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Books read May 23


Photographing Children - Tips, Tricks And Ideas! (On Target Photo Training Book 20)
 Starts out with an offer for a free booklet.
This photo booklet concentrates on taking pictures of children and what to watch out for.
Recaps ISO and shutter speeds and other items you have to understand about.
Perfect time to shoot is also discussed and the differences between them all.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Stunning Portrait Photography - Posing and Lighting! (On Target Photo Training Book 18           
Starts out with an offer for a free booklet.
Interesting take on posing all the body even if they aren't going to be in the shot.
Enjoy the color samples enclosed to point out what's going on.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Shazaam! Effectively Using Photo Reflectors and Photo Filters! (On Target Photo Training Book 11)
Starts out with an offer for a free booklet.
Glad for the refresher in color management as I did not read these booklets in the order they were meant.
Also appreciate the links to other programs to help us edit our photos without spending yet more money.
Lights, reflectors and filters are all thoroughly discussed and I learned a lot of new things just by reading.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

 Fiber: No Calories...But Vital
Book starts out explaining what fiber is in food forms and the problems we face today due to lack of it.
Has different sections for those with diabetis, heart  disease and gastrointestinal illnesses.
Useful information.

Essential Posing Secrets (On Target Photo Training Book 14)
Starts out with an offer for a free booklet.
This photo booklet is about posing the clients just right to get the perfect shot. We mostly photograph nature shots and very few family reunion gatherings.
Like the idea of horitzontal and vertical photos and I am alwasy turning the camera to get different angles of something.
Like the experiments in the back of the book where you use the knowledge of what you just learned and can put it to good use.
Never thought of the poses as letters but we do a silly hat family picture every year where we can all just be goofy. It relaxes us for the serious family photo.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Model Release Templates! (On Target Photo Training Book 22)
Starts out with an offer for a free booklet.
Not being a full time photographer but we do it as a hobby, I had never thought to get permission from others I photograph. Usually we take nature shots, not of people.
This booklet contains many instances of how you should protect yourself and the photos you take of others and there's other clauses you can insert. Good to learn these things.
List of other booklets by the author are highlighted at the end.

The cherry harvest by Lucy Sanna
Book starts out in WI and the crop needs to be picked and the government will be bringing in German prisoners (POW's)  to pick the crop and work in other factories in the state.
Kate and Josie are teen girlfriends and Kate has to tell her friend about the POW's that are coming.
Josie's parents, Remy and Marta run the lighthouse and the war rations don't effect them as they do the other islanders.
Kate's mom, Charlotte can knit and barters food from her knitted wares.
Enjoyed hearing of the patterns she uses and have jotted down a few notes to try them for myself. Story goes back in time to when Kate was growing up and the adventures her father took her to in the city to experience the city life and shows.
Loved hearing of the harvest as we've just had the tree company in and they removed 2 30 year old pine trees and leveled the yew hedges. So fascinating the tools and maneuvers they used.
Like quotes from poets as Tom recites to Charlotte.  Story follows all the characters relationships during the war.
The parents get Clay-one of the German POW's to tutor her in math as she's going to go to college. Tragedies occur and also good times when the family is reunited. So many broken dreams.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

A spool of blue thread by anne tyler
4 generations all surrounding the house in MD.
The beach they visit during the summer where all are invited and at times it becomes chaotic but it's a whole family together.
Some remember the old times and how they wondered about their neighbors, only there for a while. Such good memories for all.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Wedding Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke
Wow Can't believe Hannah is gonna get married-finally!? After all the books where she's undecided about marrying Mike the cop or Norman the dentist an old beau comes to town and he's involved in TV broadcasting and she's agreed to marry him.
Not only that but all the drama about her and assistant Michelle, her sister entering a contest in NYC! After the first contest the contestants will go to the winner's hometown to finish the competition.  So many plans along with recipes and how others like them.
Problem is one of the guys is leery of Ross....the ride to the airport, the breakfast prior to boarding, the plane seating and the hotel were all upgraded by Ross for his assistant and the ladies. Hannah knows he can't afford the luxuries on his salary. The men are there to film the contest. Enjoy the parts where the judges tell you some hints as to make the dish just perfect.
After another night of competition they are onto the cookie portion and their team is the first to practice but things change when Michelle goes to the walk-in cooler...
Love how Hannah sticks her nose and others in the family, into the thick of things to get down to the truth-lots of clues from everybody as there are a lot competing...
What I really love is the learning: how to make new recipes by experimenting-love the idea of frozen bananas-will be trying this for sure as I know what happens to butternut squash when frozen. As the girls strive to figure out who the murderer is by just talking to a lot of people and piecing things together...
Love the idea of the wedding cake, so colorful and tasty! Shocked at who really did the deed! Love the gift the Food Channel gave to the bride and groom-will Hannah actually get married?  Excerpt from another book by the same author: Eyes is included.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

Mending Heartstrings  By Aria Glazki
Kane is in Nashville and plays guitar. His show was off that night as he noticed jsut one woman watching him, others were all about their own conversations.
He hopes the flirting helps him get back on track.  Elle was there to find out why the locals liked this place so much. It's karaoke night and he calls her onto the stage to sing while he strums.
Sabella was up to it, she'd never see the people again in her life as she was heading home tomorrow afternoon.  Weeks later she recalls the night he kissed her...he tracks her down and he just shows up one day...
Found Powell's bookstore city of books fascinating and have never been there. Also fascinated with the band he wears from his ancestor Indian grandfather. Like the idea of their outings.
Conversations get heated and he thinks she's using him for a story she's writing. They don't talk to one another after that til he leaves. She confides in her friend Gina and she commiserates with her and getting a new hairdo.
She focuses on work things and tries to forget about him....she figures out what happened with the things he sends her.  She wonders if things are just temporary and if he or she will move on as they are not together much, as he travels for work.
Things get a bit scary as they discuss how to get rid of the man who's beating her up and ruling what she does and think, etc.  You wonder how the long distance relationship will work and if it will last. Love the travel and new places to explore.
Received an advanced reader copy via the author in exchange for my honest review.

Tovi the Penguin goes to the seaside
This colorful children's book about Tovi and his penguin family and they head to the seashore for a day.
Cool the things they discover. Each wants to do something different. The options are limitless, just use your imagination.
When the tide comes in they are in trouble and discuss what to do and still have a fun time. They have the solution so it won't happen to others.

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