself.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Nick Adams Stories by Ernest Hemingway
Really enjoyed the stories from the younger years as they remind me of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer.
Interesting how the stories parallel the author's life, good to hear them in chronical order rather than in bits and pieces as I have over the years.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

 making ends meet by Barbara Howar
Starts out 9 years old at the beach lazing around watching men in their uniforms.
Myrtle Beach, SC and the men who flew the planes.  Clara her mother had parties for all the troops til they left with their pins on her clothes.
She has to stay home to take care of Teddy her younger brother. During the war as chapters go back in time and to the present...
She heads to NYC and launches into the fashion industry. Love all the background detailed talk of the trade.
Sending the children to boarding school is out of the question for her.  We learn of all her male relationships over the years.
Lydia tries to bring together her fashion parts of this book.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).
Delicious Poultry: Top 19 Recipes and Dishes From Turkey Duck and Quail, With Illustrations
Each recipe comes with photos of the dish, and photos of the process of the ingredients as they are needed
along with how to make the dish. No nutritional information.
English measurements-grams.  Most recipes are for quail and duck and a few turkey.
 Catching the Light: Four women, four compelling short stories
Different stories about women and the choices they make that they sometimes wish had been different.
Some are disturbing to me as the women are being not only punished for not being what the spouse really want but hitting her.
Glad other things intervened to help her get out of the bad situation. Enjoyed one other where the woman is sitting for a dog due to the woman who became hospitalized.
Love how she's able to go outside and find others with same passion for their pets.

 Omelet Recipes - Easy, Quick and Deliciously YUMMY
Recipes appear to be made for a family gathering as there are a large number of eggs used.
No pictures and no nutritional information. The ingredient list does not always give amounts so it's a taste thing.

 Baking: Delicious Baking Recipes For Cookies, Pies, Cakes, Pastries, Desserts, and Assorted Treats
First starts out with tips on how to make a really good cake, tips so they don't fail.
Recipes do not have a photo nor nutritional information. Very detailed ingredient list along with instructions.
Lots of choices for a dessert, recipes appear to be from England as they call for ingredients not readily available in our local stores.
The Pie Cookbook - The Ultimate Pie Recipe Book: The Only Pie Cookbook You'll Ever Need
Each recipes comes with a good photo along with prep/cook time and instructions on how to make it.
Most use shortening or butter-olive oil we've found to be a more healthier choice.
No bake cookie crusts are also given.  After the crust recipes there are recipes for fruit, custards, creamcheese fillings.
Bonus cookbooks and other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

 DIY Crafts: 27 Outstanding Art Projects and Homemade Gift Ideas for Simple Things to Make at Home for the Summer to Surprise Your Family and Friends (DIY Crafts, Homemade Gift Ideas, art projects)
Summer outside things to make. Each item has a nice color photo along with instructions on how to make it.
Free bonus gifts at the end.

 Chicken Recipes: Easy and Delicious Chicken Recipes To Prepare During The Week!
Each recipe has a color photo of the dish, ingredients and how to make it. No nutritional information.
Cornmeal crispy grilled chicken sounds like a good healthy choice.
How to shit in the woods: an environmentally sound approach to a lost art by How to shit in the woods: an environmentally sound approach to a lost art by Meyer, Kathleen
Have had to pee once and was lucky we had found a secluded place.
Has a chapter for women as well. You can't take nature and being able to drink from flowing water any longer so it's important to follow some things to make the environment safe for all.
Finding the right spot and preparing the spot are discussed.  Have seen funnels for women so they can pee like men.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Name That Train
Rhyming very colorful children's book about the cars that make up a train.
Love the front of the engine as each as depicted what they carry by what's on the front of the 1st train. Some are silly and are some are common.
Guessing game as questions about the next train on the next page has clues.
Website listed for other works by the author.

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